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Industrial Hygienist Indoor Air Quality Injury Illness Prevention Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Industrial Hygienist, Certified, Environmental Occupational Health, Safety Engineering, Hazard Assessment, Noise Evaluation Control, Indoor Air Quality, Injury Illness Prevention, Health Safety Training, Emergency Response Coordination, Asbestos

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ABIH-Certified Industrial Hygienist with degrees in Health Science, Environmental and

Occupational Health. Experienced in the areas of industrial hygiene, safety engineering,

hazard assessment, noise evaluation and control, indoor air quality, injury and illness

prevention, health and safety training, and emergency response coordination.

Professional responsibilities include identifying, evaluating, and controlling stressors in

varied occupational and non-occupational environments.


Master of Science, Health Science, Environmental and Occupational Health, California

State University, Northridge, California, 1983

Bachelor of Science, Health Science, Environmental and Occupational Health, California

State University, Northridge, California, 1978

Certifications and Registrations

Certified Industrial Hygienist, Comprehensive Practice, American Board of Industrial Hygiene

Registered Professional Engineer, Safety, State of California

Registered Environmental Assessor, California Environmental Protection Agency, Registered Environmental Assessor Program

Certified Gas Tester, State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of

Occupational Safety and Health, Mine Safety Training Unit, 1991

Experience and Background

1998 – Present HTI, Inc., Torrance, CA Technical Director

Manage a staff of industrial hygienists, safety professionals, engineers, environmental

assessors, analytical chemists, asbestos consultants, and environmental health

specialists. Provide technical direction during projects involving industrial hygiene,

indoor air quality, fungal growth assessment, safety engineering, environmental health

issues, injury and illness prevention, accident investigation, site hazard assessment,

asbestos-containing material identification and abatement consulting, lead hazard

assessment, noise evaluation and control, confined space entry, gas testing, health and

safety program and policy development, waste analysis, evaluation of ventilation

systems and other engineering controls, assignment of personal protective equipment,

and emergency response coordination.

Assist clients in developing cost-effective engineering controls that will reduce the

potential for injury and/or loss of property. Review and assist in drafting company policies, bid

1998 – Present HTI, Inc., Torrance, CA Technical Director

Specifications, and site health and safety plan concerning geotechnical activities, soil

excavation, and hazardous material/waste handling activities. Conduct training

programs on varied topics including hazard communication, asbestos health hazards,

noise and noise control, ionizing radiation, indoor air quality, and hazardous waste operations and emergency response.

Provide expert witness consultation, deposition, and court testimony services in

connection with industrial accidents and injuries, as well as chemical contamination in

air, in liquids, and on solid surfaces. Cases have involved issues concerning hazardous

waste, asbestos, fungal and bacterial growth, pesticides, methylene chloride and other

hydrocarbon solvents, lead and welding fumes, oxygen-enriched atmospheres,

ventilation systems, personal protective equipment, as well as accident reconstruction

and fire incidents. Have represents both plaintiff and defense.

1987 – 1998 EnviroHealth, Inc., Long Beach, California Technical Director

Performed environmental air monitoring and occupational health and safety surveys

for the purposes of identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards in the workplace.

Services included industrial hygiene evaluations, indoor air quality surveys, hazardous

material/waste handling consulting, health and safety training, preparation of site health

and safety plans, building hazard assessments, asbestos-containing building material

identification surveys, asbestos abatement site surveillance and consulting, and

hazardous material/waste emergency response coordination. Provided interpretations

of exposures in light of OSHA, EPA, and other environmental and occupational health

regulations and guidelines. Assisted clients in developing cost-effective engineering controls that reduced the

potential for injury and/or loss of property. Reviewed and assisted in drafting company policies and bid specifications.

Conducted training programs on varied topics including hazardous waste operations and emergency response, hearing conservation, hazard communication, asbestos

health hazards, respiratory protection, and confined space entry.

1984 – 1987 IT Corporation, Cerritos, California Senior Industrial Hygienist

Provided industrial hygiene services on a consulting basis to clientele in varying industries. Conducted surveys designed to identify employee exposures to chemical substances such as welding fume, petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, inorganic acids, and asbestos. Also conducted surveys to determine worker exposures to noise, heat and other physical agents. Assisted clients in interpreting data in light of current OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards Recommended Control measures and conducted related health and safety training programs. Provided health and safety assistance to operating divisions of IT Corporation. Conducted industrial hygiene and safety surveys on sites associated with hazardous waste management. Provided on-site health and safety supervision and technical assistance for emergency response operations. Provided assistance regarding engineering controls and personal protective equipment. Responsibilities also included technical research, health and safety training instruction, and accident investigation.

1982 – 1984 Argonaut Insurance Co., Los Angeles, CA Senior Loss Control Consultant

Assisted policyholders in developing and implementing continuing health and safety

programs. Loss control activities included conducting industrial hygiene and safety

surveys as well as presenting loss statistics and experience modification ratings to

management. Consulted on OSHA regulations, hazardous material handling and

storage, health hazards, and respiratory protection. Conducted training presentations

on hazard communication, personal protective equipment, confined space entry,

emergency action plans, fire protection equipment, accident investigation, and hearing


1980 – 1982 Safety Engineering Laboratories, Chatsworth, CA Safety Engineer

Consulted regarding a variety of health and safety matters including accident

investigations involving machine guarding, product design, vehicular collisions, slips

and falls, structural fires, chemical exposures, and use of personal protective

equipment. Reviewed pertinent data in order to develop and draft comprehensive

health and safety policies and programs for industrial clients. Trained personnel

regarding hazardous material/waste handling and storage, care and use of personal

protective equipment, machine operation and guarding, site inspection techniques, and

accident prevention and investigation protocols.

Papers and Presentations

Health and Safety Activities at Hazardous Waste Sites: An Overview,

presented at the Department of Occupational Health, School of Public Health,

Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai China; and at the Guangzhou Occupational

Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, Guangzhou Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Station, Guangzhou, China, June, 1994

Health and Safety Programs at Selected Industrial Sites in Poland, Hungary,

and Czechoslovakia, American Industrial Hygiene Association, Orange County Section, 1993

Noise and Noise Control, Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Certification

Review, MBA, Inc., 1989 through 1994


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