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Mechanical Engineer, Safety Professional, Finite Element Analysis, Kinematics, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Ziplines, Zip Lines, Zip-Lines


Expert is a Mechanical Engineer who has earned the following certifications:
Mechanical Professional Engineer (P.E.) licensed in Utah
Certified Safety Professional (CSP) from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals


Expert attended college at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and graduated in December of 2005. While at Utah State, Expert completed specialized coursework in Finite Element Analysis, Kinematics, Control Systems, and Mechatronics. He was also a member of the USU Robotics Team, received several scholarships and graduated cum laude.


As part of his bachelor’s degree studies, Expert completed a summer internship at Inovar Inc. in Logan Utah. Inovar Inc. manufactures electronics for a variety of different OEMs. Expert worked on diverse team to optimize oven temperature profiles, increase worker efficiency, ensure high quality results, and ensure profitability of the manufacturing process.


Expert has worked as a mechanical engineer for Engineering & Design, Inc. (AED) in Alpine, Utah since February 2006. During his time, he has earned his Professional Engineering license in the state of Utah and become a Certified Safety Professional. Expert is also certified as a lift truck operator and a Design Certifying Engineering (DCE) for hazardous material tanker trailers.

As part of AED’s consulting engineering work, Expert has worked on many design, analysis, testing, prototyping, and DCE projects. The following are some of the key areas and engineering projects Expert has worked on while employed at AED.

Aerial Lift Trucks
Expert has worked extensively in aerial lift truck design. This work has included designing aerial lifts from the ground up. He has done everything from designing and sizing components, running stress analyses, laying out the hydraulic circuit, specifying hydraulic motors and actuators, creating detailed drawings, and testing and troubleshooting prototype units.

Hazardous Material Tanker Trailers
Expert has also worked extensively with the hazardous material tanker trailer industry as a Design Certifying Engineer (DCE). His work included verifying compliance to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations regarding the repair and modification of hazardous material tanker trailers. He has also performed detailed analyses of full trailer designs to verify the strength of the trailer in various situations.

Miscellaneous Dump and Flat-Bed Trailers
Expert has designed, analyzed, and modified the design for many different trailers, including side- sump trailers, end-dump trailers, and flat-bed trailers. This work included stress analysis using hand calculations and FEA, sizing components, choosing materials, specifying welds, specifying fasteners, and making detail drawings.

Amusement Park Rides
Expert has designed an articulating swing ride. This work included stress analysis using hand calculations and FEA, sizing components, choosing materials, specifying welds, specifying fasteners, making detail drawings, and ensuring that the design met regulatory requirements. Expert has also worked on the ensuring standards compliance for powered zip-line rides at unique installations.
Other Projects

Design Projects

Designed a material placer for use in road construction
Designed automated refuse truck lifting arm mechanisms
Designed and analyzed a rear impact guard
Designed a truck-mounted crane
Designed a spring-assist mechanism for liftgates
Designed a mechanism for moving bariatric patients to and from hospital beds
Designed a food smoking device
Redesigned a lifeline anchor point
Designed a cabinet for storing drilling core samples
Designed a trailer tarping system
Designed a roll-off platform for transporting a tank
Analysis Projects
Utilized finite element analysis (FEA) to analyze a hydroponic grow pod support structure
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze a rear impact guard
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze a work platform for repairing aircraft
Analyzed the design of a specialized wrench for use in the drilling/mining industry
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze a trailer hitch
Analyzed the stresses in a tilted drilling mast
Analyzed the stresses in the deck supporting a water tank
Safety analysis of a trailer-mounted conveyor system
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze a quarter frame end dump trailer
Utilized finite element analysis to determine the deflection of different window pane spacers
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze the design of a semi-trailer jack stand
Utilized finite element analysis to analyze a steerable jeep for use in the heavy-haul industry
Testing Projects
Set up a machine for testing rear impact guards
Tested the strength of a horizontal life line anchor
Tested the strength of golf club head attachment mechanisms
Measured the loads on a tire changing machine to ascertain the cause of bolt failures

Prototyping Projects
Helped with building the prototype of a piece of exercise equipment
Built machine for testing rear impact guards
3D printed a scaled-down boom tip for experimenting with hose routing options


As part of his work at an engineering company, Expert has assisted the owner and president with his work as an expert witness. This work involved reviewing documents and helping to

prepare reports for product liability and patent lawsuits where the president was retained as the technical expert. Expert has also assisted the president with many tests and inspections in connection with these lawsuits.

Expert has worked on the following expert witness projects:
Construction elevator control system failure
Air pressure in a hydraulic cylinder causing fatal injury to repairman
Fatal folding chair seat failure
Farm sprayer tractor visibility issues causing motorcycle crash
Multiple patent suits surrounding containers for hauling sand
Worker fall from a moving garbage truck
Broken hydraulic fitting resulting in oil causing a motorcycle accident
Leak of fiberglass pipe causing environmental contamination and expensive clean-up
Hydraulic failure in a trailer gate
Failure of slewing ring bolts on a aerial lift
Failure of a high-pressure water hose during pressure test
Trailer came off hitch due to improper loading and poorly maintained hitch
Patented design of a safety railing post
Extremely poor reliability of a mowing machine
Patented design of a specialty fastener
Patented design of a trailer suspension
Thread failure of hydraulic fitting
Tip-over of T.V. cart
Controls design on a tow truck leading to a fatal automobile accident
Sudden drop of the lift frame of a car hauler
Table saw without a lower guard

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