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Intraoperative Neurology Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Neurophysiology, Intra-operative Neurophysiologic Monitoring, Neurology, EEG, Evoked Potentials


  • 9/1973-6/1976 B.A.University of Pennsylvania (Physics, Mathematics, Biophysics)
  • 9/1975-6/1976 M.S.University of Pennsylvania (Physics)
  • 7/1976-12/1980Ph.D.University of Pennsylvania (Physics-Prof J.R. Schrieffer supervisor)
  • 9/1980-6/1984M.D.Harvard Medical School/MIT HST Program

Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments:

  • 6/1984-6/1985Intern in Medicine, Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
  • 7/1985-6/1988Resident in Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • 7/1988-7/1990Dana Fellow in Neuroscience/Epilepsy/EEG, University of Pennsylvania, and Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Faculty Appointments:

  • 7/1990-10/1999Assistant Professor in Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • 7/1999-10/2000Associate Professor in Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (With Tenure, Clinical Educator Track)
  • 1995-10/2000University Affiliate in Neurology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • 1997-10/2000Staff, Presbyterian Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1997Part-Time Faculty, Temple University School of Communications.
  • 2000-2008Adjunct Associate Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2002 Faculty Associate, Bucknell University, Department of Physics
  • 10/2008-12/2011 Professor of Neuroscience, Marshall University
  • 12/2011-8/2016Chairman of Neuroscience Winthrop University Hospital
  • 5/2016-8/2016Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurology, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • 11/2016-3/1/20Clinical Professor of Neurology, UCSF
  • 3/1/20-Present Voluntary Clinical Professor of Neurology, UCSF

Hospital and Administrative Appointments:

  • 1992-10/2000Founding director of Intra-Operative Neurophysiologic Monitoring Program, Department of Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1990-10/2000Co-director EEG lab, Department of Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1998-10/2000Chief, Division of Peri-Operative Neurology, Department of Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • 10/2000-10/2008Director of Geisinger Epilepsy Center
  • 10/2000-10/2008Director of EEG Laboratory, Geisinger Medical Center
  • 10/2000-10/2008Director of Intra-Operative Neurophysiologic Monitoring Geisinger Medical Center
  • 10/2000-10/2008Associate in Neurology, Geisinger Medical Center
  • 8/2008Acting/Interim Chief of Neurology, Geisinger Medical Center
  • 10/2008-10/2011Director of Neurophysiology Laboratory Cabell Huntington Hospital
  • 10/2008-10/2011Director of Epilepsy Center, Marshall University Department of Neuroscience.
  • 5/2010- 12/2011Associate Chair for Neurology; Department of Neuroscience Marshall University
  • 2009-12/2011Director of Stroke Program, Cabell Huntington Hospital
  • 2009-12/2011Neurologist, Department of Medicine, Huntington VA Hospital.
  • 12/2011-8/2016Chairman of Neurosciences, Winthrop University Hospital
  • 12/2011-8/2016Winthrop Executive Committee of the Medical Staff
  • 4/2012-8/2016Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Winthrop University Hospital
  • 11/2012-8/2016Co-Chair Winthrop CME Committee
  • 12/2012-9/2016Alternate Member Winthrop IACUC
  • 12/2012-6/2016Winthrop NSQIP Steering Committee
  • 12/2012-8/2016Winthrop Faculty Compensation Committee
  • 12/2012-8/2016Winthrop Anticoagulation Committee
  • 12/2012-8/2016Winthrop Critical Care Committee
  • 10/2014-12/2014Member of Committee to Search for Chair of the Department of Medicine Winthrop University Hospital
  • 2015-8/2016Winthrop Trauma Steering Committee
  • 4/15-8/2016Member Winthrop IRB
  • 2014-8/2016Co-Director Winthrop Alzheimer Program
  • 11/2016-PresentDirector of Neurology, UCSF Fresno
  • 5/2017-2/2018Physician Lead, CRMC Falls Committee
  • 11/2016-3/1/20Director of Neurophysiology Lab CRMC
  • 11/2016-3/1/20 Director of Neurology CRMC
  • 12/2018-3/1/20Member Medication Management Committee
  • 3/1/20-Present Independent Contractor/Locum Tenens

Specialty Certifications:

  • 1989 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology-unlimited)
  • 1989 American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology (Unlimited)
  • 1992 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Special Qualification in Clinical Neurophysiology)
  • 2002 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Recertification-Special Qualification in Clinical Neurophysiology)
  • 2011 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Recertification-Special Qualification
    In Clinical Neurophysiology)
  • 1999 American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (Recertified 2010)
  • 2013 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Special Qualification in Epilepsy)

Medical Licenses:

