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Gerontologist, Eldercare Issues, Public Health, Education, Elder Abuse, Dementia, Patient Capacity, Patient Rights, Fall Risk, Elder Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewey Body Disease, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Resident/Patient Rights, Resident/Patient Capacity, Conservatorship, Power of Attorney,



San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182

San Diego State University
Health Promotion            
San Diego, CA 92182

The University of San Diego
San Diego, CA 92110

Breast self examination and social demand: A survey study conducted to assess the impact of social demand on self reported behavior.  


Giving up and giving in: Young adolescents’ dilemmas when caring for a grandparent with Alzheimer’s disease.
Chairperson: Steven Gelb, Ph.D.

Professional Affiliations
The American Public Health Association
The American Society on Aging
The Gerontological Society of America (Past Convener, The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Interest Group)
The Society of Behavioral Medicine


Help Me With My Parent: Geriatric Care Management and Training: Principal (responsible for managing care for people with Dementia and training of caregivers in Residential Care Facilities).

Vista Gardens Memory Care Community: Director, Education and Outreach (responsible for developing, delivering and evaluating all community and professional education curricula, liaison between community and area physicians, 
liaison with local media, supervision of marketing/education staff members).
Vista, CA

Alzheimer’s Association: Director, Community Education (responsible for developing, delivering and evaluating all community education curricula, liaison between association and area physicians, liaison with local media, 
supervision of department employees and volunteers).
San Diego, CA

County of San Diego, 
Department of Health and Human Services
First Five Commission:
Grant Writer and Trainer (responsible for providing technical assistance to school districts regarding evidenced-based curricula, supervision of student employees). 
San Diego, Ca

San Bernardino American Lung Association: Health Education/Evaluation Trainer (responsible for all project data collection, synthesis and analysis, training on outcomes, supervision of staff trainers).
San Bernardino, California

Office of AIDS Coordination: Health Education/Evaluation Director (responsible for all project data collection, synthesis and analysis, development of curricula, training on outcomes, supervision of student employees).
County of San Diego, Dept. of Health Services

Positions, continued

Community Action to Fight Asthma: Program Training Consultant (responsible for providing on-going data analysis assistance and training to all San Diego and Imperial Valley coalition members; supervision of evaluation team).
Philliber Research Associates, San Diego

The Backus Senior Initiative: Trainer (responsible for synthesizing all outcome and fiscal data, writing of interim and final reports, writing final evaluation report and conducting project summit meetings, training employees 
on project implementation, supervision of project 5 employees).
Philliber Research Associates, San Diego

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project: Program Trainer
(responsible for interviewing stakeholders, data analysis, 
synthesizing and writing final evaluation reports and training employees, supervision of student employees).
Philliber Research Associates, San Diego

The Center for Families with Special Needs Children: Grant Writing Coordinator (responsible for developing and assisting with a California Endowment Center Grant).
University of San Diego, San Diego

The Promotora Program: Program Director (responsible for designing and implementing all exercise curricula).
Colaborativo Saber, San Diego
San Bernardino

Literacy Program for Underserved Children: Evaluation Coordinator (responsible for designing and implementing all effectiveness measures).
Uplift of San Diego

Positions, continued

Dental Health for Undeserved Children: Evaluation Director (responsible for designing and implementing all qualitative and quantitative protocols testing the effectiveness of a community-based dental 
health intervention).
Comprehensive Health Center, San Diego

The Framingham Study of Children: Project Coordinator (responsible for synthesizing the historical trajectory of the original Framingham study as it relates to designing the Framingham study of children).
Children’s Hospital, San Diego

On-line Health Communication: Faculty Supervisor  
(Responsible for generating and reviewing all
Posted health information related to older adults;
content expert on Alzheimer’s disease).
ADAM Communications

Dental Health for Underserved Children: Evaluation/Grant Writing Consultant (responsible for conducting community needs assessment and writing of a $400,000 health grantmaking initiative to the California 
San Diego Community Foundation

Quality Assurance Measurement: Evaluation Consultant (responsible for writing all training protocols focusing on designing and implementing outcome measurement tools and systems).
Alzheimer’s Housing Specialists

Outcomes Measurement Development: Evaluation and Training Consultant (responsible for training health promotion managers on designing and implementing effectiveness measures).
Foundation Health Care

Positions, continued

The Quality of Well Being: Evaluation Consultant
(responsible for the development and pilot testing
of self administered instrument).
Merck Research Laboratories and 
The UCSD School of Medicine

Caregiving in the 1990's: How do Professionals and Families Collaborate?  Workshop Developer and Presenter (responsible for the development, implementation, and delivery of 4 professional training workshops throughout 
Southern California).
Community Hospice Care, San Diego

The Effects of Exercise on Elderly Hypertensives:
Project Director (responsible for the overall administration of the project including the training and supervision of grant staff, intervention development and recruitment, supervision of assessment, treatment, and data 
collection/analysis, supervise 7 employees, manage a budget of $1.2 million). 
National Institutes of Health

1991 1993        
Smoking Cessation for Recovering Alcoholics: 
Research Specialist (responsible for the development and implementation of program curriculum). State of California, Tobacco Related Disease                     
Research Program

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction 
Education for Hispanic Women. Evaluation Coordinator (responsible for the evaluation and measurement of all participants, data analysis and manuscript preparation).                                    
State of California, Department of Health Services

A Community Health Services Study: Evaluation 
Specialist (responsible for planning and conducting a health services needs assessment. Presented results to the advisory board resulting in acquisition of a new facility).
Escondido Community Clinic

Positions, continued
The Family Health Project: A Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction Program for Hispanic and Anglo Families. Research Associate (responsible for the development of educational materials).
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

The Screening Mammography Project: Research Associate (responsible for data collection and analysis). San Diego State University

Instructional Audiotape Use and BSE Performance: A study assessing the proficiency and frequency of BSE performance when conducted with an instructional audiotape.  Research Associate                             (responsible for the measurement and evaluation                         of subjects and supervision of project staff).
Affirmative Action Faculty Development Award, SDSU

Teaching Positions
Adjunct Professor, School of Education
San Diego State University 
San Diego, CA
(Class Taught: Dissertation Writing)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Gerontology    
San Diego State University 
San Diego, CA
(Classes Taught: Programs in Gerontology, Social Policy and Gerontology, Speech Communication, Program Evaluation)

2007-2012            Adjunct Professor, 
Department of Psychology                
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA
(Class Taught: Research Methods in Psychology).

Teaching Positions, continued
Lecturer II,The School of Education
University of San Diego
San Diego, CA
(Classes Taught: Curriculum Development, Measurement and Testing, Research Methods, Program Evaluation).

Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, 
The Gerontology Center
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

Adjunct Professor, 
Community Health Education Division,
The Graduate School of Public Health
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA
(Classes Taught: Curriculum Development, Communication in Health Education).

San Diego Community College District
San Diego Mesa Community College
San Diego, CA.
(Classes Taught: Curriculum Development, Healthy Lifestyle).

Papers Presented
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