Livestock Fencing Animal Behavior Expert Witness

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Livestock Fencing, Livestock Management, Livestock Behavior, Livestock Auto Accidents, Fence Failure, Horse Fencing, Horse Behavior, Horse Auto Accidents, Fence Related Injury, Fence Installation, cattle fencing, cattle behavior, cattle accidents,

Expert is recognized as an international authority on livestock fencing and behavior. He has written more than 100 articles on the subject.  He has been interviewed for a number of articles on livestock containment and is a member of the Animal Behavior Society.

He has conducted more than 300 seminars on fencing technology and grazing management for livestock producers throughout the world. Expert has been a consultant and international sales representative for several agribusiness companies involved in the manufacture of fencing equipment. He has written two books on livestock management.

Expert grew up on a cattle ranch near Crystal City, Texas and worked on his family’s horse breeding operation where he built all types of livestock fencing. He earned a degree in Agricultural Journalism from Texas A&M University in 1976 and then joined The Outfit, a cattle and horse marketing company. From 1980 to 1988 he was Director of Marketing and then President of Gallagher/Snell, Inc., the U.S. distributor for Gallagher Electronics, the world’s largest livestock fencing company. In 1988 he formed a private company to market livestock fencing and other agricultural products worldwide. In 1991 expert joined American FarmWorks (now Zareba Systems), the nation’s largest manufacturer of livestock fencing systems, as International Sales Manager. He established and trained fencing distributors in Central and South America.

In 1998 expert was named General Manager of AFW/DARE International, a marketing alliance of two livestock fencing manufacturers. He was Sales Manager for J.L. Williams Inc., a horse fencing manufacturer, until 2004. He is currently the International Sales Manager for Dare Products, a leading livestock fencing manufacturer. International Sales Manager for Dare Products, a leading fence equipment manufacturer.

Expert has provided expert witness consultation and testimony in numerous cases involving livestock related accidents, livestock fencing, animal behavior and livestock management. He is an expert on all types of livestock fencing including barbed wire and field fence; rail fence systems and electric fence systems.