  • Pennsylvania: 1985-Present
  • Illinois: 2000-7/2017
  • New Jersey: 2005-Present
  • West Virginia 2008-Present
  • Ohio 2009-Present
  • New York 2011-Present
  • Connecticut 7/2016-Present
  • Michigan 7/2016-1/2020
  • California 8/9/16-Present

Awards and Honors:

  • 1973 Mayors Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1973 Benjamin Franklin Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1974 University Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1974 Phi Beta Kappa
  • 1976 Summa cum Laude
  • 1976 Departmental Honors in Physics
  • 1976-79 University of Pennsylvania Graduate Fellowship
  • 1990 Hans Berger Fellowship in Electrophysiology
  • 2000 Fellow of the American Society for Neuromonitoring
  • 2007 Senior Member IEEE
  • 2008 Fellow of the American Clinical Neurophysiologic Society
  • 2009,2010 Best Doctors in America
  • 2013,2014 Best Doctors in America
  • 2015 Ellen Grass Lecturer at ASET – 7/31/15
  • 2017 EC Neurology “Best Article of Issue” (Vol5 Issue 2)
  • 2020 Top Neurologist 2020 (California Magazine Top Doctors Neurology Fresno)

Society Activities:

National Societies:

American Academy of Neurology
3/9/10-Member of Neurology on the Hill—Meetings with congress
regarding issues of important to neurology—Washington DC.
3/4/15—Neurology on the Hill for the American Academy of Neurology
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
2008-Present Fellow
American Society of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (ASNM)
1999-2010–Education Committee
2001-2005–Board of Directors
2005-2006 President Elect of the ASNM
2006-2007 President of ASNM
2007-2008 Past President of ASNM
American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring
2002—2008–Board of Directors
American Board of Accreditation for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Programs(ABNMP)
2007-11/2016–Founding Chair
Neurophysiology Research and Education Consortium (NREC)
2007-11/2016–Founding Chair
4/2009-NREC wins the first ASNM award for outcomes research.
International Society of Intra-Operative Neurophysiology (ISN)
2005—Member, Nominating Committee
IEEE-Biomedical Engineering Society
IEEE-Information Theory Society
IEEE-Signal Processing Society
IEEE-West Virginia Section
2008-Vice President of West Virginia Section
4/18-4/19 2009 West Virginia Section Delegate to the Region 2 meeting, Youngstown Ohio
8/2009 arranged section tour of the National Radio Astronomy
Observatory in Green Bank, WV.
2009-Arranged Senior Student Competition
2009-Elected Chair of West Virginia Section for 2010.
2/2010—WV section representative to IEEE Region 2 Meeting
Baltimore MD.
American Physical Society
Division of Biological Physics
American Board of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET)
2006—Associate Examiner (Record Review)
2008—Associate Examiner (Record Review)
ISONEUREM-International Society for NeuroEmergencies
Founding Member/Chair-Section on Epilepsy
2010=ASTM International
CoA-End (Committee on Accreditation for Education in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology)
2009—12/2011—Appointed ASNM representative
2010—Founding board member Mid-Atlantic Neurodiagnostic Society
ASET/ACNS/AANEM/ASNM Committee on Qualifications for Personnel in Neurodiagnostics. 2012
2014-Founding board member-Tristate END society, a chapter of ASET for the New York Metro Region.
2014-Present—Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) Advisory Board
2014-Present-SBMT CME committee
2015-Board of Directors: Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics.
2015-American Physiological Society
2016-American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR)
2016-elected secretary treasurer of the eastern section

National Scientific Committees:

National Institute for Nursing Research 1993, 1994—Grant Review Committee

New York State Scientific Committees:

12/2014- 9/2016 New York State Spinal Cord Injury Research Board

2016-Secretary Treasurer of the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) Eastern Section.

Editorial Positions:

  • 1990-1991 Annals of Neurology, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 1996-1998 Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 1998-2013 Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 1998 Journal of Neurologic Sciences, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2000,2002 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2000 Head and Neck, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2002,2003 Medical Science Monitor, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2004 Epilepsia, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2005 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2007-2008 – Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, Ad Hoc Reviewer
  • 2009 Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, Ad Hoc Reviewer.
  • 2012 Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesia, Ad Hoc Reviewer.
  • 2012 Ad Hoc Reviewer, the National Institute of Academic Anesthesia-UK
  • 2012 Present- Clinical Neurophysiology, Ad Hoc Reviewer.
  • 2013 Journal of Neuroscience, Ad Hoc Reviewer.
  • 2013 Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
  • 2013 PresentConsulting Editor Surgical Neurology International
  • 2013 PresentEditorial Board – SNI Spine
  • 2013 PresentConsulting Editor SNI Basic Neuroscience
    2014 2017Academic Editor Medicine
  • 2015 Ad Hoc Reviewer, The Neurodiagnostic Journal
  • 2015 Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Neurological Sciences
  • 2015 Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Neurophysiology
  • 2015-2017 Ad Hoc Reviewer, Neuromodulation
  • 7/2016 PresentEditorial Board Clinical Neurophysiology
  • 2016 Ad Hoc Reviewer, Neuroscience Letters
  • 2017 Editorial Board EC Neurology
  • 2017 Editorial Board Journal of Investigative Medicine
  • 2017 Ad Hoc Reviewer Muscle and Nerve
  • 2018 Ad Hoc Reviewer Journal of Physiology
  • 2018 Review Editor Frontiers in Neuro
  • 2020 Ad Hoc Reviewer Bentham Scientific Publishers

