Internal Medicine Geriatric Physician Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Board Certified Internal Medicine, Board Certified Geriatrics, Board Certified Hospice, Board Certified Palliative Medicine, Medical Director, Long Term Care, Home Care Physicians, Adult Hospital Medicine, Out Patient Medicine, Home Care Directorship, Medical Directorship, Addiction Medicine, DUI, Forensic Toxicology, Board Certified Addiction Medicine Certified Forensic Physician, Geriatrician, Elder Abuse, Lay Caregivers, Medicare Medical Necessity, Fraudulent Medical Billing Practices, Fraud, Abuse, Preventable Falls, Pressure Wounds, Pain Management, Forensic Examiners


  • California Medical License Current (08/86-Present)
  • Florida Medical License Current (01/05/99-Present)
  • DEA License Current (08/86-Present)
  • Medical Insurance Exchange of California
  • Medical Review Officer
  • Medical Review Officer Certification Counsel (MROCC)]


  • American College of Medical Toxicology/Faculty in the American Academy of Alcohol Abuse
  • American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) – Certified (CMD:12/04-Present; Re-cert: 06/10), On B.O.D.’s & President-Elect and Co-Chair of Public Policy Committee of AMDA [CA Chapter-05/14-05/16] and National AMDA Public Policy Committee in Wash. D.C. [2010-Present];
  • Director of Geriatric, Palliative, Addiction, & MRO Testing at Dignity/St. Mary’s Medical Center’s Internal Medicine [IM] Residency Training Program [SF, CA];
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM): (09/88-Present);
  • Forensic Examiners (ACFEI)-Certified Forensic Physician (CFP): (2006-Present); Diplomate American Board of Forensic Examiners (DABFE): {07/14 – Present};
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)-Board Certified in Geriatrics (04/94-Present);
  • American Board of Hospice & Palliative Medicine (ABHPM) and Key National Faculty Lecturer for the Nascent Added Hospice Medical Director Board – Board Certified (01/06-Present);
  • American Academy of Home Care Physicians (AAHCP)-Certified (11/03-& Extended to Present);
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support [ACLS] Instructor, early 1990’s-including Chief Emergency Response Officer at King Khaled Hospital in Ridayh, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia re: Nerve Gas Chemical Weapons Countermeasures (with an emphasis re: the evaluation and treatment of widespread Cyanide Poisonings/Injuries, among other regional “Nerve Gas Chemical/Biological Weapons”);
  • Medical Review Officer License [Medical Review Officer Certification Counsel (MROCC)]-Licensed as MRO-2011-Present;
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)-Board Certified (12/10, MOC, Present); Public Policy Committee for the CA Chapter of ASAM (CSAM);
  • Co-Director of Academic Addiction Medicine/Pain Management Services at proposed UCSF Community Hospital Program(s)/St. Mary’s Medical Center [SF, CA] collaboration (and currently Key Faculty at St. Mary’s Medical Center’s Residency Program-SF, CA);
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM): Buprenorphine (Suboxone) RX-Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ);
  • Certificate in Advanced Surgical (Deep) Wound Debridement (09/11);


