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Expert 1589 is an industrial engineer and construction consultant, and an expert in project planning and scheduling and construction claims.  He began his career in the construction industry in 1969, and his experience includes industrial, commercial, health care, criminal justice, transportation, environmental, power generation, and military/special use projects.

Expert 1589 has experience in planning, scheduling, and managing complex design and construction projects, and in the analysis, presentation, and defense of claims for delay, acceleration, disruption, and lost productivity.  He has consulted for owners, contractors, and government agencies, and has presented his analyses and findings as an expert in court, arbitrations, mediations, and settlement negotiations.  He has frequently served as an arbitrator in the resolution of construction disputes.

Expert 1589 is skilled in the use of Primavera and Microsoft Project scheduling packages, and in Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and Summation software.  He has conducted seminars on practical project management topics and techniques and on construction claims for private companies, law firms, government agencies, and industry and trade associations, and has been a guest lecturer at Southern Polytechnic State University.

Expert 1589 graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering and from Georgia State University with a Masters in Business Administration.  He is an appointed panelist of the American Arbitration Association, an associate member of the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Construction Industry, and is a member of the American Association of Cost Engineers.  He is also certified as a Construction Inspector by the Association of Construction Inspectors.


1972, B.I.E., Georgia Institute of Technology
1981, M.B.A., Georgia State University


Construction Consultant Responsible for planning, scheduling, cost estimating, and management consulting of design and construction projects.  Develops and implements schedules and conducts updates to resolve problems and document progress, action items, commitments, and trends.  Evaluates actual work-in-place compared to planned and scheduled, approves progress payment requisitions, and forecasts completion.
Forensic ConsultantAnalyzes completed projects to determine liability for and quantum of damages resulting from delays and detrimental impacts.  Assists legal counsel with discovery and documentation coding and indexing.  Presents findings and conclusions as expert testimony in court and arbitration, and as a participant in settlement negotiations and mediations.

Arbitrator – Serves as an arbitrator to resolve disputes.

Management ConsultantProvides assistance with project management systems and software selection and implementation.  Conducts training, seminars, workshops, and technical briefings on construction management topics, methods, techniques, and software for private companies, law firms, government agencies, and industry and trade associations.

Vice President of construction management firm – Responsibilities included marketing and providing project management services, claims consulting, and litigation assistance.  Managed consultants, engineers, and analysts performing these services.  Performed extensive schedule, cost, and productivity analyses, and presented the results as expert testimony.

Project Manager with construction management firm – Responsibilities included planning, estimating, scheduling, and controlling construction projects from concept through occupancy.  Measured, assessed, evaluated, and improved contractor performance and productivity.

Representative Experience

IRS Consolidated Computing Facility, West Virginia, Provided consulting services to the US GSA concerning claims in excess of $17 million that were brought by the contractor after construction of this $100 million facility was completed a year later than the original contract required.  Presented analyses and findings in a mediation before a Board of Contract Appeals Judge that resulted in a settlement and avoided protracted litigation.

Concert Hall Renovation & Additions, Ohio, Provided project planning and scheduling services to both the owner and the general contractor to ensure timely completion of the renovation and addition to this complex, state of the art concert hall.

Contracting Corporation, Georgia, Assists this general contractor with project planning and scheduling. Develops detailed schedules depicting construction of buildings, custom units, clubhouses, amenities, and sitework.  Monitors and updates progress to ensure timely completion.

Commissaries Renovation, Georgia, Assisted the general contractor with claims for delay and disruption due to unforeseen site conditions and due to changed and added work on the additions and alterations to these two commissaries renovations.  Presented analyses and supported the contractor in settlement negotiations with the Government which resolved the claims.

Power Corporation, Hydro Project, Turbine-Generator Erection, Georgia, Assisted the Turbine/Generator erector with schedule and cost analyses.  Prepared the change order request for lost productivity compensation from directed acceleration to overcome delays due to late delivery of fabricated parts.  Presented analyses and participated in negotiations with the Owner and general contractor that facilitated settlement and avoided litigation.

Convention Center, Florida, Provided claim schedule, productivity, and cost analyses to County concerning several trade contractor claims for delay, acceleration, and impact arising from the phased construction.  Supported and participated in settlement negotiations which successfully resolved the claims and avoided litigation.

