Provides Testimony In

Immigration Arrest Documents, Transnational Organized Crime, Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Border Security Threats, Cartels, Mexico, Central America


  • Analytical, strategic planning, and organizational skills
  • Experienced Homeland Security sworn agent
  • Management and direction of complex projects
  • Cultivate domestic and foreign relationships
  • Establish goals and priorities for groups
  • Mentor and Coach others
  • Extensive use of Learning Management Systems
  • Expertise in intelligence and threats


  • Grand Canyon University
  • M.S. in Psychology 2019
  • American Military University
  • M.A. International Relations and Conflict Resolution 2011
  • University of Arizona
  • B.S. Public Administration 1996


Interpreting and Consulting 08/21/2019-Present
Saint Clair Shores, MI

Manage resources, develop and implement operational plan, and ensure exceptional communication between English and non-English speaking individuals.

Key accomplishments include:

Provide expert witness immigration testimony and case review in the areas of Transnational Organized Crime, Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Border Security Threats, and Cartels. Provide attorney consultation regarding immigration arrest documents. Specialize in Mexico and Central America
Provide Resident Agent access between the state of Michigan, organizations, and customers
Established Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, Business Model, and organizational website

Michigan State Police
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES)
Lansing, MI
Human Resources Developer

Maintain, update, and develop the Michigan Basic Police Academy curriculum. In the Career Development Division, I establish and maintain relationships with Training Directors at academy locations.

Key accomplishments include:

Develop basic training standards for all 20 police academies throughout Michigan
Conduct academic research and literature review as part of the instructional design process
Provide logistical and academic support to law enforcement and partner organizations
Developed curriculum in History of Policing for the Basic Academies

Department of Homeland Security
United States Border Patrol
Calexico, CA, Detroit, MI, and Washington D.C.

U.S. Border Patrol
Special Operations Supervisor-Retired (Rank of Major)
Washington D.C./Selfridge ANGB

As a federal agent in the Northern Border Coordination Center (NBCC), I collaborated with representatives from U.S. intelligence units, foreign agencies, and regional agencies to bridge the strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence gap for the U.S. Border Patrol Sectors and Headquarters.

I approved, researched, and published intelligence products involving Cartel violence, migration, smuggling and trafficking, and Homeland Security threats.

Key accomplishments include:

Identified human smuggling groups leading to arrests and prosecution of subjects
Published intelligence reporting on Cartel international smuggling operations stemming from Latin American countries into and throughout the United States
Monitored and briefed on worldwide migration and country conditions that could impact the United States and border security efforts

U.S. Border Patrol
Supervisory Border Patrol Agent (Rank of Captain)
Detroit, MI

Supervised operational Border Patrol Agents in the critical roles to prevent terrorism, secure borders, enforce and administer criminal and immigration laws, and ensure resiliency to disasters by managing both human and technological assets for field deployment. I assured asset allocations with a seamless enforcement posture of operational control along the U.S./Canadian border.

Key accomplishments include:

Identified a need for agent training in document identification, intelligence, interviewing. As a result, I developed modules to increase skills that resulted in arrests, prosecutions, and multi-agency collaborative case work
Prepared, reviewed, and approved internal reports and papers to advise Station command
Guided colleagues and subordinates in effective evidence collection for alleged violations of the law, including video footage for criminal cases

During this leadership role, I accepted Special Assignments outlined below.

Advanced Leadership Instructor, GS-1896/13, U.S. Border Patrol, Detroit Border Patrol Station, [Assigned to Office of Training and Development, WV] 05/2015-11/2015; 03/2016-10/2017
Special Operations Supervisor (Working Out of Class) (Rank of Major), GS-1896/13, U.S. Border Patrol, Detroit Border Patrol Station, [Assigned to Selfridge ANGB/ Operational Integration Center] 12/2014 to 06/2016

U.S. Border Patrol
SBPA (Rank of Captain), Sector Intelligence Unit
Selfridge ANGB, MI

I supervised the work and performance of Detroit Sector Intelligence Unit (SIU) law enforcement agents, intelligence analysts, and support personnel. I managed human and equipment resources during operations. I interviewed potential candidates, drafted hiring matrices, and selected personnel for mission support, analyst, and Leader Border Patrol Agents (LBPA). During this tenure, I collaborated with domestic and foreign partner agencies to achieve the goal outlined in the Border Patrol National Strategy.

