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Forensic Psychologist Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Psychology, Experimental Human Factors Psychology, Sensation, Perception, Cognition, Statistics, Backup Alarms On Lift Trucks, Warnings, Slip, Trip, Fall Accidents, Human Vision, Text Readability, Lighting Adequacy, Human Reaction Time,


Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Psychology, 1969, BA

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Psychology, 1971, MA

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Psychology, 1972, Ph.D.

Teaching Experience

Instructor in Psychology, Temple University, Department of Psychology, 1971-1972
Courses taught:   Psychology of Human Behavior; Psychology of Human Behavior II.

Instructor in Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 1971-1972
Courses taught:  General Psychology

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Temple University, 1972-1973
Courses taught:  History and Systems of Psychology and Psychology of Human Behavior

Assistant Professor of Psychology, LaSalle College, 1982-1983
Courses taught:  Human Factors; Industrial Psychology; Introductory Psychology; and Advanced Introductory Psychology.

Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Temple University, 1983-1984.
Courses taught:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Brain and Behavior (Physiological Psychology); General Psychology; Psychology as a Biological Science.

Instructor in Psychology, St. Joseph’s University College, 1983-1984.
Courses taught:  General Psychology

Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology, St. Joseph’s University, 1984-1985.
Courses taught:  General Psychology, Research Design and Analysis I and II, Sensation and Perception (with Laboratory), Physiological  Psychology ( with laboratory).

Associate Professor of Psychology, Allentown College, 1985 to 1997

Chairman of Psychology Department (1989-1993).
Courses taught:  Learning (with laboratory), Altered States of Consciousness, Behavior Modification, Cognitive Psychology (with laboratory), Seminar in Cognition, Human Factors Engineering, Sensation and Perception (with Laboratory), Research Methods and Analysis I and II (both with laboratory.

Adjunct Professor of Psychology, LaSalle University, 1993-1995
Graduate Program in Human Services Psychology
Courses taught:  Cognition and Learning; Inferential Statistics and Research Design.

Associate Professor of
Psychology, Allentown College, 1985 to 1997

Associate Professor of Psychology, Allentown College, 1985 to 1997
Chairman of Psychology Department (1989-1993).
Courses taught:Learning (with laboratory), Altered States of Consciousness, Behavior Modification, Cognitive Psychology (with laboratory),Seminar in Cognition, Human Factors Engineering, Sensation and Perception (with Laboratory), Research Methods and Analysis I and II (both with laboratory.

Associate Professor of Psychology, Allentown College, 1985 to 1997
Chairman of Psychology Department (1989-1993).
Courses taught:Learning (with laboratory), Altered States of Consciousness, Behavior Modification, Cognitive Psychology (with laboratory),Seminar in Cognition, Human Factors Engineering, Sensation and Perception (with Laboratory), Research Methods and Analysis I and II both with laboratory.

Research Experience

Graduate research assistant.  Collaborated in various studies on the Herrnstein and Hineline avoidance procedure and in studies related to the Amselian Frustration Effect.

1/73-3/74  Research Associate, Applied Psychological Services, Wayne, PA.
Designed, executed, analyzed, and wrote up study on the influence of some psycholinguistic factors on the readability - comprehensibility of textual materials for the U.S. Air Force.  Designed Human Factors program for the U.S. Navy’s Surface Effect Ship.

The Psycholinguistics work concerned the evolution of some specific cognitive/linguistic variables that affect the comprehensibility of written text.  From this research work a manual was written on strategies to employ in composing readable explanatory prose.

The human factors work involved a determination of unique features that could be expected to affect the sensory and perceptual systems of operators in the Navy’s developmental Surface Effect Ship.

This position also entailed the writing of several grant-proposals to U.S. government agencies.

3/74-1/76  Affiliation as Research Psychologist for the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, designed and executed part of research program aimed at increasing ability to comprehend time-compressed speech.  Aided the development of a program to increase human performance effectiveness under low illumination conditions.  Technical monitoring of several research grants and contracts.  Reviewed merits of solicited and unsolicited research grants and contract proposals.

The time-compressed speech work concerned the determination of the sensory and perceptual variables affecting the processing of speech presented to communications specialists at over twice normal rates.

The human performance in low illumination conditions involved three thrusts; the study of “sense of direction”, the study of factors affecting information processing using the haptic sense, the study of the feasibility of increasing peripheral vision capabilities under scotopic conditions.