  • Corporate MRO for Hampton Health re: Employee Health/Occupational Exposure Responsibilities for multiple Health Care Facilities SF Bay Area.
  • Certified Medical Director: Chemical Dependency/Eating Disorder (CD/ED) Residential Care Units-New Dawn [SF, CA]; appointed to the Public Policy Committee of CSAM/Leadership Council.
  • California Coalition for Culture Change (CCCC): Board of Directors [Judy Citko, Esq-Chair]-09/12-Present.
  • Urgent Care Director: Kaiser-Permanente of San Rafael (1987-1989), St. Mary’s Medical Center [Sister Mary Phillipa Healthcare Center: SMPHC] (2007-Present), & Aegis of Corte Madera: 2003-Present.
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center: Director of Geriatric & Palliative Education & Training, Co-Director of the Academic Pain Referral & Addiction Clinic(s), Key Clinical Faculty, Founder/Director of Hospital-Based Geriatric Ambulatory Care Clinic, Ethics Committee, P & T Committee, Physician Wellbeing Committee, Controlled Substances Committee, & Intern/Resident Selection Committee for the Internal Medicine Residency Program (2007-Present);
  • Yale University Medical School: Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (04/06-Present);
  • UCSF Medical School: Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (05/13-P);
  • USC Keck School of Medicine-Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine-Dept. of Family Medicine (June 2013-Present);
  • Stanford School of Medicine: H/O Clinical Preceptor (Primary Care Assoc’s Program: 2001- 2010);
  • Clinical Instructor/Affiliate Site(s) in Geriatrics: Samuel Merritt University [PA-S Program, Oakland, CA-01/13-P]; “Masters Physician Assistant (PA) Program” in the East Bay/Oakland;
  • Touro University Osteopathic Medical School [D.O.]: Adjunct Asst. Professor of Geriatrics;
  • Touro University Osteopathic Medical School [D.O.]: Adjunct Associate Professor of Internal Medicine.
  • American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP): Clinical Educator Certificate (“Active Teacher in Family Medicine” 2002- Present): San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC).
  • Certified Medical Director (and Certified Hospice Medical Director) for multiple Sub-Acute Rehab’s, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s), Assisted Living (ALF’s) & Independent Living ILF’s) Facilities (with and without Dementia Care), Secured Neuro-Psycho-Behavioral Units, as well as a history of directing a medically supported Adult Day Care Facility(s) in the SF Bay Area.
  • Elected to position of Vice President (VP)/Upcoming President-Elect 05/12-05/14 Term for CA Chapter of AMDA (CALTCM), B.O.D.’s, & Co-Chair of the Policy & Professional Services Committee; appointed to the national AMDA’s Public Policy Committee in Washington DC.
  • Certified Medical Director of a large regional Tri-County Hospice [Hospice by the Bay]: 01/13-Present; appointed to National Faculty Lecturer for Early Hospice Medical Director Certification.
  • H/O Certified Medical Director for East Bay-Based-Blize Home Care: Medical Director of SF County & Medical Director of Marin County Territories [11/12-06/13].


College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA
B.S., Biology: 05/80 (Graduated with Honors in Biology)

University of Miami Medical School
Miami, FL [Graduated with Medical Degree (MD): 05/85]

Post-Doctoral Training

Medical Internship: 06-85/06-86
California Pacific Medical Center (formerly Pacific Presbyterian Hospital)

Medical Residency: 06/86-06/88
California Pacific Medical Center (formerly Pacific Presbyterian Hospital)

Chief Medical Residency: 06/88-06/89
California Pacific Medical Center (formerly Pacific Presbyterian Hospital)


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)-certified (06/84-06/03)
ACLS Instructor – 1990
Code Blue Team Leader- 06/88-10/89 & 04/91-06/97


  • Resident of the Year: 1988;
    Pacific Presbyterian Hospital
    Clay @ Buchanan St. San Francisco, California 94115
  • Chief Medical Resident: 06/88-06/89;
    Pacific Presbyterian Hospital Clay @ Buchanan St. San Francisco, California 94115
  •  Dr. John Fullerton and Dr. Patrick Tekeli Day in San Francisco”: 12/14/94
    Awarded for body of urban under-served hospital-based work in SF, including distinguished service in areas of General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, HIV/AIDS, Acute Rehabilitation, In-Patient Addiction/Detox Medicine, Hospice & end-of-life (EOL) care, and Transplant Medicine;
  • “2003 California Physician of the Year” (NRCC-Congressional);
  • “2004 Pioneer of Healthcare Reform” (NRCC-Congressional);
  • “Consumer’s Report 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 Edition(s): Guide to America’s Top Physicians”;
  • “2006 Organization Hero”: SFFC: University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health Global Organizational Hero Award: “2006 Berkeley International Public Health Heroes”;
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Senator Barbara Boxer (March 17, 2006);
  • Certificate of Recognition by Senator Jackie Spier (March 17, 2006);
  • Certificate of Recognition by 13th District Assemblyman Mark Leno (March 17, 2006);
  • “2013: THE CALIFORNIA PRIZE”: USF honored the San Francisco Free Clinic [SFFC] with Statewide Prize-One-of-a-Kind Health Care Center to Receive Prestigious Service Award.
    As the recipient of this prize dedicated to the organization selected in keeping with their long tradition of choosing organizations that focus on Service and the Common Good.  As a byproduct of focusing on community wellness, the SFFC provides complimentary, accessible medical treatment to those without insurance, while also advancing the field of primary care by providing educational opportunities for future medical practitioners.
  • Yale-Jefferson Award (2013)-as Core Clinical Faculty at the San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC): awarded for body of under-served work and training over a >15-year period.


