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Mechanical Engineer Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Mechanical Engineer Failure Analysis, Mechanical Engineer Metallurgical, Mechanical Project Consultant, Failure Analysis, Mechanical Engineer Fracture Mechanics, Mechanical Engineer Commercial, Automotive, Gas Steam Turbine Engines, Aerospace Components, Machine Shop Equipment, Thermal Spray Equipment, Controllers, Vacuum Brazing Furnaces, TIG Welding Equipment, Process Parameters, Equipment FAA, Aerospace Facilities, Machine Shop Tools, Grinding, Buffing, Polishing Metallic, Non Metallic Materials, Metallurgy, Quality Assurance, Failure Analysis, Gas Steam Turbine, Project Management, Thermal Spray Operations, Non Destructive Testing, Chemical Lab, Thermal Support, Environmental, Safety Coordinator, Industrial, Materials Testing, Ceramics, Plastics, Ferrous Non Ferrous Steels, Stainless Steel, High Temperature Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Magnesium Alloys

Expert Witness No.729


Experience Summary

Failure Analysis and Fracture Mechanics:

Over twenty-five (25) years’ experience with commercial, automotive, gas/steam turbine engines and aerospace components.

Failure Analysis Knowledge and Experience:

Over fifteen (15) years’ hands-on experience with aerospace components and the analysis of failure modes.
Directly involved with development of industrial and commercial procedures for materials testing. Materials included: Ceramics, Plastics, Ferrous / Non-Ferrous steels, stainless steels, high temperature steels, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper and Magnesium alloys.
Involved in “light-weight” design of structures for DOD (Department of Defense) and FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis).
Provided technical assistance, via professional consulting to commercial and field service personnel, specific to in-field failures and resolution analysis.

Strong Production and Processing Skills:

Successfully managed production and development departments.
Managed Metallurgical and Testing Laboratories, in addition to auditing testing laboratories.
Revised and composed repair and overhaul shop routers and improved component workflow.
Directly involved with component inspection & warranty issues. Composed NDI techniques.

Repair and Test of Commercial and Turbine Engine Components:

Involved with critical component design and reliability issues.
Implemented parametric and statistical techniques for improved repair development.
Developed cost savings repairs and developed new repairs and manufacturing technologies.
Successfully managed repair programs under critical budget / financial constraints.

Developed High Technology Repairs Using Advanced Equipment and Materials:

Developed new materials for: vacuum furnace brazing (TurboFix and ADH alloys), brazing tapes and performs, thermal spray and laser welding powders.
Considerable hands-on experience with the following processes: heat treating, vacuum furnace brazing, pack/out-of-pack coatings, welding (TIG, MIG, EB, laser and plasma), thermal spray (HVOF, plasma and flame), Fluoride Ion Cleaning (FIC), plating, chemical stripping and cleaning, machining (CNC, ECM, EDM) and grinding.
Quality Control & Metallurgical Testing:

Over twenty (20) years’ experience with materials and specifications used in the commercial and aerospace industries.

Considerable experience with the metallurgical inspection, evaluation and testing of: raw / incoming materials used in industrial fabrication of assemblies, gas turbine engines, system components, coatings, and braze / weld alloys.

Strong Metallurgical Knowledge:

Nickel and cobalt base superalloys, stainless steels, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Magnesium, ceramics and composite materials.
Directly involved in failure / structural analysis and engineering / metallurgical investigations.
Composed metallurgical/engineering analysis reports, metallurgical substantiation reports, and other technical reports which were submitted to the Customer, Client, DER, FAA, OEM for component, product, process approval, authorization, or change of processing.

Professional Experience

Technology Consulting Firm, Marietta, GA 11/1/99 – to present
Failure Analysis Metallurgical / Mechanical Project Consultant.
Worked on case involving tree stand failures/aircraft and engine failures/mountain bike, battery explosion cases, amusement rides etc.

Consultants, Lawrenceville, GA 4/99 – to present
President / Chief Consultant in the areas of: Metallurgy, Quality Assurance, Failure Analysis and Gas / Steam Turbine and Project Management.