U.S. Border Patrol
Patrol Agent in Charge (Lieutenant Colonel/Working Out of Class),
Selfridge ANGB, MI

Temporary promotion to working out of class as the Patrol Agent in Charge for the Sector Intelligence Unit managing operations and supervising a staff of 13 individuals. I coordinated the exchange of information and liaison between Detroit Sector and other local, state, federal and foreign partners and International Border Enforcement Team (IBET).

I fostered organizational relationships with representatives of RCMP, CBSA, Office of Field Operations (OFO), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to enhance interdiction efforts leading to criminal cases and prosecutions both in the United States and Canada.

Key accomplishments include the following:

Developed intelligence collection plans and approved the Sector Threat Assessment
Managed the Federal Sector Ticket program
Spearheaded the Sector Source of Information funding program
Developed the Sector Intelligence Unit budget limits and prioritized demands for overtime and equipment
Acted as the CBP USBP representative on the international smuggling/border security panel in Cleveland, OH at the Great Lakes Marine Intelligence Conference
Because of my leading change efforts in the Sector Intelligence Unit, I drafted letters of commendation and recommendations for agent and mission support personnel awards
Monitored and ensured completion of all employee-training requirements. Identified other sources for training opportunities towards positive employee development

U.S. Border Patrol
Supervisory Border Patrol Agent (Rank of Captain), SIU
Selfridge ANGB, MI

I fostered team members and field operations collaborating towards operational achievements across all operations, I maintained oversight of technological, human capital, and financial assets
Key accomplishments include the following:

Served as CBP representative with domestic and foreign representatives in the IBET. Enhanced border integrity and security between designated ports of entry along the U.S.-Canada border
Served as a panel expert at the Great Lakes Marine Border Intelligence Conference
Critically involved in the development of Task Force positions to work cooperatively with domestic and foreign partner agencies. In achieving the Border Patrol National Strategy and objectives, I supervised agents with key abilities to the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force and DEA Task Force
Initiated the Detroit Sector Intelligence Unit (SIU) Source of Information Fund Program, leading to the prosecution of individuals and payment to sources that provided significant enforcement information

U.S. Border Patrol
Border Patrol Agent
Detroit, MI and Calexico, CA

I applied the latest developments in law enforcement in practice and instruction. I maintained a high level of training and actively pursue skill enhancement.

Key accomplishments include the following:

I spearheaded arrest, detention, and casework of a subject for simple assault on a federal officer. I prepared the case for prosecution and testified at trial in the Eastern District of Michigan.
The case resulted in and expanse of the Sixth Circuit interpretation of 18 USC 111 (United States of America v Christian Gagnon)
Developed and cultivated a Source of Information leading to the arrest and prosecution of one individual wanted on a million-dollar bond for transporting narcotics and a second individual who utilized a false identity. The results led to both subject prosecutions and incarcerations
Arrested a subject in a criminal case and testified in the Superior Court of California, resulting in conviction of subject for breaking and entering and theft
Executed several criminal cases including the arrest, preparation of all case paperwork, interviews, and proffers. I served as government witness for cross border smuggling cases
I identified, arrested, and prepared extradition for a subject wanted for rape in Georgia, resulting in my testimony in DeKalb County Court (Case: 06CR3621) and subsequent conviction
Led in specialized units including the Detroit DISRUPT. Adapted with limited resources and partnered with other agencies to dismantle a Puerto Rican bi-national criminal organization
Evaluated the levels of border security in the Detroit Sector area of operations as a Border Security Enforcement Team member to meet national program objectives. Briefed the state of border security to senior Border Patrol managers
I developed and led efforts to train others to present a fraud documents course for federal, state, and local agencies


Macomb Community College
Adjunct Instructor
Clinton Township, MI

I design, develop, and present courses onsite and online to achieve terminal and enabling objectives in Homeland Security and Border Security and Transportation.

