Geologist Environmental Assessment Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Geologist, Geologist Registered, Hydrogeology, Soil, Groundwater Investigation, Septic Tank, Hazardous Materials Facility Audits, Environmental Site Assessment, Remedial Design, Planning, Construction Management,

Expert Witness No.1118


Education and Registrations:

B.A. Geology, University of Colorado at Boulder, December 1993.

California Registered Geologist

California Registered Environmental Assessor

Member of National Ground Water Association

Professional Experience:

Senior Hydrogeologist, June 2003 to Present

Senior Geologist, Los Angeles, CA, January 2001 to June 2003

Staff Geologist, Santa Monica, California, July 1994 to December 2001


Expert No. 1118 has extensive expertise in environmental assessment; soil and groundwater investigation; environmental litigation support; environmental site assessments and hazardous materials facility audits; and remedial design, planning, and construction management. He has authored more than eighty reports for submittal to local, State, and Federal agencies.

Expert No. 1118 has particular experience producing reports and presentation media for environmental consulting and engineering projects involving litigation support and regulatory compliance. He has expertise using a wide variety of computer applications for drafting, preparation of presentation graphics, analysis of environmental data, and management of databases and electronic documents. Expert No. 1118 has over ten years professional experience using computer-aided drafting and design software and has specialty experience producing graphics for presentation of technically complex environmental phenomena. He has prepared an extensive variety of computer graphics drawings, images, maps and other presentation media for agency compliance reports, project planning, public meetings, and litigation support projects ranging from brownfields redevelopment to RCRA Facility Investigations to Superfund litigation.

Project History:

Litigation Support and Technical Data Management Projects

Provided consulting services for a wide variety of clients with projects involving the need to analyze, interpret, and summarize complex environmental phenomena and prepare presentations summarizing technically complex environmental data. Expert No. 1118 has provided support for numerous litigation support projects involving sites contaminated with a variety of industrial chemicals, hazardous waste, and other contaminants.

Public Open Space and Brownfields Redevelopment Projects

Provided technical support for a public land trust planning to acquire contiguous land parcels in a large oil production field in Los Angeles County. At the time, crude oil production in the field consisted of approximately 650 active wells. As Graphics Consultant for the project, managed the integration of GIS, CAD, and non-digital geographical information from a variety of regulatory agencies and other sources.

Provided experience and direction regarding the integration of various media and production of graphics for planning and presentations related to land acquisition and public comment meetings.

Reviewed and catalogued historical aerial photographic coverage for the site and acquired large-scale reproductions for presentation and integration with multi-layered vector graphics.

Hydro geological Assessments, Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Conducted a wide variety of field investigations of soil and groundwater impacted by hazardous wastes. Experienced planning and overseeing exploratory drilling and excavation projects; designing and overseeing construction of groundwater monitoring and extraction well systems; and designing, overseeing construction and operating groundwater remediation systems.

Responsible for geological logging of exploratory boreholes and excavations, interpretation of geological, hydrogeological, and geochemical data, the production of a variety of geologic and hydrogeologic cross-sections and maps, and preparation of reports for regulatory agency compliance.

Soil Investigations and Remediation

For a large electrical transformer manufacturing facility in Northern California, supervised the excavation of soil contaminated with PCBs. Directed the progress of excavation to achieve cleanup guidelines and complete work within tight time constraints at this active manufacturing facility. Collected confirmation soil samples for rush analysis and supervised backfilling, soil compaction, and concrete restoration.

Environmental Assessments

Expert No. 1118 has conducted and managed a wide variety of environmental assessments and hazardous materials audits. He has prepared more than thirty Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for rural, agricultural, commercial, and light and heavy industrial properties throughout California.

Expert No. 1118 has extensive experience performing research and acquisition of historical records and aerial photography for complex litigation support projects involving multiple PRPs. He has performed environmental site assessments at a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities utilized for petroleum oil production, storage, and blending; synthetic chemical manufacturing; electronics manufacturing; foundry operations; machining operations; aerospace; wood treatment; dry cleaning; and food manufacturing.