Major Teaching and Clinical Responsibilities at the University of Pennsylvania (1995-2000):

1.Attending Rounds 2 Months/Year at HUP
2.Read EEG’s 2 days/week (until 7/1/99 then 1 day/week)
3.Interpret all Intra-Operative Neurophysiologic Studies
4.Outpatient Neurology Clinic (1/3 day) x4/week
5.Attend in Neurology Resident’s Clinic 1 Month/Year
6.On Call for Emergency EEG Studies (26 weeks/year)
7.On Call for Intra-operative Neurophysiologic Studies (52 weeks/year)
8.Introduction to Evoked Responses for Rehabilitation Medicine Residents
9.Peri-Operative Neurology Consultations (52 weeks/year)
10.Member, Complex Aortic Surgery Program
11.Preceptor for Advanced Nursing Students

Major Teaching, Clinical, Research Responsibilities at the Geisinger Medical Center (2000-2008):

1.Director, Geisinger Epilepsy Center
2.Director, Geisinger EEG Laboratory
3.Director, Geisinger Intra-Operative Neurophysiology
4.Attending Rounds
5.Reading Transcranial Doppler Studies. Re-organized TCD program and moved the program successfully into the neurodiagnostic laboratory
6.General Neurology Clinic and Epilepsy Clinic
7.Weis Center for Research
Effect of Temperature on Ischemic Responses in Peripheral Nerve
Response of Peripheral Nerve to Acute Injury
G Protein Mutations and Epilepsy in Mice
8.Clinical Outreach in Intra-Operative Neurophysiology
9.Clinical Outreach to Head Injury Program at Remed, Malvern, PA
10.Pre-Surgical Evaluations of Parkinson Patients
11.Parkinson Program at Geisinger/Health South Rehabilitation Hospital
Created Program in conjunction with Heather Fritz DPT
12.Provided organization and direction to perform visual fields in the neurophysiology laboratory.
13.Mentor REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Summer Students from Bucknell physics department.

Created IONM Online Course for ASET IONM 108
Surgical Techniques for Monitoring Vascular and Neurovascular Procedures (2012).
Approved for college credits

Major Teaching Responsibility (Crozer School of Clinical Neurophysiology/Widener University 2005-2007)
Course Director END 70 Clinical Sciences I (Fall 2005, Spring 2006)
Course Director END 100 Clinical Sciences II (Spring 2006)
Course Director END 170 Clinical Sciences I (Fall 2006)
Course Director END 200 Clinical Sciences II (Fall 2006)
Course Director END 200 Clinical Sciences II (Spring 2007)

Major Teaching Responsibility
Medical Director, School of Clinical Neurophysiology, Harcum College, PA (2007-12/2012)
Program Director

Major Teaching Responsibility – Joan C. Edwards Marshall University School of Medicine, Director Neurology section of Mandatory Third Year Medical Student Rotation in Psychiatry/Neurology (2009-9/2011).
Directed creation of this new rotation for students and provided organization.

Major Teaching Responsibility-Joan C. Edwards Marshall University School of Medicine, Director Advanced Neurology Course for Fourth Year Medical Students in Neurology (2009-Present).

Major Teaching Responsibility-Joan C. Edwards Marshall University School of Medicine, Director Neurology Research Course for Fourth Year Medical Students in Neurology (2009-Present).

Major Clinical Responsibilities-Joan C. Edwards Marshall University School of Medicine (2008-2011)
1.Neurology/Epilepsy Clinic at University Physicians and Surgeons
2.Neurology Clinic at Huntington VA Hospital
3.Neurology Consult Service at Cabell Huntington Hospital
4.Reading EEG studies
5.Interpreting Long Term Monitoring and Ambulatory EEG Studies
6.Teaching both 3rd and 4th year medical students in neurology rotations
7.Moderating weekly EEG and Epilepsy conferences
8.Started Transcranial Doppler Laboratory and Interpreting studies
9.Member of team integrating “Capitol Neurology” private neurology practice into the Marshall Neuroscience Department. Assessed practice income and finances as well as patient population and staff capabilities and spearheaded the acquisition of this practice.
10.Started and supervise neuropsychology testing in the neuroscience department in conjunction with the Psy.D. program at Marshall University.

