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Hazard Analysis Safety Specialist, Hazards Analysis, Safety Training, Fire Explosion Hazard Assessment, Fire Explosion Incident Investigation, Fire Explosion Prevention Protection, Gas Vapor Flammability Hazards, Dust Explosion Hazards, Thermal Stability Hazards, Process Safety Management, Regulatory Analysis Compliance


1971, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (B.Ch.E.), Pennsylvania State University


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)


2002-Present, Senior Process Safety Specialist, Technology, Inc. Monmouth Junction, NJ
2000-2002, Process Safety Engineering Consultant, Chemical Company, Bridgewater, NJ
1991-2000, Senior Process Safety Engineer, Corporation, Princeton, NJ
1974-1991, Senior Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Corporation, Baltimore, MD
1973-1974, Process Engineer, Corporation, Linden, NJ

Expert 1760 has over 25 years experience in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry and 15 years specializing as a Process Safety Engineer. Expert 1760 has participated in the design and construction of numerous chemical processing facilities and provided support and training in all areas of PSM. As a Process Safety Engineer Expert 1760 has led process hazard analysis, risk assessments and facility siting reviews. At the corporate level Expert 1760 has created and taught courses in PSM and hazard recognition methods and led hazard assessments in the area of pesticide and herbicide manufacturing, organo metalics, and phosphorus pentasulfide manufacturing.

Expert 1760 has led or provided technical assistance to many fire, explosion and runaway reaction incident investigations including incidents involving sulfur dust, aluminum dust, nitrations, chlorinations, hydrogenations, thermal heat transfer fluids, spontaneous combustion, and direct- fired thermal oxidizer and incinerator operations.

Expert 1760 is an expert in the application of hazard recognition techniques including: HAZOP, FMEA. What-If, Fault Tree Analysis, Risk Screening and Checklist. Expert 1760 is an active member of AIChE, and NFPA.


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