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Hydrogeology Geology Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Hydrogeologist, Geologist, Evironmental Policies, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, Science Policy Advisor

Expert Witness No.1388



M.S. Degree, Geology, California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 1984.
B.A. Degree, Geology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA, 1982.
Teaching Certificate, Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1987.

Professional Experience:

Expert 1388 has 20 years of experience in environmental policy, assessment and remediation.  He spent ten years with the U.S. EPA in the RCRA and Superfund programs and served as EPA’s Senior Science Policy Advisor in the Western Regional Office where he identified emerging threats to groundwater from perchlorate and MTBE.  While with EPA, Expert 1388 also served as a Senior Hydrogeologist in the oversight of the assessment of seven major military facilities undergoing base closure.  He led numerous enforcement actions under provisions of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) while also working with permit holders to improve hydrogeologic characterization and water quality monitoring. 

Expert 1388 has worked closely with U.S. EPA legal counsel and the technical staff of several states in the application and enforcement of RCRA, Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act regulations.  Expert 1388 has trained the technical staff in the States of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and the Territory of Guam in the conduct of investigations, groundwater fundamentals, and sampling techniques.

Positions Held Include:

Founding Partner and Senior Regulatory and Litigation Support Analyst, Private Consulting Firm (2003 – Present)

Senior Environmental Analyst, Komex•H2O Science•Inc. (2000-2003)

Executive Director of a non profit water quality organization (2001-present)
Hydrogeologist, National Park Service, Water Resources Division (1998-2000)

Adjunct Faculty Member, San Francisco State University, Department of Geosciences (1993-1998)

Instructor, College of Marin, Department of Science (1990-1995)

Senior Science Policy Advisor and Hydrogeologist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1989-1998)

Geologist, U.S. Forest Service (1986-1998)

Geologist, Dames & Moore (1984-1986)

Functional Job Description

Senior Regulatory and Litigation Support Analyst:

With private consulting firm, Expert 1388’s responsibilities have included:

Project manager and designated expert for litigation support for plaintiffs under provisions of Proposition 65 in the review of releases of gasoline to sources drinking water at major refineries and hundreds of gas stations throughout California.

Expert witness on MTBE litigation in California and Arkansas.

Expert witness and litigation support on the impact of air toxins and hazardous waste on students at a nearby school.

Lead analyst in the review of environmental impact reports that identify significant issues with regard to hazardous waste, water quality and geologic hazards.

Public and agency outreach on policy issues related to perchlorate contamination of the Colorado River and related drinking water supplies.

With Komex H2O Science Inc., Expert 1388’s duties included the following:

Senior author of a report on the extent of perchlorate contamination that was used in testimony by the former U.S. EPA Administrator and General Counsel.

Senior researcher in the development of a comprehensive, electronically interactive chronology of MTBE use, research, and regulation.
Senior researcher in the development of a comprehensive, electronically interactive chronology of perchlorate use, research, and regulation.

Senior researcher in a study that estimates nationwide costs for MTBE remediation and drinking water treatment, results of which were published in newspapers nationwide and in testimony against provisions of an energy bill that would limit liability for oil companies.

Research to support plaintiff litigation to restore drinking water supplies that have been contaminated by MTBE in California and New York.

Expert witness testimony for plaintiffs in a case of oil production-related contamination in Mississippi.

Lead author for a multi-volume remedial investigation report for an operating school in Los Angeles that met strict regulatory requirements and rigorous deadlines.

Development of strategic approaches for cleanup of contaminated sites in consultation with clients and regulators.

Executive Director:

Currently, as an Executive Director with an Orange County Firm, Expert 1388 led efforts to restore water quality at Orange County beaches from multiple sources of contamination including urban runoff and the discharge of wastewater.  In reporting to a Board of Directors that includes representatives from leading Orange County businesses and universities, Expert 1388 has prepared issue papers in the areas of treatment and disinfection of wastewater and has actively participated in the development of countywide water quality permits for the control of urban runoff and permits for the discharge of wastewater.  Expert 1388 has worked with other nonprofits that have been effective in protecting and restoring water quality, including Surfrider, Natural Resources Defense Council and Orange County CoastKeeper as well as with business institutions including the Orange County Business Council


As a Senior Hydrogeologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Expert 1388 led investigations to characterize and cleanup closing military bases, including Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Treasure Island Naval Station, Alameda Naval Station, Moffett Field, Mather Army Airfield, and Sacramento Army Depot.  Specific activities were as follows:

Led efforts to model groundwater flow and contaminant transport, ensured adequacy of monitoring networks, and assessed cleanup alternatives for contaminated sediment, soil, and groundwater.

