Heavy Equipment Roadway Site & General Construction Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accidents and Personal Injury involving Heavy Equipment and Trucks, Work Zone Safety, Project Site Safety, Traffic Control, Pedestrian Safety, Worker Protection, Trench Safety and Protection, Safe/Unsafe operation of Equipment and Trucks, Industry Standards, Unsafe Means and Methods, Defective Workmanship, Unforeseen conditions, Construction Accidents, OSHA Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Construction Industry, ADA and Building Codes , Slip and Falls, Pedestrian Safety, ATSSA Traffic Safety Guidelines, DOT Traffic Control Requirements/Restrictions, DOT Work Zone Traffic Safety Procedures and Maintenance and Protection of Traffic requirements, Industry Standards, Operational Means and Methods, Project Plans, Details and Specifications, Residential Property Rehabilitation, Defective Product and Poor Workmanship, CONNDOT Standards and Specifications, Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment and Trucks, Soil Grading and Run-off, Site Excavation, Roadway and Site Concrete Improvements, Concrete Construction, Retaining Walls, Underground Utilities, Sewer, Water and Drainage Line Trenching and Installation , Roadway Excavation/Paving, Guardrail and Fencing, Highway & Street Lighting


Expert is owner and general manager. He has over 30 years of experience, and is multi-disciplined in construction and project management, estimating, safety, and cost management relating to municipal and state, heavy and highway construction as well as institutional, commercial and residential construction. Expert has an extensive background in Excavation , Concrete Flatwork (Heavy Duty Pavements, Textured and Colored Concrete Surfaces), Streetscape Projects, Underground Utilities (Sewer, Drainage, and Water), Roadway Concrete Improvements (Sidewalks, Curbs, Retaining Walls), Roadway Excavation and Paving, Site Excavation and Concrete, Guardrail and Fencing, Highway and Street Lighting, Traffic Signalization, Landscaping, Roadway Signage, Roadway Striping, Work Zones, Connecticut DOT Traffic Control Requirements and Restrictions, Pedestrian Safety and Connecticut DOT Permitting Requirements and Processes.
He is experienced with the customary documentation, procedures, and communications used in the construction industry.

Expert has an extensive background in:

Construction Accidents
OSHA Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Construction Industry
ADA and Building Codes
Slip and Falls
Work Zone Safety
Pedestrian Safety
ATSSA Traffic Safety Guidelines
DOT Traffic Control Requirements/Restrictions
DOT Work Zone Traffic Safety Procedures and Maintenance and Protection of Traffic requirements
Industry Standards
Operational Means and Methods
Project Plans, Details and Specifications
Residential Property Rehabilitation
Defective Product and Poor Workmanship

Incidental Injury or Damages from Operations
CONNDOT Standards and Specifications
CONNDOT Permitting Requirements and Process
Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment and Trucks (1980-present)
Soil Grading and Run-off
Site Excavation
Roadway and Site Concrete Improvements
Concrete Construction
Retaining Walls
Underground Utilities
Sewer, Water and Drainage Line Trenching and Installation
Roadway Excavation/Paving
Guardrail and Fencing
Highway & Street Lighting
Streetscape Projects
Traffic Signalization
Roadway Signage & Striping
Set-Aside Provisions, Minority or Disadvantaged Business Enterprises


Licensed Sewer and Water Line Installation Contractor, October 31, 2018
Commercial driver’s license class 1- Dump trucks, Semi-trucks, and Low beds, April 8, 2021
State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, Minority Business Enterprise certification, January 27, 2020
ATSSA certification in Work Zone Safety and Traffic Control requirements, April, 2021
Member of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478, 1982 – Present.
Pipeline Emergency Response and Damage Prevention Training Program: Paradigm Liaison Services, 2009, 2012, 2013.
Pervious Concrete Technician Certification: National Ready Mix Concrete Association, February 14, 2011
Construction Management Diploma, with Highest Honors: Stratford Career Institute, January 10, 2010
Certification Diploma: University of South Florida, OSHA Training Institute (OSHA 30 – OTI 510) September 6, 2008
U.S. Army National Guard, 248th Heavy Equipment and Engineers Division, 1981 – 1987.
Business Major (Management, Marketing and Economics): Mitchell College, New London, CT, 1984.
Four Year Certificate Program including Mechanics and Blueprint Reading, graduated with honors, Southeastern Regional Technical School, Groton, CT 1977 – 1980.

Continuing Education

Training and Educational Seminars provided by CBYD, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Contractor Safety Classes (Gilbane Company). 1988 – Present.
Mandatory State of CT DCP Trade Licensing Continuing Education Classes, 1988 – Present.

Career Experience:

Expert Witness and Consulting
Lebanon, CT
Owner/Managing Member, 2008-Present
Responsible for daily operations, development and management of a successful expert witness and litigation support service.

Lebanon, CT
Owner/Managing Member, 2008-Present
Responsible for daily operations of a general contracting firm engaged in governmental, municipal, institutional, and commercial construction. Projects include traffic safety enhancements, roadway improvements, excavation, underground utilities, concrete, paving, grading, sedimentation and erosion control, traffic signing and control, pedestrian safety and improvements, ADA compliant improvements, guide-rails, traffic signalization improvements, and landscaping improvements.

Lebanon, CT
Owner/Managing Member, 2002 – 2007
Responsible for research, acquisition and rehabilitation of investment and rental properties. Responsible for implementing budgets, improvement plans and construction schedules. Secured all required permits, soliciting and negotiating all subcontracts, supervising and managing trade contractors and ensuring an overall successful project progression. Effectuated the retail disposition of select investment properties.

PDF Construction Co., Inc.
Waterford, CT
Owner, July, 2008 – Present
Corporate Secretary, Construction Manager and Estimator, 1988 – 2008
Responsible for bidding, planning, managing and scheduling all contracts, proposals, and projects. Participated in construction and project meetings to discuss, implement and monitor construction and safety Procedures, contract specifications and plans, schedules, contractual and governmental requirements.

FC Corp.
Salem, CT
Corporate Secretary, Construction Manager and Estimator, 1980 – 1987
Responsible for managing all aspects of projects from bidding through completion. Responsible for participation in meetings construction and safety procedures, contract specifications and plans, schedules, contractual and governmental requirements.


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