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Ph.D. Virginia Tech, G.P.A. 3.77/40                       1995
Major: Agricultural Economics
Dissertation:  “An Exploration of the Effects of Data Aggregation and other Factors on Empirical Estimates of Market Power”.

M.S. Kansas State University, G.P.A. 3.7/4.0         1991
Major: Agricultural Economics
Thesis: “The Impact of Captive Supplies on Cash Fed
Cattle Prices: A Case Study of the Western Kansas
Marketing Region”.

B.S. Kansas State University, G.P.A. 3.77/4.0        1989
Major: Agricultural Economics
Cum Laude; Academic Honors 5 Semesters

2007            National Extension Leadership Development Program (NELD)
(1 year Extension Leadership and Educational Experience)

2006            Simulation and Econometric Models for Probabilistic Forecasting
And Risk Analysis Workshop, College Station TX, January 2006

2003 -2005   Kansas Agricultural Rural Leadership (KARL), Class VII
(2 year rural leadership training and educational experience)


NW Area Cooperative Extension Service
Area Extension Agricultural Economics Specialist
Extension education responsibilities focus on all aspects of farm and agribusiness management.  Major programs include the evolving economics and risk of various production practices, crop and livestock marketing, agricultural policy, and family business succession planning. Applied research interests focus on production economics, farm management, marketing and finance.  Applied interdisciplinary research projects support extension program areas.

1983 – Present
Part Time Owner Manager
Maintain interest in farming operation in South Central Kansas, and an active involvement in a diversified crop and livestock farm in Garfield County Oklahoma.  My wife and I jointly manage several thousand acres including CRP, Wheat, Grain Sorghum, and cattle.  We supervise 2-4 employees during the busy seasons.

Dept. of Ag. Econ / Cooperative Extension Service
Assistant Professor (95-01), Associate Professor (01-08), Full Professor (08)
Developed and implemented a successful nationally recognized Extension, Research, and Teaching program in the area of livestock production economics, general farm management, and agricultural finance. Extension programming focused on livestock production economics, farm management, and farm business and transition planning with an emphasis on innovative distance delivery.  Research interests included livestock economics, farm management, and marketing.  Teaching responsibilities included senior level Farm Management Strategies, Agricultural Finance, and Introductory Agricultural Economics, as well as supervising graduate students.

Dept. of Ag Econ.
USDA National Needs Graduate Fellow / Teaching Assistant
Primary research focus involved the investigation of the market conduct-performance relationships in the beef packing sector.  In addition, worked on several projects involving the lamb marketing sector (Price dynamics, Yield Grade Valuation, etc) and contributed to research efforts which analyzed factors affecting the demand for meats. (Whether tastes have changed, advertising impacts, etc).  Mentored under Wayne Purcell to develop effective teaching skills.

Graduate Research Assistant / Graduate Teaching Assistant
Completed research investigating the impact of structural changes in the fed cattle industry.  Focus of the project was to determine the impact of captive supplies on cash live cattle prices, as well as identification of quality factors that affect prices.

From January, 1995 to December, 2009, I developed and delivered over 750 extension presentations at the county, area, state, and multi-state level.  Topics include enterprise analysis and record keeping for livestock producers, whole farm financial management, business planning and succession planning, understanding economic risks in agricultural production, farm policy decision making, economically implementing grazing land water quality protection plans, and agricultural marketing.  Specific emphasis is on the development and delivery of intensive farm management information via a combination of face-to-face and distance delivery methods, as well as on web-based delivery of information and decision tools.  Both historically, and in my current position much of my extension program is multi-disciplinary, working with specialists and professionals from a variety to subject matter disciplines.  I periodically co-instruct a national-level training session for new FSA farm loan staff, and I serve on three regional Extension committees, as well as numerous other boards and committees.


My instructional responsibilities have included a senior-level Farm Management Strategies class (taught for five years), an upper level Agricultural Finance class, and an introductory Agricultural Economics class.  A primary objective was to mesh basic economic theory with very applied management and finance concepts.  Students in the Farm Management class were equipped with the tools necessary to formulate a comprehensive business plan for a farm, ranch, or other business, and many chose to draft a business plan instead of taking the final examination.  The course emphasized financial and investment analysis and management, as well as risk, marketing, and human resource management.  Students in the Finance class developed skills to assist in making better financial decisions.  The intro class exposed many students to economic concepts for the first time.  TEVAL scores and other measures indicate that instruction was effective and enthusiastic resulting in student learning.  In addition to my assigned classes, I frequently guest lectured for other classes, often including other departments and other universities.  I have supervised several Master’s students through thesis completion, and continue work with students (M.S., MAB) in various stages of their programs. I am currently a member of the graduate faculty at both OSU and KSU.  I received the KSU College of Agriculture “Faculty of the Semester” award twice in 3 years for my teaching contributions.


International Farm Transition Network
American Agricultural Economics Association
Southern Agricultural Economics Association
Western Agricultural Economics Association


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