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  • B.A. McGill University
  • BCL McGill University (2d class honours) 1972
  • LLB McGill University (2d class honours) 1975
  • Dipl Management Information Systems (Dean’s List) McGIll University 1995
  • Diploma in Sports Administration, Concordia University (Partially completed)

Relevant Certifications and positions held

  • Member Bar of Quebec 1974 – 2004
  • Executive positions – Club Cycliste Beaconsfield 1988 – 1994
  • President – Club Cycliste Beaconsfield 1992 and 1993
  • Representative Toronto Cycling Committee 1996 – 2004 (nominated by Toronto City Council)
  • Co-chair Toronto Cycling Committee 2001 – 2004
  • with councillors Jack Layton 2001-2002, Olivia Chow 2003, Adam Giambrone 2004)
  • CAN-BIKE II 1998
  • Certified as a CAN-BIKE Instructor 2001
  • Certified IISA Inline Skating Instructor 2000
  • Certified IISA level 2 Inline Skating Instructor 2001
  • Certified USSG Inline Skating Instructor 2006
  • Speedskating Technical Certification Level 1, 2004


  • Scooters Indoor Speed Club
  • Toronto Inline Skate Club
  • Roller Sports Ontario
  • Toronto Speed Skating Club
  • Rollerblade Sponsorship 2003


  • Roller-Montréal Forum
  • Ottawa Inline Skate Club Forum
  • Inline Instructor Mail List
  • Toronto-Blading Yahoo list
  • Toronto Inline Skate Club Forums
  • Ambassador/Volunteer each year at Becel Ride for the Heart, helping the skaters

Pertinent Work Experience

  • Practising lawyer 1974 –1992. Litigation involving bicycles on city streets and country roads.
  • Made formal representations to the Quebec parliamentary committee on cycling, 1994, on Provincial planning Helmet policy
  • Inline Instructor 2000-present day
  • Developed and deliver the “Urban Street Skills” programme – 2002 to the present.
  • I adapted the CAN-BIKE street survival programme to inline skating. I am the only skating instructor who has the specialized training necessary to offer such a programme. My programme starts where IISA leaves off. For on-road instruction IISA just says “Skate Legal” I start from there and show skaters the specifics of how to stay safe and alive while using streets, sidewalks and trails.
  • CAN-BIKE instructor 2002
  • Head of Inline programme for Marathon Dynamics Inc 2003, 2004. This included training/coaching skaters for top marathon performance and also an instructional component for improvement of technique.
  • Deliver inline skating component of Car Free Commute programme to industries for Pollution Probe 2007
  • Maintain web site, mainly for the skating instruction business, but including links of interest to skaters and summaries I have written regarding helmet selection, skate purchases, street safety etc.
  • Short track ice speed skating; short track inline speed skating; marathon speed skating, ice and inline

Transportation Conferences Attended

  • Delegate to Vélo Mondial Conference, Montreal, 1992
  • Attended as delegate at Velo City, Nottingham, 1993
  • Attended ISTEA (Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act) conference, Atlanta, GA 1993
  • Attended London Transport in the Year 2000 conference, London, England, 1996
  • An important theme in all these conferences was how to integrate bicycles into our traffic planning in a safe and efficient way. These are mainly attended by traffic engineers from around the world.
  • IISA Instructors Conference Montreal, 2000. Over several days this conference mainly concentrated on pedagogy, technique and safety on inlines
  • USSG Instructor’s Conference, Long Beach, CA, 2005
  • USSG Instructor’s Conference, Duluth, MN, 2007
  • Instructor’s Conference New Hampshire 2011

Inline Speedskating – Age Group (except where indicated “overall”) Podium Finishes

  • Duluth North Shore Inline Marathon 2004*, 2005
  • St Paul Inline Marathon, 2006, 2007*
  • Cambridge Canada Day Marathon 2006*, 2007*
  • Detroit Wolverine Marathon 2007*, Overall ½ marathon silver, 2008
  • Rolling Rampage, 2004 10km*
  • Long Beach Marathon 2005
  • Toronto Inline Marathon 2005*, 2004
  • Keski Climb 2005*
  • Montreal Marathon 2007*, 2009*
  • Silver Medal Montreal 24 hour inline race with Flying Fossils 2007
  • Overall Winner Cambridge half-marathon July 1, 2009, 2010
  • Silver Medal Hayward Wi 20 mile race August 7, 2009
  • Numerous other races where I was fastest in my age group, but medals only awarded to overall winners.

* denotes first place gold medal

Other pertinent Road Use/human powered transport experience

  • Have participated in very numerous centuries, that is, bike rides of over 100 miles, including in three different decades the Rideau Lakes Tour which travels 107 miles from Ottawa to Kingston on a Saturday, and the same return Sunday. And other distance bike events
  • Numerous long self supported bike tours in Europe, including Swiss Alps, Austrian Alps, (including monstrous Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse pass), German Alps and Romantischestrasse; northern Europe; Southern France; two Italian trips including Ligurian coast and the Piemont, and then Apennines near Montecassino; the full circuit of Corsica; England and Wales; Scotland.
  • Participated in numerous cross-country ski races; nordic ski training with high level instructors
  • Founded a Racing Team 2007 made up of fastest speedskaters over 55 years old in North America. Competitive with other elite teams of any age group