Initiated a regional program for evaluation of groundwater sampling practices and laboratory analysis at military bases.
Identified emerging issues, wrote technical guidance, and assisted in policy and regulation development through work on four national U.S. EPA workgroups, including the Superfund Groundwater Technical Forum.

At the request of the State of Hawaii, Expert 1388 developed a methodology to determine the vulnerability of groundwater to contamination on the islands of Maui and Oahu. He used analytical models and a GIS to show zones of vulnerability, and the results were adopted and published by the State of Hawaii and County of Maui.

As a hydrogeologist with the EPA Groundwater Protection Section, Expert 1388 worked with provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act and NEPA to prevent drinking water contamination.  Specific activities included the following:

Received an EPA Bronze Medal for his contribution to the development of national guidance for the protection of drinking water.

Managed the Sole Source Aquifer Program and protected the drinking water of two communities through designation under the Safe Drinking Water Act. He prepared geologic reports, conducted public hearings, and responded to public comments from residents who were very concerned about the impact of designation.

Reviewed a number of Environmental Impact Statements for planned major developments, including large hazardous and solid waste disposal facilities, mine reclamation, and water transfer.

Expert 1388 served as a hydrogeologist with the RCRA Hazardous Waste program. Duties were as follows:

Supervised the hydrogeologic investigation of hazardous waste sites to determine compliance with Subtitle C requirements.

Reviewed and wrote "part B" permits for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Conducted RCRA Corrective Action investigations of waste sites and led inspections that formed the basis for significant enforcement actions that were developed in close coordination with U.S. EPA legal counsel.

Wrote contract specifications and supervised contractor’s investigations of waste sites.

With the National Park Service, Expert 1388 directed service-wide investigations of contaminant sources to prevent degradation of water quality, including the following tasks:
Applied pertinent laws and regulations including CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA, NRDA, and the Clean Water Act to control military, mining, and landfill contaminants.

Conducted watershed-scale investigations of contaminants at parks, including Yellowstone and Olympic National Park.

Identified high-levels of perchlorate in soil adjacent to a national park in New Mexico and advised park superintendent on appropriate response actions under CERCLA.

Developed a program to conduct environmental compliance audits of all National Parks while serving on a national workgroup.

Co-authored two papers on the potential for water contamination from the operation of personal watercraft and snowmobiles, these papers serving as the basis for the development of nation-wide policy on the use of these vehicles in National Parks.

Contributed to the Federal Multi-Agency Source Water Agreement under the Clean Water Action Plan.


Expert 1388 served as the Senior Science Policy Advisor with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9. Activities included the following:

Advised the Regional Administrator and senior management on emerging issues such as the potential for the gasoline additive MTBE and ammonium perchlorate to contaminate drinking water supplies.

Shaped EPA’s national response to these threats by serving on workgroups and by contributing to guidance, including the ORD publication, Oxygenates in Water: Critical Information and Research Needs.

Improved the technical training of EPA’s scientific and engineering staff.

Earned an EPA Bronze Medal for representing the region’s 300 scientists and engineers in negotiations with the Administrator and senior management to better integrate scientific principles into the policy-making process.
Established national protocol for the peer review of scientific documents.


With the U.S. Forest Service, Expert 1388 led investigations to determine hillslope stability of areas proposed for timber harvest in the central Oregon Coast Range. Specific activities were as follows:
Mapped geology in the field, and used aerial photographic interpretation and mathematical models to determine slope stability.

Coordinated his research with community members who were concerned with natural resource protection.

Characterized the geology of an aquifer that serves as the sole source of drinking water for the city of Medford, Oregon.

As a consultant with Dames and Moore, Expert 1388 led geologic investigations of two contaminated sites in the Portland, Oregon, area and a large hazardous waste site in eastern Oregon.  Duties included the following:

Supervised soil and groundwater sampling.

Conducted aquifer tests.

Investigated active faults beneath sites proposed for hazardous waste disposal.


From 1990 to 1998, Expert 1388 taught at least one course per semester at the community college and university levels:

At San Francisco State University, held an adjunct faculty position and taught courses in environmental geology, oceanography (lab and lecture), hydrogeology, and groundwater contamination.

Served as a committee member for graduate and undergraduate students.

Taught courses in environmental geology and oceanography at the College of Marin.


Available Upon Request