  • Certified Hospice Medical Director of 4 county > 400 patient Regional Hospice System [Hospice by the Bay-HBTB]-many with underlying Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Medical Director/Primary Attending: New Dawn Chemical Dependency (CD) and Eating Disorders (ED) Residential Treatment Centers [2010-June 2013]
    Expert was appointed the Medical Director & Attending of Record for the New Dawn Eating Disorder/Chemical Disorder Residential Care Unit in SF (as part of a larger ED/CD state-of-the-art approach to Residential Management of these singly or co-occurring Addiction Medicine disorders).
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC)Department of Medicine: Medical Staff (including Addiction Medicine) Active Privileges, Ethics Committee, Physician Wellness Committee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Intern/Resident Selection Committee, Controlled Substances Committee.  Graduate Medical Education [GME] Dept.: Director of Geriatric & Palliative Education, Co-Director of Academic Referral Pain Clinic and Addiction Clinic, Director of Ambulatory Geriatric and Palliative Clinic(s), & Clinical Faculty for the Urgent Care Clinic for the Internal Medicine Residency Program (& Key Medical Faculty)
  • Core Teaching Attending in General Internal Medicine/Family & Community Medicine (FCM) a the San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC): 1999-Present
    Medical Director – Patricia Hellman Gibbs, MD Staff Clinical Instructor in Primary Care (including addiction medicine) for the local, urban, under-served community (who have no health insurance) – clinically precept (twelve sessions per month) junior & senior medical student primary care clerkships from UCSF, Yale, USC, UCLA, McGill, and Duke University School(s) of Medicine, medical interns and residents from UCSF Medical School, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), and Kaiser (SF), and PA/NP students from Stanford University Medical School.
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
    Clinical Preceptor-Internal Medicine/Geriatrics
    Primary Care Associate Program
  • University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine @ UCSF
    Department of Medicine: Primary Care Program
  • University of Southern California (Keck) School of Medicine
    Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine
    Health Sciences
  • Yale University School of Medicine
    Clinical Instructor: Primary Care Clerkship
    Department of Medicine
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center (SF, CA)
    Director of Geriatric & Palliative Training/Key Clinical Faculty: Int. Med. Residency Program
    Department of Medicine: Medical Staff Privileges & Ethics Committee Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Member, & Intern/Resident Selection Committee Member.
  • SUTTER/CPMC: Psychiatry Residency Faculty (SFFC)
  • Marin General Hospital (MGH)
    Department of Medicine: Medical Staff Privileges & Laboratory Liaison Committee Member
  • Samuel Merritt University Physician Assistant Program
    Clinical Instructor Role in Longitudinal Rotation in Medicine/Geriatrics
  • Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine [DO}
    Adjunct Clinical Professor: Associate Clinical Professor of Geriatric Medicine/Asst. Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Rocky Vista University
    Adjunct Clinical Faculty: Associate Clinical Professor of Geriatrics/Medicine
  • Expert has functioned previously for many years as the Clinical Director (and chief hospitalist) overseeing numerous medical-surgery wards, including HIV/AIDS, geriatrics, post-transplantation ‘step down units’, addiction/in-patient medical detox, acute rehabilitation, general medical/surgical wards, as well as Hospice & Palliative Medicine patients @ Garden Sullivan Hospital (SF, CA) and other local facilities [as a satellite facility of CPMC: SF, CA-1987-1989, 1991-1998].  Later he practiced as a de facto hospitalist at Petaluma Valley Hospital (PVH) until 2003.  He has also served as Vice Chief (and Acting Chief) of Medicine & Director of Employee Health (for the 4000 employees on the hospital compound) at the teaching hospital (in conjunction with King Saud University) abroad at the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital [KKESH-Riyadh, KSA]; he also served as private medical consultant to members of the Saudi Royal Family (including the Minister of Health).  He currently serves as paid Hospital-Based and Hospital-Based Ambulatory Care Director of Geriatric Education [including Key Internal Medicine Faculty, Core Geriatric Faculty, Key Palliative Medicine Faculty, and Primary Care-Addiction Medicine/Pain Management Programmatic Faculty for our academic Medical Home Model].


  • Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) – member
  • Association of Chiefs in General Internal Medicine (ACGIM)-member
  • Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)-member
  • American Geriatrics Society (AGS)-Diplomate & Board Certified (ABIM), Fellow (AGSF), and appointed member SIG Task Force on Elder Abuse
  • American College of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP/ASIM)-Fellow (FACP)
  • American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFEI)-member and Certified Forensic Physician (CFP)
  • Association of Clinical Faculty (ACF) @ UCSF School of Medicine-Lifetime Member
  • California Association of Long-Term Care Medicine (CALTCM)-Appointed to the Board of Directors (for five-year term) & serves as Chair of the Policy and Professional Services Committee (2007-2008) and Chair of the Legislative Sub-Committee (2007-2008); Lifetime Member Status; nominated to be VP Elect 05/12.
  • American Academy of Home Care Physicians (AAHCP)-member & nationally certified (with a CAQ)
  • Medical Review Officer’s Certification Counsel (MROCC): Governed by Board with Representatives from-American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, American College of Medical Toxicology, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, College of American Pathologists, American Society of Addiction Medicine, & American Medical Association-Certified as MRO in North America (including Canada, USA, & Mexico)
  • American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)-member
  • American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM)-Diplomate & Board Certified (ABHPM), Fellowship status: FAAHPM, Key National Faculty Lecturer for nascent Hosp. Med. Dir. Cert. (CHMD)
  • American Medical Directors Association (AMDA)-member & certified (CMD) with a CAQ, Re-Cert: 12/10; Appointed to the national Public Policy Committee Headquartered in Wash. DC (03/11 – Present)
  • The California Council of Gerontology and Geriatrics (CCGG-UCLA)-member
    Served on the: Educational & Legislative Committee(s) (2007-2008)
  • American Medical Association (AMA)-member
  • California Medical Association (CMA)-member
  • San Francisco Medical Society (SFMS)-member
  • Marin Medical Society – member
  • Southern Medical Association (SMA)-member (appointed to the Educational Committee)
  • California Geriatrics Society (CGS)-member
  • Florida Geriatrics Society (FGS)-member
  • Florida Medical Directors Association (FMDA)-member
  • American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP)- affiliate member
  • American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM)/American Pain Society (APS)-member
  • The Gerontological Society of America (GSA)-member
  • American Diabetes Association (ADA)-member
  • American Obesity Association (AOA)-member
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)/CA Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM)-BC (12/10)


Available Upon Request


Available Upon Request


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Available Upon Request


Clinician Educator and Private Practitioner (utilizing 4 geriatric trained certified physician assistants) in General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Addiction Medicine, and Hospice & Palliative Medicine:

