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New York

Professional Experience

A Consulting Company
Providing consultant and expert witness services for litigation and correctional management in all areas of jail/prison operations. Retained as a consultant/expert witness in numerous matters in jurisdictions throughout the United States and in Canada. Over 31 years experience in operation and consulting in adult institutional corrections.

Sheriff’s Department, County of Nassau, New York
The Nassau County Sheriff’s Department consists of an Enforcement and Civil Division and a Corrections Division. The Department employs 1,200 staff members and is responsible or a 2,200 bad local correctional complex, the largest in New York State outside of New York City.

Deputy Under sheriff, Chief of Investigations
Appointed by the County Executive of Nassau County to manage and monitor departmental investigations and to have director liaison with the County Legislature, the County Executive’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office. Additionally, commanded and managed the Sheriff’s Bureau of investigation internal Affairs Unit, the Legal Unit, the Affirmative Action/Bias Complaint Unit and the Office of Public information. Additionally, provided management advisory services to the Sheriff and professional testimony in legal matters pertaining to the Sheriff’s Department. Appointed by the County Executive to be in command of the Correctional Center when the Sheriff was absent. Retired from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department on August 31. 1999 after twenty-seven and a half years of service.

Deputy Under Sheriff, Commander and Correctional Administrator
Designated Acting Deputy Under Sheriff in 1992. Appointed Deputy under sheriff in 1997. Responsibilities included the security command of a newly constructed Direct Supervision/New Generation correctional facility. Human Resource Management, the Sheriff’s Department Training Academy, all staff training and development. The Office of Public Information, the Employee Assistance Program, management advisory services to the Sheriff and professional testimony in legal matters pertaining to the Sheriff’s Department.

Captain, Commanding Officer, Human Resource Management
Promoted to Captain in 1988 after scoring number one on the Competitive civil service examination. In 1988 the Sheriff established Human Resource Management as a new division within the Department. Appointed as Commanding Officer of that division. Responsibilities included personnel functions, all training functions, staff development, attendance control, staffing, staff deployment, employee services and assistance to the Sheriff for the management and the administration of the Correctional Center. Advised and participated in the transition to a Direct Supervision/ New Generation correctional facility. Provided litigation support and professional testimony in legal matters pertaining to the Sheriff’s Department. Reported directly to the Sheriff.

Se-tenant and sergeant, assistant to the sheriff and commissioner
Promoted to Sergeant in 1982 after scoring number three on the competitive civil service examination. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1985 after scoring number two on the competitive civil service examination. Assigned as Assistant to the Commissioner of Correction in 1982 and Assistant to the Sheriff in 1987. In those positions assisted with the management and administration of the Correctional Center and performed as chief of staff. Responsibilities include advising on operations, facility security, training, discipline, procedures, new developments in the field of corrections and providing litigation support and professional testimony. Conducted special investigations, directed development and implementation of new projects and directed, supervised and coordinated operations during emergency and crisis situations. Authored the Rules and Regulations Manual for the Division of Correction.

Correction Officer First Class, Supervisor, Security and Inmate Custody Promoted to Correction Officer First Class after scoring number one on the competitive civil service examination. Assigned as a supervisor in the Security Unit. Supervised Correction Officers and Inmates in a secure assigned area of the correctional facility.

Additional Professional Experience

Technical Service Consultant-Gongs in Jails
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections.

Training Consultant ‘“New York State Suicide Prevention Project
Department of Mental Health, Ulster County, New York.

New York State Local Forensic Suicide Prevention Crisis Service Model
Participated in the development and implementation of this successful New York State Project.

Nassau County HIV Commission
Former member of the Health Care Resources Committee.

Long Island Regional Planning Board
Former member and participant in the BI-County Jail Overcrowding Study.

Large Jail Network
Have participated in the U.S. Department of Justice. National Institute of Corrections Large Jail Network. This consist of administrators of the largest jails in the United States.

Professional Certifications Formerly Held

Certified Jail Manager (Retired)

This is nationally trademarked certification administered by the American Jail Association. To attain this certification one must qualify to sit for a written examination by demonstrating extensive experience, education and contributions in the field of corrections. If qualified, one must then pass the written examination. I was among the first group of individuals in the nation to become a Certified Jail Manager.

Certified Police Instructor (Retired)

Certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice
Services, Municipal Police Training Council, to teach Police and
Peace Officers in New York State. Instructed at the Academy.

Education and Professional Training

Bachelor of Science Degree
Criminal Justice/ Behavioral Science. New York Institute of Technology.

United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections, Longmont, Colorado-Professional Training Certificates in

Correctional Management
Advanced Correctional Management
Legal Issues in Corrections
Training Design and Development
Human Resource Management
Jail Classification
Public and Media Relations
The Changing Correctional Organization

New York State Commission of Correction, Albany, New York-Professional Training Certificate in

Legal issues in Corrections.

Awards/ Honors

Medical of Commendation ‘“ Nassau County Sheriff’s Department
Unit Certificate of Recognition ‘“ Nassau County Legislature
Unit Certificate of Recognition ‘“ Nassau County Sheriff’s Department
Dean’s List ‘“ New York Institute of Technology

Profession Affiliations

American Correctional Association
American Jail Association
National Sheriffs’ Association
New York State Corrections and Youth Service Association

Community Service

Commissioned Deacon, A Lutheran Church
Past President. A Lutheran Church, NY
Appointed as a new enforcement expert by the Bishop of the A Diocese of the Roan Catholic Church to review allegations of sexual abuse by clergy.

Military Service

United States Navy
Vietnam era veteran. Operated and maintained shipboard guided missile systems. Held Top Secret security clearance.