Maritime Boating Accident Investigator Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accredited Marine Surveyor, Maritime Investigation, Boating Accidents, Forensic Civil Engineer specializing in marine waterfront investigations marine surveyor, docks, piers, marinas, waterfront structures, boating safety, navigation, dredging, Coast Guard requirements, Boating skills Seamanship, Fire Arson investigation, damaged cargo inspection, diving underwater investigation, marine engineering,commercial fishing boats accidents, rules of the road violations, Jones Act accidents,Marine Electrical Technician, Marine Corrosion Technician, Marine Gas Engine Technician, Marine Systems Technician,Search Rescue, Deck Watch Officer, Navigation Rules, Boating Skills Seamanship specialist, Advanced Coastal Navigation, Weather Specialist, Piloting Specialist, Patrols Specialist, Communications Specialist, Vessel Examiner, Boat Crew Member, Coxswain, PWC Operator, Team Coordination Training, Title 46 Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner,


Doctor of Science in Research and Engineering Management Technology Huntsville, AL

Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, Boston, MA

BS in Civil Engineering, Lexington, VA

Specialized Training

Specialized training in marine accident investigation and reconstruction, fire/arson investigation, damaged cargo/container inspection, maritime/boating safety, water survival, damage control, diving/underwater investigation, navigation, marine engineering, seamanship, marine and boating safety

Basic safety training, STCW, US Navy Military Sealift Command and CMA

Life boatman proficiency in survival craft, CMA

Bridge resource management, CMA

Advanced Radar Plotting Aids, CMA

USCG approved signaling course (Flashing Light), CMA

Search and Rescue, Deck Watch Officer, Navigation Rules, Boating Skills and Seamanship specialist, Advanced Coastal Navigation, Weather Specialist, Piloting Specialist, Patrols Specialist, Communications Specialist, Vessel Examiner, Boat Crew Member, Coxswain, PWC Operator, Team Coordination Training, Title 46 Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner, (USCG)Auxillary


Arizona Boating Education Course, Arizona Game & Fish
Navigating Nevada, Nevada Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Cargo Surveying
Corrosion Control

California Boating Safety Class, California Dept. of Boating and Waterway

Utah’s Boating Course, Utah State Parks and Recreation

New Mexico Boating Basics, New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Dept

Vessel Inspection and Decontamination of the Quagga and Zebra Mussel, Arizona Game
and Fish

Florida Boating Safety Course, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Arizona PWC Safety School

Oregon Boating Safety Course, Boat Owners Association of the United States.

Washington Boating Safety Course, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Digital Selective Calling Radio Tutorial

Marine and Boating Law Enforcement and Marine Investigations

Marine Law Enforcement, USCG

Boarding Officer, USCG

Accident/Collision Investigation, ABYC

Investigation Surveying of Marine Casualties, SAMS

Yacht and Small Craft Insurance Policies, SAMS

Investigations Seminar, SAMS

Small Power Watercraft Damage and Claim Evaluation, First Marine Insurance Co.

Boating Accident Investigation, AZ Game and Fish

Watercraft Crash Investigation and Incident Reconstruction, Southeastern Public Safety

Marine Investigations, IAMI Annual Training Seminar

Marine Investigations, IAMI Annual Training Seminar,

Introduction to Digital Photography, US Coast Guard Auxiliary Cargo Damage College

Underwater Investigations, Dive Rescue International

Instructor, USCG Auxiliary

Building Effective Training, USCG Auxiliary

Basics of Failure Investigations & Forensic Engineering, Florida PE Continuing Education

Advanced Boating Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, CA Dept. of Boating and

