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Geology Hydrogeology, Geology Hydrogeology Economic Forensic, Geology Hydrogeology mineral property evaluations, Geology Hydrogeology geochemistry, Geology Hydrogeology geophysics,


Military: Honorable Discharge – U.S. Navy Submarine Service.

Degrees: Master of Science in Geology 1976 from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro.

Bachelor of Arts in Geology 1973 from California State University, Fresno


1986-2000:  Economic and Forensic Geologist-Hydrogeologist.
Economic Geology: Mineral property evaluations (gold, base metal, garnet, wollastonite, clay, zeolites) using surface mapping, geochemistry, geophysics, air photos, and drilling for mining and environmental purposes.  Experience with gold, copper, uranium, and other mines, deposits and prospects in volcanic, sedimentary, and plutonic rocks, and in disseminated, vein, porphyry, massive sulfide and skarn environments in Great Basin, Alaska, Yemen, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.  Individual and corporate clients.  Reports available.

Hydrogeology: Research; reporting, and counsel have concentrated on the Truckee, Carson, and especially the Walker River systems.   General environmental applications, and more specific surface and groundwater analyses have yielded a useful model specific to the Walker River Basin.  Historical and projected water budgets under different scenarios have been prepared for the Walker Basin, budgets that will be critical to basin water litigation with government agencies, municipalities, corporate entities, and individual property owners.  Analytical data derived from published and unpublished hydrologic and geologic papers, stated positions, and data from other public and private sources, concentrating on water precipitation, flow, use, storage, and loss factors.  Private reports are not available.  Press releases and materials from public talks are available.

1974-1986:  Economic Geologist.  Western United States.  Precious metals, uranium, and base metals in Tertiary, Mesozoic, Paleozoic, and Precambrian rocks.  Managed exploration-deposit development of Borealis Gold District, including discovery of five additional economic gold deposits (1980-1983).  Discovered a Jurassic sedimentary uranium deposit in 1977.  Employers: Bear Creek Mining Company and Duval Inc.-Tucson AZ (1974-1975), Houston Oil and Minerals Inc. – Denver CO (1976-1983), and St. Joe Minerals Inc. – Tucson, AZ (1984-1986).

Professional Organizations

Certified Professional Geologist – American Institute of Professional Geologists.
Fellow – Geologic Association of Canada
Member – Society of Economic Geologists
Member – Geologic Society of Nevada
Member – Nevada Water Resources Association


Available upon request


Available on demand for work in North America, Middle East, and Africa


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