Law Enforcement & Investigations Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Private Investigators, Gang Investigations, Robbery Investigations, Auto Theft Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Narcotic Investigations, Immigration Investigations, Narcotic Investigations, Domestic Violence, Missing Person Investigations, Pre Trial Investigation, Trial Preparation, Comprehensive Background Checks, Surveillance, Asset Searches, Financial Backgrounds, Conduct Interviews and Record Statements, Scene Investigations, Locates, Video Photo Documentation, Public Record Retrieval, Court Testimony, Litigation Support, Accident Investigations, Spanish Speaking Investigator, Business Corporate Law Investigations, Employment Verifications, Family Law Investigations, Personal Injury Investigations, Property Investigations, Business Litigation Investigations, Elder Abuse Investigation, Insurance Investigations, Health Care Law Investigations, Corporate Fraud Investigations, Product Liability Investigations, Premise Liability Investigations, Workers Compensation Investigations, Computer Cellphone Forensics, Social Media Investigations, Defense Attorney Investigators, Corporate Attorney Investigations

Expert Witness No.1132


Professional Qualifications

  • 30 years of Law Enforcement Experience
  • Assigned to numerous Proactive assignments as an investigator, including the investigation of complex and analytical cases.
  • Law enforcement supervision, management, and administration.
  • Law enforcement background plus Four Years as the Owner and Qualified Manager of a Private Investigation Company.
  • Workplace employee Internal Investigations and Management.
  • Private investigations in the areas of civil and criminal law, workplace issues, workplace injuries, worker’s compensation investigations, insurance related issues and investigations, personal liability investigations, accident investigations and motor vehicle accident investigations.
  • Personal protection, security detail supervision and management, threat assessment preparation.

June 2014 – Present

  • Professional Investigations
  • Current license by the State of California
  • I’ve been retained to conduct investigations for Civil Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Municipal Agencies, Investigative Firms, Corporations, and
  • Individuals regarding various investigations.
  • Personal protection provided for executives and individuals.
  • Currently maintain a one million dollar Certificate of Liability and Omission Insurance Policy.
  • Perform Comprehensive Background Investigations regarding Pre-Employment Screening i.e., Resume Verification, Criminal Background, Asset Search.
  • Performed Litigation Support, Witness and Suspect Interviews, various types of Surveillances, Crime Scene Investigations and Documentation, the
  • Gathering and Evaluation of Evidence, Pretrial Background Investigations.
  • Active member of various Security/Private Investigator organizations
  • While working as a Sergeant at SWCPD, I’d referred P.I. cases to various P.I’s., I knew and had conducted business with. I did not want a conflict of interest to arise while in LE, but kept my business active.

April 2015 – May 2017 Southwestern College Police Department

  • Completed the California State POST mandated Requalification Course on October 2, 2015
  • Supervised Police Personnel
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills; trustworthy in handling sensitive information regarding police officers, classified employees, students and the general public.
  • Responsible for administrative responsibilities (i.e., administrative meetings, reviewed and approved the purchase of police related equipment, attend and handle all police briefings, conducted internal investigations, review and approved officer’s reports, investigated officer’s misconduct complaints, conducted interviews of potential police officer candidates, attend SWC staff meetings, liaison with SWC faculty, staff, LE agencies, and various county wide campus police departments regarding police related matters.
  • Liaison with various police departments (i.e., CVPD, NCPD, SDPD, UCLET) regarding various police related activities at the main campus and the surrounding areas, including the various
  • Higher Education Centers (HEC’s).

2006 – 2010 – Upper Deck/Luca Properties – Carlsbad, CA

  • Director of Security for The Upper Deck Company, LLC.
  • Supervised security personnel at CEO corporate office’s including numerous businesses the client owned including his national and international estates.
  • Implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the clients company’s and for his estates.
  • Conducted Threat Assessments at his estates.
  • Responsible for all electronic security systems at the clients businesses as well as his estates (i.e., CCTV, Motion Sensors, etc.)
  • Performed administrative duties for the entire security department (i.e., hiring, wrote performance evaluations, shift assignments, company meetings, etch.
  • Maintain a current inventory of the clients assets (i.e., painting’s, vehicle’s, furniture, authenticated sports memorabilia, etc.)
  • Implemented and maintained Service Maintenance Programs at the owners’ estate.
  • Conduct civil, criminal and internal investigations at the clients request. Testified at depositions and in Federal Court.

1998 – 2006 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA

  • Investigator, Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT)
  • Initiated and conducted vehicle and multi-jurisdictional auto theft investigations involving Organized Crime Groups.
  • Vehicles VIN switch identification and recovery investigations.
  • Vehicle fraud investigations.
  • U.S. & Mexico vehicle recovery investigations.
  • Case Agent, along with the FBI in a Cargo Theft Investigation, where the loss was four million dollars worth of perfume/cologne shipped from Europe.
  • Established liaison with law enforcement agencies throughout the San Diego County area, including law enforcement agencies from various states plus related businesses such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the National Insurance Crime Bureaus, the California Department of
  • Insurance and Management Personnel regarding new and used car dealerships.
  • Trained law enforcement personnel at the Police Academy and various agencies regarding Auto Theft Investigations i.e., interviewing techniques, surveillance techniques, use of electronic equipment such as Lo Jack, GPS, and digital recording equipment, report writing, the identification of stolen VIN Switched Vehicles and court preparation.
  • Assigned as an Acting Sergeant at RATT. Responsibilities included the supervising of RATT investigators, overall supervisor of certain undercover operations, attended administrative meetings, reviewed investigative cases. Conducted team and unit meetings. I also conducted presentations for the Executive Board of the Task Force i.e., Chief of Police, County Supervisor’s, including Captain’s plus performed various other administrative duties.
  • I was a member of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association.
  • I attended a three week course at the FBI Academy, in Quantico, Virginia, regarding Cargo Theft Investigations, Interrogation Techniques, and
  • Evidence Preservation and Evidence Gathering.
  • Classified as an Expert Witness in Auto Theft Investigations in the Superior and Federal Courts of San Diego.
  • Between 1999 through 2006, I was the Lead Instructor at the San Diego Regional Police Academy on Vehicle Theft Investigations.