Marine Fire Fighting and Fire and Arson Investigation

Basic Shipboard Fire Fighting, US Navy

Basic Shipboard Damage Control, US Navy

Advanced Shipboard Fire Fighting, US Navy Military Sealift Command

Shipboard Fire Fighting US Navy Military Sealift Command

Basic Fire/Arson Investigation, AZ State Fire Marshal

Certified Fire Investigator, (

Ethics and the Fire Investigator
Fire Investigator
Scene Safety
Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires
An Analysis of the Station
Nightclub Fire
Digital Photography and the Fire Investigator
Magnetek: A Case Study in the Dauber Challenge
The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation
Introduction to Fire Dynamics and Modeling,Insurance and the Fire Investigation
Fire Dynamics Calculations
Introduction to Evidence
Critical Thinking Solves Cases
Physical Evidence at the Fire Scene
Documenting the Event,
Understanding Fire Thorough the Candle Experiments
Investigating Fatal Fires
Managing Complex Fire Scene Investigations

AZ Chapter International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)

Safety and Health Guidelines for Fire & Explosion Investigators,
Kirk’s Fire Investigation, AZ Chapter IAAI
Arson I
Arson II

FI-110 Wild land Fire Observations and Origin Scene Protection for First Responders

National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Marine and Boating Engineering and Technical Courses


Basic Marine Engines and Systems,
Marine Gas Engines
Marine Electrical Systems
Marine Corrosion
Marine Systems
ABYC Standards

Rigging Seminar, SAMS Seminar

Marine Electrical Systems Seminar, Ocean Navigator

Marine Wiring and Systems Inspection, SAMS Seminar

Electrical Inspection for Surveyors, SAMS Seminar

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, American Society of Appraisers

Basics of Composite Repair, Abaris Training Resources

Container Inspection Seminar, SAMS

Stability for Fisherman, National Cargo Bureau

Damage Stability, National Cargo Bureau

Florida PE Continuing Education Course

Centrifugal Pumps
Pump Suction Characteristics
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Corrosion Protection

West Lawn Institute of Marine Technology

Principles of Resistance, stability, Hydrostatics
Fiberglass Boatbuilding: Materials and Methods
Fiberglass Boatbuilding Production Methods

Operational Test Director Qualification Course, U S Navy Operational Test and Evaluation Force

Propeller Selection for Boats and Small Ships, Pro Boat E-Training

Load Capacity and Flotation, Pro Boat E-Training

Marine and Boating Instruction/Training and Assessor Courses/Designations

International Maritime Organization Instructor, Supervisor and Assessor Qualification
Course, RTM Simulation, Training, Assessment & Research Center

Arizona Boating Education Instructor Training Course, Arizona Game and Fish Dept.

Instructor for the Boat Oregon Instructor Training Course, Oregon State Marine

Boating Safety Instructor Certification Course, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Instructor, IAMI

Licenses and Certifications

Master, Inland and Near Coastal Steam or Motor Vessels 100 GT USCG license with Assistance Towing Endorsement, US Coast Guard
Able Bodied Seaman, USCG
Title 46 Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner USCG
Marine Radio Operator Federal Communications Commission
Certified Marine Investigator International Association of Marine Investigators IAMI
Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, National Association of Fire Investigators
Underwater Investigator Dive Rescue International
Certified Marine Surveyor National Association of Marine Surveyors
Accredited Marine Surveyor Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors SAMS
Marine Surveyor Cargo Damage State University New York Maritime College
Cargo Container Inspector Institute of International Container Lessors
Master Marine Technician American Boat and Yacht Council to include
Marine Electrical Technician
Marine Corrosion Technician
Marine Gas Engines and Support Systems Technician
Marine Systems Technician
ABYC Standards
Certified Plant Engineer, Association for Facilities Engineering
Professional Engineer (PE) (Civil)Licensed in three states

Professional Memberships

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
National Association of Marine Surveyors
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Arson Investigators
National Association of Fire Investigators
American Boat and Yacht Council
National Fire Protection Association
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Association for Facilities Engineering
California Boating Safety Officers Association
US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Boat Owners Association of the United States


