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Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Teacher Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse (Physical and Sexual), Embezzlement, Police Misconduct Stalking and Inappropriate Pursuit, Police Internal Affairs Investigations, Financial Crimes, Threat Assessment and Management, Child Custody, Domestic Terrorism Police Policy and Procedure, Employee Misconduct, Mental Illness, Police Failure to Protect Sexual Harassment, Police Use of Force Vehicle Pursuit Policy and Practice, Traffic Collison Investigations, Law Enforcement Training Law Enforcement Hiring and Practice, Police Report Writing Officer Involved Shootings Police Pre-Employment Investigations Police Pattern and Practice, False Arrest, Police Negligence and Failure to Supervise, Fitness for Duty, Hostile Work Environments, Mass Shooting, Active Shooters, Interview and Interrogation School and Workplace Violence, Violence Prediction and Prevention, Digital Forensic Best Practices, Cell Phone Forensic Best Practices, Police K-9 Use and Policies, Traffic Collision Investigations Business Valuation, Capital Investment, Crisis Management, Fiduciary Duties of Officers & Board Members, Interview & Interrogation, Business Receivership, Financial Fraud in Business Contract, Employment matters, Mergers and Acquisitions, Public Safety via Environmental Design, Campus Safety via Environmental Design


Law Enforcement Standard of Care Expert
2017 – Present
– Nationwide

  • Specializes in Law Enforcement Misuse of Technology
  • Evidence Based Analysis and Testimony
  • Police Report Writing
  • Police Internal Affairs Investigations Expert
  • Police Policies and Procedures
  • Cell Phone Forensic Best Practices
  • Traffic Collision Investigations

CEO, Co-Founder 2002 – Present
Evidence-Based, Inc. – Irvine, California A subsidiary of BMAA Partners, LLC

  • Firm provides threat and risk assessment in high risk workplace violence, stalking, domestic violence, child abuse and child sexual abuse cases.
  • Firm also provides risk management and expert analysis services to law enforcement agencies and school districts.
  • Services also include computer forensics, electronic discovery and digital investigations.
  • Firm expertise includes police procedure, use of force, police canines, internal affair investigations, proper investigation techniques, hiring and disciplinary actions, policy creation and review, civil com- plaints against police agencies, community relations, crisis management, and several other areas of po- lice operations.

Irvine Police Department – Irvine California 1987 – 2002

  • Police Officer
  • Canine Officer
  • Family Crimes
  • Internal Affairs
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Recruitment and Hiring Employee Background Investigations
  • Training Officer/Supervisor Family Violence Expert (1997 to 2002)
  • Warrant Division


  • Domestic Violence/Child Abuse (1987)
  • Advanced Officer Course, Domestic Violence/Child Abuse (1988)
  • Child Abuse Investigations (1990)
  • First Responders Domestic Violence Training (1993)
  • Community Policing to Combat Family Violence (1994)
  • Preventing Violence through Community Policing (1996)
  • Domestic Violence Update (1996)
  • Child Abuse Update (1996)
  • Workplace Violence Investigations (1997)
  • Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Investigations (1997)
  • Domestic Violence Update (1998)
  • Child Abuse Update (1998)
  • Teen Dating Violence (1998)
  • Stalking Investigations (1998)
  • Advanced Domestic Violence Investigations (1999)
  • 10th Annual District Attorney’s Domestic Violence Conference (2000)
  • Domestic Violence Update (2000)
  • Child Abuse Update (2000)
  • Internal Affairs (2000)
  • Workplace Violence (2001)
  • Threat Assessment and Management (2001)
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Policy
  • Advanced Threat Assessment and Management (2002)
  • Inappropriate Pursuit in the Workplace (2002)
  • Background Investigator (2002)
  • End Violence against Women, DV Conference (2004)
  • Employee Threats and Workplace Violence (2004)
  • International Conference on Sexual Assault, DV and Stalking (2005)
  • Child Custody Evaluation Studies (2006)
  • Child Abuse Update (2006)
  • Workplace Violence and Technology (2006)
  • Domestic Violence for Child Custody Evaluators (2006)
  • Domestic Violence: Trends New and Old (2006)
  • 38th Annual Family Law Symposium (LA County Bar)
  • 28th Annual Child Custody Colloquium (2006)
  • Advanced Issues in Child Custody Cases (2007)
  • Dimensions of Domestic Violence (2007)
  • 29th Annual Child Custody Colloquium (2007)
  • Family Law Update (Beverly Hills Bar Association) (2007)
  • Violence in Children Workshop (2008)
  • 30th Annual Child Custody Colloquium (2008)
  • Computer Forensics (2008)
  • Advanced Child Sexual Abuse Investigations (2009)
  • Substance Abuse (2009)
  • California Electronic Discovery Act (2010)
  • Digital Media Forensics (2010)
  • Electronic Discovery (2011)
  • Police Policy and Procedures (2011)
  • Domestic Violence Updates (yearly)
  • Active Shooter in Schools (2013)
  • School Safety through Environmental Design (2014)
  • Public Safety through Environmental Design (2014)
  • School and Campus Security (2015)
  • Students as Campus Shooters (2015)
  • Threat Assessment Update (2015)
  • The Mentally Ill Student (2016)
  • Predicting Violence in School Settings (2016)


