Martial Arts Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Martial Arts, JuJitsu, Kenpo, Jeet Koon Do Kali, Gracie Ju Jitsu, weapons, weaponry

Expert Witness No.2822



2003: Cerritos College, Norwalk, Ca., Associate in Arts Degree, Physical Therapist Assistant.

1974: Humboldt State University, Arcata, Ca., Bachelor of Science Degree, Biological Sciences.

1967: Cerritos Junior College, Norwalk, Ca., Associate in Arts Degree, Physiological Psychology.


Certified Expert Witness in Martial Arts, Firearms and Weapons, Humboldt County Superior Court. 

State of California Authorized Gunsmithing Master in their Apprenticeship Standards Program, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Member American Physical Therapy Association

Professional Affiliations:

Life Member of National Rifle Association.

California Gun Owners Association.

Certified Expert Witness, Humboldt County Superior Court.

State of California Master Gunsmith in their State Apprenticeship Programs.

Work Experience:

2003 to Present

Physical Therapist Assistant, Inpatient Department, Local Hospital

1995 to Present

Family Gunsmith Business, So. California: Part time duties include custom gunsmithing, general repairs, pistol gun smithing, business management, ammo manufacture.

1973 to 1994

Owner of Gun Shop, No. California: A full time commercial gun shop specializing in the manufacture of custom rifles and shotguns, pistol gunsmithing, ammo reloading, general gunsmithing and repairs, retail sales, trained six apprentices to the journeymen level.

1957 to 1972                        

Family Gunsmith Business, So. California:Journeyman-Apprentice in family business, a full time gun shop since 1946. Duties included training in basic workmanship and repairs, reloading, refinishing of metal and wood, general gunsmithing, retail management, custom gun making, sales and customer relations, book keeping.

Ju Jitsu (Japanese Style)
Master Richard Petrilli, Eureka Calif.
My Beginning White Belt training.

Kenpo (American Style)
Ed Parker System, I was an Assistant Instructor, Adult and Youth Classes.

Jeet Koon Do (Bruce Lee’s System), Kali (Philippine Stick Fighting)
Gracie Ju Jutsu (Brazilian Wrestling), Master Hal Falkner, Eureka Calif.
I was an Assistant Instructor, Adult and Youth Classes.

Instructor at Humboldt University, Center Arts, Arcata, Calif..  During the period, 1988-1993, I was assistant instructor in Youth and Adult Classes.

Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor: specializing in Training Techniques to maintain good health through consistent, Proper Training.

Author of numerous Training Manuals in Martial Arts Training.

HWA Rang Do Second Degree Black (Korean Style, Combined Linear And Circular)
Tae Soo Do (Sport Hwa Rang Do) Third Degree Black
Instructors Master John Huppuch (Sixth Degree) and Dr. Joo Bang Lee–Supreme Grand Master Do Joo Nim (Tenth Degree and Founder of Hwa Rang Do)

HWA RANG DO is an 1800 year old Martial Art. It is the most inclusive, training, Martial Art in the World. We have over 400 Schools World Wide.  This system includes Healing Arts: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Tai Chi–as well as the Fighting System. This art is active in Youth Anti-Drug Programs. HWA RANG DO means, “The Way of the Flowering Manhood.
I have a Black Belt in this Style and was a full time Instructor at the International Headquarters in Downey, Calif.