Forensic Veterinarian Abuse Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Forensic animal shelter veterinarian, Public health safety, Animal shelter operations, Animal shelter audits, Animal abuse/cruelty investigations, Dog/cock fighting investigations, Crime scene investigation support, Animal control law enforcement, California Animal Law, Dog bite attacks (people and dogs), Veterinary Medical Record review (shelters and veterinary hospitals), Euthanasia policies and procedures.


To utilize my veterinary medical, public health, and forensic background to promote the health and safety of people and animals, assist law enforcement in the prosecution of animal abusers, and promote wellness and longevity in people through the plant-based lifestyle.


Master’s of Forensic Science, National University, San Diego, California, December 2009, graduated with honors. Thesis Title: Determination of Animal Law Enforcement’s Capability to Conduct and Manage a Dog-Fighting Investigation and Recommendations for Identified Deficiencies.

Master’s of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis, June 1991.
Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of Companion Animal Medical Emergencies.

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, Columbus, Ohio, June 1988.

Bachelor of Arts, Biology major, Chemistry minor, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, June 1983.


Best Selling Author – Moving From Animal-based Grub to Plant-based Fuel,” March 2018
The book provides guidelines for folks transitioning to the plant-based lifestyle to improve their health, and at the same time raise awareness to protect animals and the environment. There are tables with foods and their nutritional benefits, over 100 recipes, weekly meal planning and shopping guidelines, and food prep techniques. A great resource for health and longevity.

Best Selling Author – “Stray” – A Shelter Veterinarian’s Reflection on Triumph and Tragedy, December 2016
This memoir is a straightforward and at times hard-hitting narrative of an animal shelter veterinarian in the late 1990’s in one of the largest animal control departments in the country, the City of Los Angeles. Dr. Mangiamele relates her journey concerning shelter animals and the people that care for them as she works in six City animal shelters.

Health/Wellness Entrepreneur – Owner/creator, Expert’s Fuel For Fitness vegan/raw snack company (2011-2015)

that distributed products across the country including Whole Foods Markets in the Southern Pacific region, six locations of Mother’s Markets & Kitchen in Orange County, and on-line national grocery store, Thrive Market.

Veterinary Consulting – President, Veterinary Consulting Services and training subdivision, Humane Balance Training and Wellness Programs

San Diego, California, August 2001- present

  • Working directly with animal control/shelters on both the administrative side as well as with line staff to improve administrative efficiency and safety for both staff and animals.
  • Submit bids in response to requests for proposal released by County and City Departments of Risk Assessment, County Public Health Officers, and local Sheriff and Police Departments to perform departmental (animal control/public safety) assessments/risk analysis and provide recommendations through written reports.
  • Experience in preparing, executing, and timely completion of contract deliverable for governmental agencies (past contracts include the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, Southeastern Area Animal Control Authority, Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation, Placer County Animal Services, City of Corona Animal Services, Calaveras County

Animal Control, and Mesilla Valley Shelter, New Mexico)

Contracts awarded involve animal shelter operational assessments, development of Manuals of Policy & Procedure, law enforcement and animal care protocols, administrative functions, and spay/neuter high volume clinic operational assessments.
Created training division, Humane Balance Training and Wellness Programs. Provide lead instruction for the following lectures and hands-on practical sessions:

  • Animal Care Technician Two-Day Training & Wellness Academy,
  • Euthanasia Two-Day Training and Certification (state-approved euthanasia certification in California and New Mexico),
  • Emergency Triage for Shelter Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians,
  • Conducting Circus Inspections for Animal Law Enforcement,
  • Animal Handling Basics and Advanced Classes,
  • Veterinary Medicine in Illegal Animal Fighting Cases
  • Veterinary Forensic programs
  • Professional speaker on animal shelter programs, veterinary medicine and the value of veterinary technicians in animal shelters, spay/neuter facilities, illegal dog fighting (also a member of the Humane Society of the United States lecture team).
  • Participate with animal shelters and district attorneys nation-wide in animal cruelty and hoarding case investigations as an expert witness.