Key accomplishments include:

Highlighted lectures include Transnational Organized Crime, Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Cyber Crime, Border Security Threats, Immigration, History and Development of Homeland Security, and Cartel Influence in America
Designed syllabus, lesson plan, and lines of effort for students to achieve course objectives
Utilize the ADDIE instructional course design to develop curriculum
Facilitate with Socratic, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory instructional methods
Utilize Adult Learning theories in instruction and design

Saint Clair County Community College
Adjunct Instructor
Port Huron, MI

I provide course instruction onsite and online (Canvas) to achieve terminal and enabling objectives in PS 101 Introduction to Political Science.

Key accomplishments include:

Designed syllabus, lesson plan, and lines of effort for students to achieve course objectives
Utilized the ADDIE instructional course design to develop curriculum
Utilize Adult Learning theories in instruction and design
Facilitated with Socratic, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory instructional methods
Serve as consultant on student Advanced Placement Research Project and Oral Defense Committee
Judge for the Sanilac County Academic Games
Average 5.5/6.0 on 360 evaluation

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Advanced Leadership Instructor
Harpers Ferry, WV

Certified online and onsite leadership Instructor in an American Council on Education (ACE) accredited masters level program. I instructed and evaluated students in Behavioral Science curriculum, specifically in the psychology of leadership pertaining to individuals, groups, and organizational theory in an organization of 58,000 members.

Key accomplishments include:

Developed, facilitated, and published Contrasts to Leadership and an End to Slavery: Abraham Lincoln and John Brown, a unique experiential learning experience that enables participants to critically think, reflect and apply insights from historical events to current leadership decisions
Facilitated with Socratic, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory instructional methods
Utilized the ADDIE model of course development
Developed the program evaluation plan based on Kirkpatrick’s Model
Developed the program’s communication plan
Established a mentor program to assist students in practical application of course material
Provided academic and professional coaching to guide and support students in their academic growth

Courses Taught:

  • Individual Differences
  • Learning Leadership
  • Adult Development Theory
  • Motivation through Job Design
  • Operant/Observational Learning
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Effective Followership
  • Social Exchange Theory
  • Group Development and Dynamics
  • Equity Theory
  • Implicit Biases/Attribution Theory
  • Leader Member Exchange

ITT Technical Institute
12/2012 – 09/2016
Adjunct Instructor
Dearborn, MI

I managed online and blended courses in the Social Sciences and Criminal Justice. I facilitated student discussions, engaged students in the classroom, graded fairly, provided timely feedback, and set clear objectives and class expectations while using teaching strategies based on educational theory and evidence-based practice.

Key accomplishments include:

Used Socratic, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory instructional methods
Adjunct Instructor of the quarter, June 2014
Achieve high instructor rating of 4.88/5.0 on student Level 1 responses
Experience with the following Learning Management Systems:
Desire to Learn (D2L), LoudCloud, and Performance and Learning Management System (PALMS)

Courses Taught:

SS3150 Research Methods
SP3450 Social Psychology
SP2750 Group Theory
MG2650 Fundamentals of Management
MG4650 Team Leadership
PS1350 American Government
CJ1310 Criminal Justice Report Writing
CJ1440 Community Corrections
GS2750 Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional


Arizona Department of Corrections
Corrections Officer II
Tucson, AZ

Available on full CV


Federal Law Enforcement Association (FLEOA)
Chapter 21 Sergeant in Arms (07/2017-Present)
Agency President (8/2013 to 6/2015)
Agency Vice-President (2007 to 2013)


Earned multiple Letters of Recognition, Academic Achievements, Time Off, and Cash Awards, 2002-2020
Earned nomination for the Commissioner’s Challenge Award for Border Enforcement, 2002


Security Clearance: Top Secret (until 2021)

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