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General Vascular Laparoscopic Surgery Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Surgery General Surgeon, Board Certified General Surgeon, Vascular Surgery General Surgeon, Laser Surgery General Surgeon, Surgery Laparoscopy, Surgery Cholecystectomy, Surgery Surgical Removal Of The Gallbladder, Surgery Adult, Surgery Pediatric Surgeries


Brooklyn College, B.S. Chemistry, 1965-1969

University of Brussels, M.D., Science, 1969-1975


Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Clinical Clerkship, 1974-1975

Mount Sinai City Hospital, Elmhurst, NY, Straight Medical Internship, 1975-1976

Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Surgical Resident, First & Second Year, 1976-1978

St. Vincent’s Hospital Center, NYC, Third and Fourth Year Surgical Resident, 1978-1980

St. Vincent’s Hospital Center, NYC, Chief Resident, General Surgery, 1980-1981

NYU Medical Center, NYC, Clinical Instructor, Surgery, 1980-1981

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, NJ, Fellow Vascular Surgery, 1981

Cabrini Medical Center, NYC, Emergency Room, Attending, 1982-1984

Bergen Pines Hospital, General and Vascular Surgery, Attending, 1984-1987

Kennedy Memorial Hospital, General and Vascular Surgery, Attending, 1987-1992

Preceptorship, Hands On Training, Mark Taylor, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT February 1996

College of Surgeons, Proctor at International Section on 3D Virtual Reality Laparoscopy and Pig Lab on Laparoscopic Nissen-Fundoplication, Washington, DC May 1996

A Local Memorial Hospital, General and Vascular Surgery, Attending, 1982-Present

A Local Valley Hospital, General Surgery, Attending,1982- Present.

Wayne General Hospital, General Surgery, Active Status 1984- Present

Certifications & Awards:

American Board of Surgery, 1984 Re-certification, October 1994 to July 2005
Re-certification, January 2006 to July 2016

Non-invasive Vascular Testing, Med-Sonics, 1984

Science of Vascular Testing, Institute of Applied Physiology Research,Seattle, WA 1984

Laser Competence, Wernick Laser Institute, Ravenwood Hospital, Chicago, IL 1998

Advanced Surgical Trauma Life Support, New Jersey Medical College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ 1998

Vascular Lasers, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD 1989

Laser Vascular Surgery, Grandview Hospital, Dayton, OH 1989
Laparoscopy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Laser Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy GEI, East Brunswick and New Jersey Institute, 1990

Advanced Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery, the Laser Institute of Abbott Northwestern, Minneapolis, MN March 23, 1991

Advanced Operative Laparoscopy for General Surgery, Laparoscopy Training Center, Marietta, GA April 1994

Expanded Scalp Flaps, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, January 1994

Specialty Review in General Surgery, National Center for Advanced Medical Education, Chicago, IL August 1994

Laparoscopic Skills, Enhancement, Suturing Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, March 1995

Laparoscopic Innovative Extraperitoneal Laparoscopic Herniorraphy Utilizing Balloon Distention, Videoscope Surgery Center, Philadelphia, PA April 1995

Photoderm VL, Systems Operation, ESC Medical Systems Salt Lake City, UT, March 1996

Clinical Use of CO2 Laser on the Skin Resurfacing, Luxar Corp, Boston, MA July 1996

New Jersey Assembly Resolution to Honor Work on the Field of Surgery and 3D Laparoscopy, Distinguished Service and Leadership in Surgery, 1996

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Disease, Medical Education Collaboratures, NYC, June 1996

Endoscopic Vein Harvesting, Ethicon Endosurgery, NJ, February 1997

Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery, Dr. M. Edye, Ethicon July 11, 1997

VascuLight & EpiLight Certification, ESC, December 12, 1998

Laparoscopic Gastric Surgery, St. Joseph’s, August 10, 1999

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, UMDNJ, February 17, 2000

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, University of Pittsburgh, March 3-4 2000

Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference Multidisciplinary Approach, University of Utah, March 15-18 2000

Anticoagulation Therapy for the Prevention of Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation Academy of Medicine of New Jersey, 2000

Understanding Bladder Problems, University of Wisconsin Medical School, Continuing Medical Education, June 7, 2000

Laparoscopic Morbid Obesity Surgery Workshop, Mt Sinai MedicalCenter, Nov 9-10, 2000

Vein Disease, New Minimally Invasive Techniques, St. Peter’s Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ, Nov 11, 2000

