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Material Science Engineering Expert Witness

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Material Science Engineering, engineering, metallurgical engineer, corrosion, corrosion research auto, truck, boat, yacht, aircraft component failure, consumer product, industrial equipment, automobile, truck industrial equipment component failures, storage battery explosions, boat damage component failures, yacht damage component failures, aircraft component failures, metallurgical evaluation of materials involved in fires, consumer product failures, product component failures, evaluation of corrosion mitigation procedures, selection of corrosion mitigation procedures for a wide variety of commercial industrial applications, metallurgical analysis of copper,

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1972, Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, university in Florida
1974, Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, university in Florida

Professional Employment History

1984-present, President and Principal Consultant for an engineering and consulting firm
1989-1992, President and Design Engineer at a fire protection agency
1982-1984, Graduate Student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1979-1982, Corrosion Scientist and Senior Corrosion Scientist at a center for corrosion technology
1978-1979, Principal and Chief Engineer at an engineering company
1976-1978, Metallurgical Engineer and Consultant, Hercules, Incorporated
1975-1976, Corrosion Research Engineer, Petrolite Corporation

Professional Experience

Failure Analysis and Forensic Investigations In Support Of Products Liability Litigation and Industrial Clients, Example Case Types:

Automobile, truck and industrial equipment component failures

Storage battery explosions

Boat and yacht damage and component failures

Aircraft component failures

Metallurgical evaluation of materials involved in fires
Consumer product and product component failures

Evaluation and selection of corrosion mitigation procedures for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications

Metallurgical and corrosion analysis of copper, cast iron, ductile iron, and black and galvanized steel piping systems utilized for condenser water, chilled water, potable water, sanitary force main, fire sprinkler systems, seawater distribution systems and underground hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Evaluation of stainless steel pipe and tanks employed in food and chemical process equipment

Metallurgical and corrosion analysis of structural and architectural components in condominiums and commercial buildings

Investigation of weld fabricated roof framing structures, steel bridge structural/mechanical components, steel truss structures, steel and stainless steel tanks for water, fuel and food and beverage storage, and hydro pneumatic tanks

Extensive number of forensic investigations of water transmission main and sanitary force main prestressed concrete pipe (PCCP) failures between 1985 and the present, focusing on properties, performance, product quality and failure mechanisms of high strength prestressing wire

Investigation of conventional reinforcing steel and high strength prestressing and post-tensioning strand failures from both bonded and unbounded structural applications, including buildings, bridges, parking garage structures, bridge stay cables and railroad ties.

Product Development and Laboratory Testing Programs

Design and construction of test apparatus, and development of test procedures, for testing and investigation of a variety of steel wire products, including strand, indented strand, hard drawn wire for spring applications, and contemporary prestressing wire for prestressed concrete pipe and prestressed concrete tanks.

Materials selection, plans review and failure analysis of chemical process equipment for major chemical manufacturer; metallurgical consultant to home office and plant engineers

Directed marine corrosion research programs evaluating materials selection and component design for applications in the marine environment; development of electrochemical and other corrosion test methods in support of applied and basic marine corrosion research programs; industrial consultant.

Managed research programs on corrosion of coated and uncoated reinforcing steel in concrete exposed to a variety of marine and coastal atmospheric conditions; investigated reinforcing steel properties and concrete structural damage due to corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Conducted laboratory and field corrosion research on high temperature, high pressure natural gas wells, and mixed gas/fluid petroleum product pipelines; provided technical support to marketing and field operations.

Fire Sprinkler System Design and Construction

Principal and design engineer in fire sprinkler contracting company operating in central Florida area.  Responsible for estimating, bidding, designing and preparing materials listing and manufacturing specifications for commercial sprinkler systems.

Professional Affiliations

Alpha Sigma Mu, Metallurgical Honorary Society
American Society for Metals
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
American Society for Testing and Materials
The Wire Association International
The American Welding Society

Professional Registrations

Registered Professional Engineer, State of Florida

Publications and Presentations

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