1995 – 1998 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA

  • Investigator, Robbery Division
  • Identified and investigated all commercial robberies committed within the City of San Diego.
  • Investigated kidnappings for ransom committed within the City of San Diego.
  • Investigated all home invasion robberies committed within the City of San Diego.
  • Establish liaison with various law enforcement agencies throughout the County of San Diego and related private businesses.
  • Trained law enforcement personnel regarding robbery investigations i.e., Interviewing Techniques, surveillance techniques, use of electronic equipment, report writing, and court preparation.
  • Conducted seminars for private business personnel at the management level regarding Dignitary Protection.
  • Member of the California Robbery Investigators Association.
  • Classified as an Expert Witness in Robbery Investigations within the Superior Court of San Diego.
    1993 – 1995 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA


  • Investigator, Gang Unit
  • Investigated felony type crimes committed by documented Street Gang – Members, i.e., Robberies, Assault with Deadly Weapons, Homicides, etch.
  • Track, contacted and documented Street Gang Members.
  • Established liaison with Law Enforcement agencies throughout the State of California, including governmental agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, California Department of Justice, etch., regarding Street Gang activity and current Street Gang Investigations.
  • I conducted Gang Presentations at various conferences for law enforcement personnel, as well as the Board of Education and private schools throughout the State of California, regarding Street Gangs.
  • Between 1991 through 2005, I was the Lead Instructor at the San Diego Regional Police Academy on Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.
  • Member of the California Gang Investigators Association and the Prison Gang Task Force.
  • Classified as an Expert Witness in Street Gang Investigations within the Municipal, Superior, and Federal Courts of San Diego.

1993 – 1992 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA

  • Investigator, Narcotics Street Team
  • Investigated narcotic related cases committed within the City of San Diego.
  • Worked in an undercover capacity in numerous criminal investigations.
  • Handled numerous Confidential Informants (CI’s).
  • Established liaison with law enforcement agencies throughout the County of San Diego and the State of California, including governmental agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Agency, and U.S. Customs, regarding narcotic activities and current narcotic investigations.
  • Member of the California Narcotic Officers Association.
  • Classified as an Expert Witness in Narcotic Investigations in the Municipal, Superior, and Federal Court of San Diego.

1992 – 1986 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA

  • Investigator,
  • Duties previously described in the above paragraph as an Investigator assigned to the Gang Unit.
  • 1986 – 1978 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA


  • Patrol Officer, Central Patrol Division
  • Graduated from the San Diego Police Academy in July 1978.
  • Assigned to Central Patrol Division. Investigated a variety of felonies and misdemeanor type crimes as a beat officer.
  • Became a Certified Bilingual Speaker (Spanish).
  • Numerous temporary assignments outside of patrol division to work in an undercover capacity for various Specialized Investigative Units (i.e.,
  • Special Investigations Unit, Criminal Intelligence, and Narcotic Unit.)
  • Assigned as an Acting Sergeant in patrol. Responsibilities included supervising patrol personnel within the division, conducted squad briefing, squad meetings, attending command staff meetings, wrote Shift Assignments, investigate citizen complaints, and various other administrative duties.

Other Related Assignments / Experience

  • 2003 – 2005 Sea World Adventure Park San Diego, CA
  • Security Consultant for Sea World Adventure Park.
  • Provide a presence at the guest entry and exit locations to identify and deter would be criminal activity and/or possible terrorist activity.
  • Provide professional security at events and occasions deemed necessary by Anheuser Busch administration.
  • 1997 – 2001 San Diego Police Department San Diego, CA
  • Assigned to the SDPD Emergency Negotiations Team.
  • Completed California State Certified Course on Hostage and Suicide Negotiations.
  • Hands on training on the departments’ digital camera and recording equipment.

California POST approved training:

  • Criminal investigation
  • Homicide investigation
  • Prison and Street Gang Investigations
  • Commercial Robbery Investigations
  • Car Jacking Investigations
  • Auto and Cargo Theft Investigations
  • Investigation techniques
  • Advanced interviewing techniques
  • Advanced crime scene investigation training conducted by DOJ and the FBI
  • Advanced Crime prevention
  • Crisis intervention
  • Domestic violence investigation
  • Sexual assault investigation
  • Commercial vehicle  CHP and DOT Inspections
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Hostage negotiations and management
  • Non lethal weapons
  • Drug influence recognition expert
  • Field training officer
  • Police supervision
  • Management of police personnel
  • Assertive supervision
  • Training manager
  • Techniques of instructor development
  • Internal affairs investigator
  • Law enforcement background investigation