2016 City of Whittier
Emergency Communications
2016 City of South Gate
Pre-Employment Processes and Procedures
2016 Beverly Hills Unified School District
Campus Safety Design, Preparing for Active Shooters
2015 Irvine Valley College Police Department
Sexual Harassment
2015 Irvine Police Department
Training and Supervision
2015 Santa Ana Unified School District
Threats of Mass Murder
2014 Beverly Hills Unified School District Campus Safety and Design
2014 City of Garden Grove Staffing Analysis
2013 City of Bell Gardens
Crisis Communication and Dispatch Procedures
2013 City of Arcadia
Emergency Communications and Dispatch
2012 Palm Springs Police Department
Internal Affairs and Employment Backgrounds
2011 Irvine Valley College Police Department
Pre-Employment Policies and Procedures
2011 Irvine Police Department
Police Officer Backgrounds
2010 City of Desert Hot Springs
Internal Affairs
2010 Inglewood Police Department Digital Forensics
2009 Milan v. City of Carson Train related death
2009 City of Desert Hot Springs
Threat of Workplace Violence by City Employee
2009 Benedict v. City of Seal Beach
Medical Marijuana
2009 Wicks v. City of Inglewood
Excessive force – Officer involved shooting
2009 Brown v. City of Inglewood
Excessive force – Officer involved shooting
2009 Inglewood School District
Threat of workplace violence made by police officer
2009 Avalos v. City of Colton, California
Allegation of improper search warrant and excessive force.
2008 Inglewood Unified School District
Workplace violence threat by school staff member
2008 Inglewood Unified School District
Internal Affairs investigations
2007 Eisenhower Medical Center
Workplace violence incident
2006 Soriano v. City of Banning
Review of a claim of excessive force.
2006 Negrette v. City of Banning
False arrest and improper investigation.
2005 Benavente v. City of Bell Gardens Review of an officer involved shooting.
2005 Cardiff Transportation Workplace violence threat.
2005 City of Palm Springs
Threat of Violence to City Employees
2004 Wilson v. City of Palm Springs
Unlawful arrest claim
2004 Lanca v. City of Palm Springs Excessive force claim
2004 Orozco v. City of Bell Gardens
Use of force, improper investigation and unlawful search claim
2003 Palm Springs Police
Officer involved sexual abuse involving juvenile Explorer
2003 Jackson v. City of Inglewood
Excessive force
2003 Adelanto Police Department
Off-Duty Officer involved rape


Contra Costa County – Family Law Court (2010)
Riverside County – Family Law Court (2003 through 2017)
Orange County – Family Law Court (2007 through 2017)


San Diego County, California
San Diego Child Protective Service Administrative Hearing
Sacramento County, California
Marin County, California
Seattle, Washington
Los Angeles County, California
San Bernardino County, California
Riverside County, California
Orange County, California
US Federal Court
Llano County Court, Texas
St. Paul, Minnesota


2004 through 2015
Developed International law enforcement related training in areas of child abuse, child physical sexual abuse, domestic violence, evidence maintenance, and digital forensics.
Consulted on International Child Custody cases


CA Private Investigator License


University of Southern California (2008 through 2015) – Human Behavior in the Environment
Pepperdine University (2008 through 2015) Human Behavior in the Work Place, Managing chaos, Leadership


Threat Assessment Professional Association
Gavin de Becker Threat Assessment Professionals


Pepperdine University – Bachelors of Science – Management
Pepperdine University – Master of Business Administration
University of Southern California – Graduate School – Human Behavior Analysis


In my spare time I enjoy Travel, Golf, Music and Technology.

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