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Employment History

CONSULTING GROUP- 1989 to present

President and founder of a highly successful consulting business.  Clients include AT&T, Allied Signal, Borax, Hoechst-Roussel, Horton, Ingersoll-Rand, Lamb Technicon, Lockheed-Martin, Lutron Electronics, Multisorb Technologies, NYNEX, Panama Canal, Pittsburgh-Corning, Rhone-Poulenc, Riso, SKF, Symbios Logic, Toshiba, Volvo and West.


New product/business marketing research. Defining market sizes, growth rates, primary market segments, competitive sales, competitive strengths and weaknesses, product specifications, pricing and entry strategy.

Revitalize an existing business.  Define strategies and programs to increase market share, sales and profits.

Independent sales channels.  Establishment, evaluation, termination and effective management of independent distributors, reps, dealers and wholesalers.

Competitive intelligence. Legally and ethically secure public and privately available information on a competitor.  This information is summarized and, with the client, we develop defensive and offensive action plans.

Expert Witness

Define the economic loss to a business.

Define an organization’s marketing & sales effectiveness.

Conduct marketing research to define facts concerning the market or business situation.

Express expert opinions based on my in-depth and extensive business experience.

Experience includes expert reports, depositions and court testimony.

Executive Education, University Teaching and Public Speaking

Business training activities are primarily through the American Management Association, a leading business seminar organization.  Other business training programs include Executive Education programs with Cornell’s Graduate School of Management and the University of North Carolina Business School. I was also on the part-time faculty of Cornell’s Graduate School of Business MBA program.

American Management Association.  Seminars developed and taught include:

Marketing and Product Management.  4 day program.

Defining and Implementing New Product Programs.  4 day program.

Managing the Sales Distribution Network.  3 day program

Cornell’s Graduate School of Management. Courses included:

Industrial Marketing.  Fully accredited semester course.

Business Strategy.  Fully accredited semester course.

Marketing Strategy.  Executive education program.

Marketing.  Soviet business executive program.

University of North Carolina’s Executive Education Program.   Three-day program was Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

Semester length university teaching assignments with the University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee School of Engineering on marketing research and business statistics.

Public speaking engagements topics include:

Law of Product Distribution & Franchising Seminar.  “How to Easily but Effectively Evaluate Your Distributor’s Performance.”

“Competitive Intelligence: Securing, Analyzing and Implementing Strategies and Action Plans.”
“Effective Management of Distributors.”

The Hilliard Corporation – 1986 to 1989
Director Of Marketing And Sales. Four industrial product groups: oil filtration, air filtration, clutches-brakes and turbine starters.   Accomplishments:

Increased profits from break-even to industry standards.  Orders up 23% in 2 years.  Total growth in prior six years was only 4%.  Profits up 900%.

Motivated and structured sales department to focus each person’s strength. The impact was significant growth in sales and profits.

Brunswick Filtration Systems Group – 1978 to 1986

Director of Marketing And Sales.  Responsibility included the Filterite, Fluid Dynamics and Membrane business units.  Products included liquid cartridge filtration to the chemical process, electronics, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. This business was sold by Brunswick in 1987 to an Australian firm.  Accomplishments:

Promotion in 1983 expanded responsibility to include a 3 year old micro-porous membrane venture with startup problems.

Increased orders 23% to $43,100,000 in 3 years.

Introduced 28 new products comprising 22% of total orders.

Integrated San Diego and Baltimore marketing and sales groups.

Marketing And Sales Manager, Filterite Group.

Depth and pleated cartridge filtration products to the chemical, industrial, food and beverage markets.

Increased profits to 43% over industry standards.  Group was break-even in 1979.

Increased sales 51% to $28,800,000 in four years.

Replaced seven distributors and increased their personnel by 15%.

Heating Systems Group, Coca-Cola – 1972 to 1978

Marketing and Business Planning Manager.
Industrial firetube and watertube boilers, burners and accessories to commercial and industrial buildings.

Promotion in 1976 expanded responsibility to Group function.

Introduced two new products that grew to $3,000,000 in 3 yrs.

Increased orders 20% to $80,000,000 in three years.

Marketing Research Manager. 

Industrial firetube and watertube boilers to commercial and industrial buildings.  Accomplishments:

Implemented sales analysis program that quickly identified market segment opportunities and rep upgrade targets.

Increased profits 53% through planned shift in product mix and price increases.

Johnson Control Corporation – 1967 to 1972

Market Analyst. Pneumatic and electronic control systems for heating and air conditioning systems in commercial and industrial buildings.  Accomplishments:

Increased service contract sales by 20%/year.  One key program was developing a system that permitted clerical personnel to estimate contracts rather than sales engineers.

Developed branch office sales analysis program that increased profits by 18%.


Marketing. University of Pittsburg1964 BS, Mechanical Engineering. Carnegie-Mellon University
1960 Certificate.  US Military Academy Preparatory School for West Point.  Nine-month program of college level academics and military training.  One of 15 selected from the Army’s enlisted personnel.

Honors and Awards

Borax.  December, 1994 Distribution Program Leadership

Cornell Graduate School of Business.  Spring, 1991.  Top ten faculty.

Cornell Graduate School of Business.  Fall, 1990.  Top ten faculty.

Brunswick Advanced Management Program.  1985.

Articles Published

Available upon Request.


American Marketing Association.  Member.

Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry.  Member.

Water Quality Association.  Member.

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