  • San Francisco Office (03/04-Present)
    Clinical responsibilities (including geriatrics) as part of a busy primary care office with PA support.
  • Marin Office Medical Director, 9/03-Present
    On-site geriatric clinic with local assisted living, Alzheimer’s assisted living, house calls, hospice & palliative medicine practice with Physician Assistant support utilizing 4 PA’s. Designated as a Stanford, Samuel Merrit, & St. Francis Primary Care clinical teaching site for the Primary Care Associates Program and a geriatric training site for St. Mary’s Medical Center Internal Medicine Residents rotating in geriatrics.
  • San Francisco Office (10/99-3/04)
    Out-Patient and In-Patient clinical responsibilities (including geriatrics) as part of a busy four physician primary care group, practicing adjacent to California Pacific Medical Center (San Francisco, CA).
  • Sonoma Office (10/01-03/03)
    Clinical responsibilities (including geriatrics) as part of a primary care practice.  Large hospital-based practice in adjacent Petaluma Valley Hospital (Petaluma, CA), while functioning as a “de facto” Hospitalist.
  • Hospital-based General Internist (and out-patient medical practice): 04/91-10/98
    Hospitalist/In-Patient Manager of the SNF (IDT)-Garden Sullivan Hospital (GSH)
    Clinical Director-GSH: AIDS/Acute Rehab/Geriatrics/ Med-Surgery/Addiction Medicine/Hospice & Palliative Medicine
    As part of co-founding and managing an early “hospitalist” physician group-in San Francisco, CA, the responsibilities encompassed Clinical, Educational, Administrative, and Organizational roles, particularly in areas of General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, HIV/AIDS Medicine, mostly Solid Organ Transplantation Medicine (including the post-operative care of liver, kidney, hearts, and some pancreas/small bowel transplants), Rehabilitation Medicine, In-Patient Addiction & Detox/Rehab Medicine (“Dual Diagnosis”), and in-patient Hospice & Palliative Medicine.  While functioning as the “Clinical Director” @ GSH in an active internal medicine residency program, was instrumental in both quality assurance and utilization review.  Spearheaded the co-design of clinical guidelines and the general programmatic development for the internal medicine residency program, particularly within the sub-acute facilities in the medical center.  Also directed the emergency services (ACLS) response team (the “code blue team”) and credited with co-creating early “methods” for hospitalist care in medically complex patients (e.g.-post-op liver and kidney transplant patients).
  • Active Medical Staff (Hospital-Based and Out-Patient): 2001-2003
    Petaluma Valley Hospital
  • Medical Staff: Teaching Attending/Department of Medicine-1999-2002
    California Pacific Medical Center
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Active Medical Staff
    Teaching Attending/Department of Medicine: 1991-1998
    California Pacific Medical Center
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Medical Attending (Hospital-Based and Outpatient)-Department of Medicine: 10/89-01/91
  • Academic Clinician Educator as Medical Attending (Hospital-Based and Outpatient)-Department of Medicine: 10/89-01/91
    Vice Chief of Medicine (10/89-08/90)
    Acting Chief of Medicine (08/90-01/91)
    The responsibilities encompassed Clinical, Administrative, Educational, and Research roles as part of an active internal medical residency program that included managing patients in the general medical outpatient clinics (including managing the clinic for systemic manifestations of ocular disease), co-directing the employee health/travel health clinics for four thousand (4,000) hospital employees, and overseeing the peri-operative medical management of inpatient wards (as a hospital-based physician).
    King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH)
    Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Medical Director-Richard Forester, MD
  • Medical Attending-Urgent Care Medical Clinics: 1988-1989
    Kaiser Permanente Hospital