Gastroenterology Topics for the Primary Care Physician with A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Workshop, December 16, 2000 – Georgetown University CME

Member of American Society for Bariatric Surgery December 18, 2000

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery Cadaver Lab & Courses March 16 & 17 2001, Cincinnati, OH Sponsored by American Society for Bariatric Surgery

American Society for Bariatric Surgery Continued Medical Education and Annual Meeting, June 5-9, 2001 Washington, DC 22.8 Credit hours

Laparoscopic Innovation in Bariatric and Colon and Rectal Surgery, Nov 3-6, 2002 The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, 12 Credit Hours

Clinical Training and product Orientation for Percutaneous Discectomy in performing Disc Nucleoplasty May 2003

Intensive Review for American Board of Surgery 38th Annual Albert Einstein College of Medicine September 20-24, 2003 38 Credit Hours

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Chilton Memorial Hospital, February 2004 8 Credit Hours

Vascular Lab at St Joseph’s Regional Medical Society regarding DVT March 18, 2004 3 Credit Hours

GI Motility: Normal & Disorders, Barnert Hospital, April 9, 2004 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board Grand Rounds, Barnert Hospital, April 16, 2004 1 Credit Hour

Harvard Medical School Dept of Continuing Education Updates and Controversies in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery- May 6-8 2004   18.5 Credit Hours

Complications of Gastric Bypass Surgery Part 1 & Mortality & Morbidity, Barnert Hospital, May 12, 2004, 1 Credit Hour

Diabetes: Insulin Resistance & Cardiovascular Consideration May 14, 2004 Barnert Hospital 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board Grand Rounds, Barnert Hospital, May 21, 2004, 1 Credit Hour

American College of Surgeons Division of Education Continuing Medical Education, Trauma and Critical Care 2004  Point/Counterpoint XXIII, Atlantic City, NJ May 24-26, 2004   22.5 Credit Hours

Anemia in the Intensive Care Unit, Barnert Hospital, May 28, 2004 1 Credit Hour

Osteoporosis Update, Continuing Medical Education Barnert Hospital, June 04, 2004 1 Credit Hou
Update in Asthma: 2004 Barnert Hospital, 1 Credit Hour

American Course on Aesthetic Mesotherpy, San Francisco CA August 13 & 14 2004

The National Center for Advanced Medical Education, The NY General Surgery Board Review, Sept 13-22 2004, 50 CE Hours.

Sleep Apnea-Diagnosis and Treatment, Barnert Hospital, November 12, 2004, 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board, Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow-Up of Cancer Barnert Hospital January 28, 2005 1 Credit Hour

Updates in Cardiac Marker Testing Barnert Hospital October 28, 2005 1 Credit Hour

Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York, NY  Intensive Review American Board of Surgery November 11-15, 2005 – 39 Credit Hours

The Irradiated Rectum-Clinical Observation Barnert Hospital January 13, 2006 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow-Up of Cancer Barnert Hospital January 20, 2006 1 Credit Hour

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Barnert Hospital February 3, 2006 1 Credit Hour

Laserscope Seminar Laser Systems for Acne, Enhanced Skin Rejuvination, Vascular and Pigmented Lesions, Leg Veins and Hair Removal     May 3, 2006

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Course Rye Brook, NY May 19, 2006   7 Credit Hours

Bariatric Summit for the Comprehensive Management of Severe Obesity    September 17-19, 2006 Amelia Island, FL 12 Credit Hours

Female Urology-Incontinence Barnert Hospital November 10, 2006 1 Credit Hour

American College of Surgeons Educational Activity: SESAP Audio Companion December 1, 2005 – November 30, 2006 48 Credit Hours

IDET Course (IntraDiscal ElectroThermal Therapy, Electro-Thermal Disc Decompression and RF Facet Denervation) Rutherford, NJ December 9, 2006

Tumor Board at Barnert Hospital December 15, 2006 1 Credit Hour

Organ Donation: Donor Process and Clinical Triggers at Barnert Hospital March 9, 2007 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow Up of Cancer at Barnert Hospital March 16, 2007 1 Credit Hour

Tumor Board Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow Up of Cancer at Barnert Hospital September 21, 2007 I Credit Hour

Cine-Med Summit International Consensus for Sleeve Gastrectomy October 26, 2007 7.25 Credit Hours

Oakstone Publishing 2007 General Surgery Board Review October 29-November 2, 2007 Teaneck, NJ   46 Credit Hours