1996 to present: Self-Employed Maritime and Boating Accident Investigator and Safety Consultant, Forensic Civil Engineer specializing in Marine and Waterfront Investigations and Marine Surveyor. Investigator of marine and boating accidents and damaged cargo on inland and coastal waters and on the high seas. Investigations have included collisions, allusions, sinking and underwater investigations, fraud, arson, wrongful death, carbon monoxide poisoning, propeller cuts and other injuries, multiple deaths, operating under the influence, Jones Act, OSHA, manufacturers defects as well as vessel machinery and electrical failures. Performed vessel collision analysis and accident reconstruction. Investigations have also included accidents and failures involving docks, piers marinas and other waterfront structures. Marine surveyor for small craft, yachts, small commercial vessels, commercial fishing vessels, machinery, cargo and containers. Vessel surveys included comprehensive inspections of hull, propulsion systems, electrical systems, electronics, pumps, major components and fittings, ventilation, and other components, as well as ABYC, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),OSHA, and USCG engineering and safety requirements. Consultant on maritime and boating safety, navigation, dredging, and aids to navigation. Consultant on the design, construction and maintenance of marinas and other waterfront facilities.

Boating Safety Instructor, Arizona (2001–2008)
Taught boating safety, boating law and “Train the Trainer” classes for personnel desiring to teach boating safety.

Boating Safety Instructor, (2008 – ).
Teach boating safety and Oregon boating law.

Boating Safety Instructor, Washington State (2008 – )
Teach boating safety and Washington boating law.

Instructor for Boating Safety Instructors, Oregon State (2008 – )
Teach instructors how to teach boating safety and Oregon boating law.

Instructor (2001–present)
Teach chapters in the Boating Skills and Seamanship Course, chapters in the Advanced Coastal Navigation Course, seamanship, situational awareness, towing, boating safety, rules of the road and other boating safety classes.

Instructor, (2007 – present)
Teach classes in marine investigations.

Instructor (2008 – present)
Teach classes in marine electrical technician certification, marine corrosion technician certification, marine systems technician certification,standards certification and other technical courses.

1996–2000: Adjunct instructor, California, Vallejo, CA.
Instructor in seamanship, navigation, watch standing, water survival, Coast Guard requirements
and International Maritime Organization Standards of Crewing, Training and Watch keeping
(STCW) qualifications (engineering and deck), marine engineering, electricity, electronics and
communications. Taught shipboard fire fighting and damage control. Taught afloat on Training Ship Golden Bearduring summer cruise, on other academy vessels, ashore in classroom, as well as in steam, diesel and bridge simulators and engineering laboratory’s. Responsible for course development of several engineering and marine technical courses. Students included both maritime cadets and serving mariners requiring additional skills and continuing education.

1995–1996: Project Manager/Senior Engineer, Walnut Creek, CA.
Planned and managed waterfront and maritime projects on San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento
River, California and Nevada reservoirs and lakes. Projects involved boating, vessel traffic management, regulatory markers, aids to navigation, boating safety, dredging, waterfront facilities, marinas, environmental compliance, and waterways issues and management.

1971–1995: Officer, US Army/US Coast Guard.
US Coast Guard Engineer Officer and Deck Watch Officer.
As a Coast Guard officer was a federal law enforcement officer and an officer of the customs.
Attended the Marine Law Enforcement Course and the Boarding Officer Course. As Naval Engineer, was Chief, Icebreaker and Coastal Buoy Tender type desk. Responsible for
engineering and changes to ships systems. Assisted in the design and acquisition of new cutters and barges. Served as Deck Watch Officer on a large cutter performing marine safety, fisheries, treaties and drug enforcement and search and rescue missions. As Civil Engineer managed and designed projects involving docks, piers, other waterfront facilities, ranges and public works. Held warrant as government contracting officer. US Army Engineer and Signal Corps Officer in US, Germany and Korea. Assignments include company commander, battalion executive officer, combat engineering, construction engineering, demolitions, and tactical communications as well as various staff and engineering positions.


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