  • Providing Primary Medial Care/Clinical Precepting at The San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC) for the urban, underserved patients (who have no health insurance): 1999-present:
  • Board member – Friends of the Redwoods (A senior Residential Housing/Continuing Care Retirement Community), Mill Valley, California: 10/02-10/03
  • San Francisco Opera Physician: 2001 Season
  • Candlestick Park Stadium Physician (San Francisco Giants: 1988-1990)
  • Active local House Call practice (with PA support), including underserved, debilitated, home-bound and Hospice patients.
  • Red Cross Volunteer (2005) – Hurricane Katrina Medical Relief Team – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Key Medical and Geriatric Faculty at St. Mary’s Hospital – Clinical Instructor & Geriatric Training Director in this large, urban, underserved, hospital-based general internal medicine, geriatric, and Hospice & palliative medicine teaching site (Sister Mary Philippa Health Center-2006)


Expert was appointed the Medical Director (and Attending of Record) of the New Dawn Eating Disorder/Chemical Disorder Residential Care Unit in SF (as part of a larger ED/CD state-of-the-art approach to the Residential Management of these singly or co-occurring Addiction Medicine disorders) until June 2013.  He has also spearheaded the development of Updated Policies & Procedures as well as Clinical Guidelines upon request.  More recently, Expert has implemented the post-acute algorithms for providing post medical detox primary aftercare for those addiction medicine patients successfully completing in-patient detox following discharge from groups like Bayside Marin, Alta Mare, and others.

He was named: Director of Geriatric and Palliative Education & Training and Key Faculty for the Internal Medicine Residency Program (including Addiction Medicine) at St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) in 2006 (SF, CA). He was also the Geriatric Physician Director of the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) for the fifty (50) resident medically supervised St. Mary’s Adult Day Care Health Center (SF, CA) for several years and has clinically instructed SMMC’s Hospital-Based Ambulatory Care Clinic routinely for the past six years in core areas-including addiction medicine.  Expert was appointed part-time Hospice Medical Director of a large Tri-County Hospice by the Bay since 2009.  Expert is currently assisting with implementing within Bay Area urban AL units with innovative “Bio-Medical” models of care and training (including programs of addiction medicine) in Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities in the greater Bay Area, augmenting the “medical support of the traditional bio-psycho-social model” as outlined above.

Expert is currently the Medical Director for Aegis of Corte Madera, CA [a one-hundred and twenty (120) bed Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facility] for the past ten years.  Within this high-end facility, Hampton Health, LTD has implemented the business methods entitled PALS TM [Physician Assisted Living Solutions], providing medical support, mid-level practitioner support, and extending geriatric and palliative and addiction medicine education on-site for: medical students, medical residents, PA/NP students, and nursing students-along with other inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary team members.

For several years, Expert additionally has served as the Medical Director for the fifty (50) bed Healthcare Center SNF portion of the CCRC-model at The Redwoods of Mill Valley (CA), where he also oversees many of the ALF as well as the Independent Living Facility Residents (including Facility-wide QA).   He has additionally served the Medical Director for the ninety (90) bed Country Villa Nursing & Rehab of San Rafael (CVSR-CA), as well as the Medical Director of the roughly two hundred (200) bed Novato Nursing & Rehab (formerly Country Villa Novato-CVN) over the past several years.  Expert was appointed the medical director of the fifty-two (52) bed Northgate Nursing & Rehab Center in San Rafael-operated by Foresight.  Expert was formerly the Medical/Geriatric Consultant for the secured 36 bed Neuro-Psycho-Behavioral (Dementia) Facility-ISL/Windchime-in Kentfield, CA for several years (through 2010) and for the 110 bed San Francisco ALF-AgeSong through 2011.  More recently.  Expert also has an active presence (and patient service) in the North Bay at Petaluma Post-Acute Rehabilitation in Sonoma County (along with utilizing routinely 2 additional Sonoma-based facilities).

More recently in 2012, Expert was appointed the Medical Director of the 35 bed Belmont Vista SNF in the South Bay as well as Medical Director of the 65 bed Belmont Vista Assisted Living Facility (managed by Nazareth Healthcare, Inc.).  Expert was likewise appointed as the Medical Director of another South Bay facility that is a 45-bed secured Neuro-Psycho-Behavioral SNF Facility near Stanford-Nazareth Classic Care Community-in Menlo Park, CA.