1/76-5/77  Regional Personnel Research Psychologist, U.S. Civil Service Commission, Philadelphia Region.  Planned research to identify objective selection procedures.  Prepared manual and course on job analysis.  Prepared manual on test and measurement concepts.  Computerized manpower survey data.

1/76-5/77  This appointment entailed responsibilities inherent in assisting the commission to implement the “Uniform Guidelines to Employee Selection” for all Federal hiring decisions involving psychometric consideration.

Also involved was the training of Commission personnel specialists in psychometric concepts affecting fair employment practices defined by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

5/77-4/82  Staff Psychologist/Sr. Systems Analyst, Telcom Systems, Inc/E-Tech, Inc, Warminster, Pennsylvania.  Provided Program Management Support for entire Naval Human Factors Engineering research program.  Designed 1.3 million-dollar Human Factors Research program in display-format evaluation.  Designed multi-million dollar Human Factors Research Program in Design - for - maintainability.

Acted as technical advisor on all matters concerning: sensation and perception, training, and cognitive information processing in human engineering psychology.

9/83-1/84 Collaborative research in factors affecting the induction and amelioration and motion sickness, and the space adaptation syndrome.

1/05-12/05 Collaborative research on the effects of nicotine on alcohol-seeking behavior. Veterans Administration Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

1/06-12/09 Collaborative research in behavior therapy, G. D. Smith, Riverside Associates, Harrisburg, PA

1/10-Present Behavior therapy research in children with autism, G. D Smith, GDS Consultants at the Vista School, Hershey, PA

Administrative Experience

Academic advisor for all evening school psychology majors, Temple University, 1972-73

Task unit leader, Human Factors Technical Area, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and

Social Sciences, 1974-1975

Regional Personnel Research Psychologist for the five-state Philadelphia Region of the U.S. Civil Service Commission, 1976-1977

Leader, Human Factors Engineering Consulting Group, Telcom Systems, Inc. Naval Air Development Center, 1977-1982

Principle Investigator, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Contract: N43-61006, Project No. 47239.  Development of an Improved Feeder for Mice, 1986

Chairman, Department of Psychology Allentown College, 1989-1993

Chairman, Department of Social Sciences, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, 1997-2004

Consulting Experience

George Washington University, Washington, D.C., Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - Doctoral Dissertation Advisor, Experimental Psychology

Behavior Therapy/Modification

Computer Sciences Corporation, Moorestown, New Jersey - Human Factors Engineering Psychology

Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania - Human Factors Engineering Psychology

Expert Resources, Peoria, Illinois—Human Factors Engineering Psychology


Temple University, National Science Foundation Fellow: 1971-1972

Professional Activities

Reviewer/Consultant for the National Science Foundation
Consulting reviewer for the Journals of the Psychonomic Society.
Advisor to the Department of Defense Technical Advisory Group in human factors engineering.
Reviewer/Consultant for the Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service.

Current Research Interests

Factors influencing the acquisition and maintenance of avoidance responding.  Internal states as reinforcers of addictive behavior. State-dependent learning.  Spatial Orientation and “Sense-of-Direction”.  Enhancing scotopic visual acuity. Display-evaluation methodology. Design for Maintainers. Abbreviation methodology.  Factors affecting motion sickness.  Perception of causality in humans.  Conditioned inhibition.  Habituation.  Tactile sensitivity.  Conditioning of immune responses. Behavior therapy. Role of precise behavioral definitions in behavior analysis.

Teaching Interests

Introductory Psychology
Learning and Motivation
History and Systems in Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Human Factors Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Behavior Therapy
Sensation and Perception
Research Design
Cognitive Psychology

Private University College Committees

Graduate Subcouncil
Arts and Sciences Subcouncil
Task Force on Deans and Chairs
Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures
Task Force on Classroom Accommodations
Graduate Committee on By Laws, Policies and Procedures
Graduate Curriculum Committee

Professional Society Membership

Psychonomic Society
Sigma Xi - Scientific Research Society of North America
American Psychological Association Divisions:
Division 3, Experimental Psychology
Division 19, Military Psychology
Division 21, Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Human Factors and Ergonomic Society
American Psychological Society
Society for Information Display
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Pennsylvania Licenses Psychologist - Behavior Modification