Major Teaching Responsibilities-Preceptor for Students Winthrop University Hospital (2011-Present)

Major Teaching Responsibilities-Sponsor for Engineering Capstone Teams. UC Merced 2017
Team 15-Vibration Device for Quantification of Neuropathy

Team 14-Portable Assessment of Autonomic Function

Team 17-Peak Urine Flow Measurement Capstone. UC Merced 2-5/18

Sky Walkers Team-Design of Walker to Prevent Falls Capstone. UC Merced 2-5/18

UC Merced Capstone Project Walker Redesign to Prevent Falls1/19-5/19 (with extension to 7/19)

Major Teaching Responsibility—UC Davis LIFE Medical Students 2016-Present

Hospital Committees

2008Geisinger Health Plan-Technology Assessment Committee
2009Cabell Huntington Hospital Stroke Committee
2009-10/2011Cabell Huntington Hospital—Physician Champion/Director for Stroke Program..
1.Developed in service training for Emergency Room Physicians, Hospitalists, Internal Medicine and Family Practice Physicians
2.Lead in planning for JCAHO certification visit
3.Lead regular stroke clinical patient evaluation meeting
4.Assist with monitoring performance in stroke care
5.Lead the effort culminating in JCAHO recognition of the stroke program at Cabell Huntington Hospital as a certified stroke center, 2/11
2010Physician Advisory Committee for Electronic Health Record-Cabell Huntington Hospital
12/2011-8/2016Member Executive Committee of Medical Staff Winthrop University Hospital
1/2012-8/2016Physician Compensation Committee of Winthrop University Hospital
1/2012-8/2016Dean’s Council of Winthrop University Hospital
7/2012-8/2016P+T Committee Winthrop University Hospital
1/2012-8/2016Quality Assessment and Improvement Committee Winthrop
7/2012-8/2016Hospital Wide Critical Care Committee Winthrop
2013-8/2016Anticoagulation Committee Winthrop
2013-8/2016Alternate Member IACUC Winthrop

University Committees

2008-11/2011Chair of the Marshall University School of Medicine Curriculum Committee
Member-Evaluation Subcommittee
10/2009Educational subcommittee leader LCME Self-Study Task Force
8/2009-11/2011Marshall University Curriculum Committee
1/2010-11/2011Member of Dean’s Staff Marshall University
1/2010-11/2011Member of Dean’s Advisory Committee Marshall University
10/2010-11/2011Member of Marshall University Clinical Practice Committee

Organizing Roles in Medical Community Activities

4/30/10Co-Organizer Epilepsy Day of Hope Lectures
5/1/10Co-Organizer 5k Run for Epilepsy

Other Medical CommunityActivities

6/6/19Fresno Epilepsy Support Group
4/5/18Fresno Epilepsy Support Group
11/2/17 Fresno Epilepsy Support Group
2016Garden City Neuropathy Support Group

Psy. D Student Degree Committee

Cynthia Miller/Marshall University

Organizing Roles in Scientific Meetings:

5/19989th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Neurophysiologic Monitoring (ASNM)
Program Committee-9’th Annual Meeting
Organizer of Day Long “Hands on Workshop”
1999Present-Education Committee, American Society of Neurophysiologic Monitoring
2002Program Committee 13th Annual Meeting ASNM
2004Program Committee 15th Annual Meeting ASNM
2005Co-Chair Program Committee 16th Annual Meeting ASNM
2006Program Committee 17th Annual Meeting ASNM
2010Organized Sessions in Quality Development and Management in IONM for the ISIN ASNM Cross Atlantic Conference on IONM

Clinical Trials

2002Lineberry Research, Lamictal in Epilepsy – Geisinger Principal Investigator.

2002Glaxo – Lamictal in Depression – Geisinger Principal Investigator.

Other Active Research Activities

Measurements of Information Content of General Signals
Responses of Peripheral Nerve to Ischemia at Extreme Hypothermia
Effect of sarcoglycans on peripheral nerve function
Basic Electrophysiology of Far-Field Potential Generators
Stimulation/Recording Reciprocity
Cable Models of Axon Function
Signal Processing and the EEG
Surveys of Current Practice in Intra-Operative Monitoring
Animal Models of Epilepsy
Theoretical Models of Epilepsy
Electrode Properties
Inverse problems in neurophysiologic signal reconstruction.


Substantial expertise in programming Fortran, C, National Instruments Labwindows/CVI, Microsoft Access/Visual Basic, X Windows. Some programming experience in Matlab and Mathematica. Experience working with Femlab. Some programming with Arduino open source hardware. Amplifier/stimulator circuit design.