All-in-all, Expert oversees via Hampton Health, LTD 1000’s of LTC beds, including averaging over (>) 350 residents with various forms and stages of progressive dementing processes on his clinical teaching service [some housed within dedicated, secured dementia and/or neuro-psycho-behavioral Units and/or Hospice Units within Licensed SNF’s or RCFE’s] at any point in time as potential subjects for entry into timely clinical trials within Expert’s active clinical research division at HHL.

Expert was appointed Certified Medical Director of Home Care at Private Home Care-overseeing the SF County, North Bay, East Bay and the South Bay Territories (from 11/12-07/13)


Boehringer Ingelheim: Speakers’ Bureau-“The Role(s) of Pradaxa in Lone
(Non-Valvular) Atrial Fibrillation, particularly in the Long-Term Care Setting.

Novartis: Speaker’s Bureau -“The Role(s) of the Transdermal Exelon Patch in the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease (and Parkinson’s Dementia)”.


Available Upon Request


Over roughly the past thirteen (13) years, Expert has provided independent medical expert chart review and, when needed, provided clinical forensic medical testimony in approximately two hundred (200) cases (representing no more than 10% of his professional time).  Expert having reviewed forensically over fifteen-hundred (1500) files-has focused his medical expertise and testified in >200 mostly personal injury, medical malpractice, determinations of Medicare Medical Necessity matters, product liability, Forensic and Medical Toxicology/ETOH Testing/DUI Defense Cases, Chemical Exposure cases/Corporate MRO cases [including Cyanide exposure(s)], LTC (including ILF), Federal Constitutional/Civil Rights Cases re: 4th Amendment Allegations of the Use of Excessive Force by various Police Departments, trust disputes involving capacity determinations, legal insanity issues, resident-resident altercations (including various allegations of sexual misconduct/assault) and in civil & criminal cases alleging Elder Abuse/Intentional infliction of Emotional Distress-including paid family lay-caregiver allegations of homicide or manslaughter-at either discovery deposition or at trial (testifying for both plaintiff and defense cases, respectfully).  Expert has participated in the recent courtroom expert strategy helping to create the forensic niche, defining and promoting the state-of-the-art use of the nascent area of: “Clinical Forensic Medicine” entitled: “The Criminalization of End-Of-Life Care”.

Expert has also developed a specialized expertise in determining Medicare medical necessity cases to both “ferret out” alleged fraudulent practices (including billing) in ambulatory care cases (with/without MLP’s), long-term care (LTC) cases (including Medical Director cases), acute care hospitals, and national Hospice Medical Director Certification cases, as well as to successfully defend other LTC facility “chains” from false allegations of Medicare/Medical impropriety, including allegations of Fraud & Abuse, respectively.  Expert has testified in several trials in San Diego and Los Angeles and San Francisco, involving allegations of Medicare (and MediCal) Fraud & Abuse in Ambulatory Clinics and Durable Medical Equipment [DME] Supply Houses re: the DOJ/FBI/OIG/DEA as a designated Government expert witness in the collaboration known as: ‘Operation HEAT’.


Additional involvement re: International & National & Local Invitations to Deliver Society Lectures, National Med-Legal Expert Lectures, Symposia, Additional Areas of Research, Listings of Forensic Testimony, National Specialty Medical Society Political Action Committees (PACS and SIGS)-including Board of Directors and Committee experience, Corporate Medicine and Environmental Medicine of ACOEM, invitations to provide Board Certification(s) and Re-Certification(s) Preparatory Society Reviews and CAQ Preparatory Society Reviews, and invitations as Faculty/Expert Panelist for the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT)-including the Academy of Alcohol Abuse, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), the American Medical Director’s Association (AMDA) Certification Faculty for CMD status, the AAHPM Faculty for Hospice Medical Director Certification, a panelist for Board Certification in Addiction Medicine (ASAM/CSAM).