Director, San Diego County Animal Control, San Diego, California, May 1999 – July 2001
Administrative Functions
Manage a $9 million budget for shelter, field and administrative operations for three County animal shelters and one satellite facility.
Direct supervision of Regional Directors, Special Projects manager, Veterinarians, Animal Medical Operations Manager, Kennel Operations Manager, Fiscal department, Personnel department, and the Dangerous Dog Task Force.
Interaction with the County Board of Supervisors and their staff as well as nine City Managers that contract with the department for animal control services.

Shelter and Field Operations
Shelter Operations consist of humane care and handling of up to 40,000 animals annually. Programs include early age spay/neuter, identification by microchip implantation, photographs of adoptable animals on the website, mobile adoption programs, rescue-based adoption counselors, and an active volunteer program.
Veterinary Medical Services included establishing a Spay/Neuter Outsourcing Program with local veterinarians.
Field operations include daily law enforcement, humane investigations, cooperative inspections with USDA (including circuses), an animal control officer academy, and the Dangerous Dog Task Force.

Special Projects
Received approval from the County Board of Supervisors on, “The Pet Project” (working toward a No-Kill facility within 5 years).
Construction of a new Central County Animal Shelter/Campus with the San Diego Humane Society.
Fund raising efforts toward the construction of a new North County Animal Shelter.
Completion of construction of 30 new kennels at the South County Animal Shelter.
Developed continuing education programs and wrote manuals for veterinary technicians and animal care staff and lectured at animal care symposiums.
Worked with the Commission on State Mandates to secure funding for all shelters in order to be compliant with Senate Bill 1785.
Submitted Code amendments to the Department of Consumer Affairs

Chief Veterinarian, Department of Animal Regulation, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, April 1995 – May 1999.

Administrative Responsibilities
Personnel supervisory responsibilities include 77 employees: two Field Veterinarians, 12 Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT), six Animal Care Technician (ACT) Supervisors and 37 Animal Care Technicians and 20 Clerical staff at six separate shelter sites.
Manage the Veterinary Medical Division budget of over $4 million. Organize funding requests from animal welfare trust funds for Department special projects.
Act as the General Manager in the absence of the General and Assistant General Manager.
Review and update medical protocols for vaccinations, treatments, sanitation/isolation and euthanasia procedures.
Obtain federal licensure and monitor security of controlled substances.
Consultant with city architects in designing the new South Los Angeles shelter.
Serve as an instructor for the training division with the Department for Animal Control Officer and Animal Care Technician classes.
Communicate with City Council Districts through Councilmen and their deputies.
Participate in humane investigations/cruelty cases, provide written reports and expert witness testimony.

Field Veterinary Duties   

  • Emergency medical triage and medical care for over 80,000 animals annually.
  • Conduct telephonic and physical rounds throughout all shelters.
  • Update animal care and veterinary policies and procedures.
  • Initiated the early age spay/neuter pre-release program.
  • Interact with local veterinary practitioners regarding spay/neuter programs and training, wellness programs, and shelter adoption health checks.
  • Participate in humane investigations and associated animal impounds.
  • Conduct permit inspections for animal research facilities.
  • Interact with the public at the shelters and through written communication.
  • Daily interaction with the shelter volunteers and rescue organizations.

Public Relations Responsibilities

  • Represent the Department in television, radio, and print media.
  • Weekly appearances on KTLA Morning News, Pet of the Week segment for 3 years

Previous Animal Care Related Positions

  • Manager of Nutrition & Lab Services, Heinz Pet Products, Terminal Island, California, June 1992-Feb.1995.
  • Management of 12 technicians and facility budget,
  • Provided veterinary medical and surgical care for over 460 cats and 40 dogs,
  • Designed, monitored and completed feline nutritional studies approved by FDA,
  • Reviewed and modified animal care and use protocols,
  • Head of the Animal Care and Use Committee for the Facility (brought the facility from multiple USDA infractions to zero infractions within one year as manager).