IRS Service Center, Tennessee, Provided assistance to the owner, the US GSA, and to the user, the IRS, concerning the construction and the contract close-out of this massive and complex computing center.  Reviewed and critiqued the general contractor’s schedule submittals, and measured and quantified additional contract time extensions due to weather and changed and added work.  Participated in and supported negotiations with the general contractor and principal subcontractors to resolve claims for time and related cost issues.

Convention Center, Florida, Assisted the City with scheduling, project management, and claims avoidance services during the construction of this $70 million project.  Analyzed and addressed delays and changed and added work items as they occurred, and supported the City’s negotiations with the general contractor, avoiding litigation.


Program Management

1996 Atlanta Olympics Athletes’ Village
Georgia Tech Campus Fiber Optic Cable Network
Georgia Tech Residence Halls Renovation Program

Special Use Facilities

Research & Administration Facility
Concert Hall Renovation & Addition
Concert Hall Renovation
Center for the Performing Arts
Convention Center
Arts Center Arena Theater
Consolidated Military Intelligence Training Facility
National Security Agency Operations Facility

Industrial & Commercial Facilities

IRS Consolidated Computing Facility
IRS Computing Center
Toyota Transmissions Assembly Plant
Proctor & Gamble Manufacturing Plant Additions
Globe-Union Battery Manufacturing Plant
Duke University Steam Plant Addition
Foods Plant
Dart Industries Polypropylene Plant
Dekalb Co. Water & Sewer Facility
Phillips 66 Natural Gas Facility
IBM Facilities
Hammermill Paper Company Boiler Plant
Hechinger’s Warehouse & Distribution Center
Hecht’s Department Store
FAA ARTCC Control Complex
Naval Shipyard Stiffleg Derrick
Federal Paper Board Facility Design
Champion International Deinking Facility Design
Mitsubishi/Caterpillar Manufacturing Facility

Criminal Justice Facilities & Correctional Institutions

Three US Courthouses
Three Correctional Institutions
Youth Development Center

Office Buildings

IBM Office Building
General Motors Regional Office Building
Sixth Avenue Building
Kodak Southeast Marketing Center
Wachovia Banking Center

Transportation Projects

Airport Midfield Terminal Expansion
Republic Airways Maintenance Hangar
Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority
FAA Control Tower
Airport Terminal Expansion
American Airlines Federal Inspection Station

Health Care Facilities

Physicians Center
Hospital Surgery Addition
Georgia Regional Hospital
University Medical Center
Two Hospital Additions
Hospital in Georgia
Memorial Hospital
Medical Center
Two V.A. Hospitals
Baptist Hospital Additions
Physicians & Surgeons Hospital Additions
Medical Center Hospital

Educational Facilities

Stamp Student Union Renovation
University College of Dentistry
Sustainable Education Building
University PE Facility
University Library
University Additions & Renovation
College Science & Classroom Buildings
Student Athletic Complex
College Living/Learning Center
County High School
County Middle School
Northern Area High School


Omni International Hotel
Days Inns of America
Inn & Conference Center

Civil & Environmental Projects

AECC Dam No. 2 Hydro Plant
Rocky Mountain Hydro Plant
Three Rivers Water Quality Mgmt Program
Water Plant
Winder Wastewater Treatment Plant
Reservoir & Pumping Station
Resource Recovery Facility
Two Lock & Dam Projects
Electrical & Communications Additions

Residential & Multi-Family Construction

Famous Boxer Residence
Sierra Apartments & Condominiums Projects
Mutiny on the Bay Condominium
Centennial Place Apartment Homes
Kings Manor Apartments
Old Mill Apartments
Overlook II Apartments
Housing Authority Allen Homes Modernization
Campbell Stone Apartments for the Elderly
Lemoyne Gardens Apartments Rehabilitation
309-313 Meeting Street Apartments
Bellefield Place Condominium

Parking Garages

Coca Cola USA
University of Tennessee
University of North Carolina
St. Francis Xavier Hospital
Duke University Medical Center
Georgia Tech

Professional Affiliations

American Arbitration Association Appointed Panelist
Associate Member of the Forum on the Construction Industry of the American Bar Association
American Association of Cost Engineers
Association of Construction Inspectors – Certified Inspector
Dispute Resolution Board


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