Hunting Shotgun Fireman Safety Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Hunting, Firearms, Accidents, Bolt Action, Breech Action, Double Rifles, Scoped Rifles, Shotguns, Hunter Safety, Hunting Shotgun Fireman Safety,

Expert Witness No.2145


Professional Specialization

Analysis of hunting and firearms accidents and incidents.  Proper use and care of hunting firearms.  Rifles including bolt action and breech action, double rifles, scoped rifles, shotguns including breech action, over and under, side by side, hammer and pump action.  

Hunting methods and practices for dangerous and non-dangerous game, big game, small game, water fowl, walk-up bird shooting, etc.  Domestic deer, elk, moose and antelope methods and practices.  African game from elephant to plains game, methods tactics, practices and sportsmanship.  Hunter safety and responsibility.    

Hunting Education

Hunter safety, Jackson, Wyoming  1978
Hunter safety, Los Angeles, CA     1981
Professional hunter apprentship, Zambia & Tanzania  1991 & 1992
    Taken under: Franz Coupe’ & Rainer Josch
Member:  Safari Club International

Licensed Hunter

Wyoming       ~       Mexico       ~       Sweden       ~       Tanzania
California       ~       England       ~       Denmark       ~       Cameroon
Michigan       ~       Scotland       ~       Namibia       ~       Zambia

Hunting experience

Domestic hunting of all forms of game
Rifle and shotgun hunting

Hunting on foot and from horse
American hunting for deer, elk, moose antelope, etc
Varmint hunting

African hunting
Dangerous game hunting
African hunting guide
Dangerous game guide
Solo dangerous game hunting
Self-guided elephant hunting
Small African game hunting
Game culling (African Cape buffalo)

European driven game shooting, deer & moose
European driven bird shooting, pheasant, duck, woodcock.
European game stalking
European rough shooting
Driven hunt beater

Competition shooting

Competition bird shooter (box bird pigeon)
Competition trap shooter
Sporting clays shooter
Shooter in the Vintage Cup Competition for vintage guns & rifles

Awards hunting and shooting

Western United States Gun and Rifle Championship
Double Rifle Champion
    Stopping Rifle Champion
    Winner of the Kreghoff Cup: Overall shooting Champion
World Record holder: African Puku, Safari Club International, record book, number 1.
Safari Club International, Top 10 award, multiple animals listed in the record book top 10
Safari Club International Major Award 1993
            6th place Best African game taken that year

Safari Club International
    Gold award:      Puku
            Livingstone Eland
Silver award:    Warthog
            Chobe Bushbuck
            Kafue Flats Lechwe
            Blue wildebeest
Bronze award:    Hippopotamus    

Namibian Professional Hunters awards, Gold & Silver
    Red Hartebeest, Springbok, Steenbok, Bush Duiker, Gemsbok             

Video credits

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