  • Completion of POST certified Peace Officer Orientation II – Arrest and Firearms Courses, Miramar San Diego Community College, San Diego, California, January 20, 2001. Post Course Control
  • Completion of State Humane Association of California Animal Law Enforcement Training, Basic Academy, San Diego, California, August 2000.
  • Preventive Medicine Resident, California Department of Health Services, Veterinary Public Health Unit, Sacramento, California, July 1991-June 1992.
  • Worked cooperatively with State and Federal Health Agencies,
  • Participated in state-wide foodborne and toxic agent investigations,
  • Questionnaire Project: Animal Welfare/Public Health & Safety for Sheltering Facilities


  • National University Student Research and Scholarship Conference April 2010:
  • Certificate of Excellence in Scholarship representing the College of Letters and Science
  • Resolution by Laura Chick, Councilmember 3rd District, April 1999, Adopted by the Council of the City of Los Angeles to commemorate the service of Dr. Expert Mangiamele to the City
  • Resolution by Richard Alarcon, 20th Senatorial District, April 22, 1999, Highest Commendations for Dr. Expert Mangiamele
  • Joel Wachs, President of Los Angeles City Council, October 1998 Commemorates City Veterinarian, Dr. Expert Mangiamele as the National Shelter
  • Veterinarian of the Year
  • American Humane Association Shelter Veterinarian of the Year 1998 representing the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulation


  • Member of Master’s International Swim Club, competitive triathlete, vegan/raw nutrition and lifestyle expert, small business entrepreneur.


  • Illegal Animal Fighting/Animal Cruelty Cases and Expert Witness Testimony
  • The County of Nye, Dog Fighting Case, Nevada, January 2017
  • Randolph County, Alabama Task Force with The Humane Society of the United States, June 2009
  • Dona Ana County, District Attorney, Dog Fighting Case, April 2008 – 2009
  • Los Angeles County, District Attorney, Dog Fighting Case, January 2008 – October 2008
  • Los Angeles County, District Attorney, Dog Fighting Case, December 2007
  • City of Los Angeles, Office of the City Attorney, Cock Fighting Case, March 2007
  • Louisiana SPCA, Illegal Dog Fighting Case, August 2006
  • San Diego Humane Society, Cock Fighting Case, February 2005 – September 2005
  • Orange County, New York, Dog Fighting Case, February 2004
  • The County of Nye, Dog Fighting Case, Nevada, June 2003
  • Humane Balance Training & Wellness Certification Programs
  • Euthanasia Training & Certification and Animal Handling Program,
    (Certified Euthanasia Instructor with the Animal Sheltering Board, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009- 2012)
    Farmington Animal Control, New Mexico April 2010, November 2009
  • City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department, New Mexico, August 2009
  • Dona Ana County, New Mexico, June 2009
  • Sacramento County, Animal Care and Regulation, 2003-2004, 2006, 2007
  • Animal Care Conference 2010, Anaheim, California
  • Pre-conference Workshop: Fundamentals for the Animal Care Professional
  • Conference Programs: Animal Care Staff as Protectors of Animals Housed at the Shelter,
  • CSI and Maintaining the Chain of Evidence for Animal Care Staff,
  • Identifying, Prioritizing, and Resolving Emergency Cases in Animal Shelters,
  • County of Los Angeles, Department of Animal Care and Control, September/October 2008,
  • Animal Care Technician (ACT) Training & Wellness Program,
  • Humane Society of the United States Animal Care Expo, Orlando, Florida, May 2008,
  • SPCA Los Angeles September and March 2008,
  • Southeastern Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA), August 2007,
  • Sacramento County Animal Care and Control and Sacramento SPCA, November 2007
  • Quick Reference Manual for Animal Care Professionals, and
  • Animal Care Technician Training and Wellness Program Manual, author Dr. Expert Mangiamele. Humane Balance Training & Wellness Publications, 2010, 2007

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