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Expert Witness No.1339


Expert 1339 operates a full service labor relations firm specializing in employer/ employee relations along with employee persuasion and motivational activities, particularly where there is known union organizing efforts.

I have extensive experience in problem identification and performance improvement.  I conduct work place discrimination/ sexual harassment investigations and interviews under the umbrella of attorneys, licensed investigators and company administrators with great success.  Have worked with employers solving medical insurance claims and benefits.  I work with an employers public relation needs regarding employee issues and concern, establishing strong working employer/ employee communication relationships.  My experience includes working with nonunion, agriculture, dairy, and union employers.  Clients I have worked with include manufacturing, retailers, professional offices, food processing facilities, dairies, packing houses, agricultural, and delivery drivers.

I have had extensive experience managing pro- company/ union electron campaigns under the NLRB and ALRB boards with tremendous success in writing campaigns.  I have particular expertise in union avoidance, informational material, and discourage card signing presentations to employee and management along with listening to employees issues and concern.  All of my services are designed to help employers minimize legal adversity while optimizing employee morale, productivity, and to develop their work culture both in union- free and/ or union environments.  I am pro- employee, seeking to help employers improve their work cultures while operating within the letter and spirit of the law, unleashing full potential of the workplace.

My mission is to work in partnership with employers.  My goals are always to provide my clients the highest quality employee labor relations service with a firm belief in a dynamic philosophy of pubic relations with emphasis on professional ethics, honesty, integrity and confidentiality toward the employer.  Also to be considered is the respect due a employee in the normal course of the company representation.


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