Quantum Laser Corporation, Norcross, GA 1997 – 1999
Manager of Repair Development, Quality / Process Control & Metallurgical Engineering.

Managed an R&D team and the Metallurgical Lab. Responsible for developing new repairs on gas turbine engine components, as well as, the metallurgical and QC inspection of samples.

Achieved 35% growth in sales due to new product development and brought new laser welding equipment on-line thereby increasing production and development capabilities.

General Electric Engine Services, McAllen, TX 1993 – 1997
(formally, Greenwich Airline Services, Aviall and Ryder Airline Services)
Manager of Repair Development & Metallurgical Engineering, Manager of Thermal Spray Operations, Non-Destructive Testing, Metallurgical / Chemical Lab. & Thermal Support, Environmental & Safety Coordinator

Managed production and development departments consisting of twenty-five people. Responsible for the repair development of cold and hot section turbine engine components. Provided managerial and technical training.

Developed gas turbine engine component repairs utilizing the following processes: heat treating, vacuum brazing, plasma spray, flame spray, fluoride ion cleaning (FIC), laser powder fusion welding, TIG welding, EB welding, electroplating and brush plating. Repair development involved the following engines: CFM-56, CF-6, 80A, 80C2, V-2500, LM-2500, T-700, JT8D, JT9D, PW4000 and PW2037.
Directly contributed to the tremendous growth of the McAllen facility by: setting-up production departments and new equipment, resolving environmental, safety, production and development problems using statistical methods, involved with TQA, SQA and Six-Sigma methods, performing technical / managerial training and assisting external customers with on-time project / component deliveries.
Hands-on experience with ISO 9000, ISO 9001 procedures. Composed ISO documentation for GE McAllen division.
United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney, NY,
Southington, CT and W. Palm Beach, FL 1989 – 1993
Senior Process & Methods Engineer – ORC & CS&S, Tool Design, Coating and Brazing Engineer

Manager of R&D related to braze, weld, and thermal spray repairs on: JT9D, PW4000 and PW2037 hot and cold section components. Initiated the purchase of FIC and Automated TIG welding equipment at the PWORC. Designed tooling and support equipment for the F-119, 220 and 220E gas turbine engines at the PWCS&S.
Advanced the capabilities of the Overhaul Repair Center by initiating new repair technology. I was directly involved in the development of new braze and TurboFix alloys, as well as, pack and out-of-pack coatings. Through my efforts, the PWORC was able to effectively compete with Chromalloy, Howmet and other airline
O&R shops. Directly involved in Quality Control projects and the revision of QC documents.

Chromalloy – Gas Turbine Corporation, Manchester, Ct 1987 – 1989
Senior Development Engineer / Welding Engineer

Developed weld, braze and thermal spray repairs for Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce components.
Composed Quality Control documents for new processes.
Managed a repair development group. In the first year, I increased the repair development capabilities of the company through the introduction of new processes. I also increased new component repair sales by 25%.

Textron Lycoming Corporation, 1981 – 1987
Williamsport, PA and Stratford, CT
Materials Engineer / Metallurgist

Supervised the development of new thermal spray, PVD, CVD and exotic coatings. Responsible for Metallurgical / Quality Control over production thermal spray and external thermal spray coating suppliers using statistical techniques.
Responsible for the Metallurgical, QC and NDT inspection of raw materials for the Williamsport division.
Succeeded in obtaining an application patent for a catalytic device mounted on the ALF-502 turbine engine.

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI 1978 – 1981
Product Development / Design Engineer / Metallurgist

Developed new exhaust components and automotive materials. Directly involved with the development of new metal stamping and joining techniques. Research included laser and resistance spot welding applications.
Hands-on experience with Quality Control and Statistical methods involving automotive / engine components.

Wall Colmonoy Corporation, Detroit, MI 1977 – 1978
Manufacturing Engineer – Welding & Brazing
Responsible for the development of new nickel and cobalt base powders for brazing and thermal spray, as well as, the design of brazing and flame spray equipment. Directly involved with QC testing of braze alloys.

National Steel Corporation, Detroit, MI 1974 – 1977

Supported all primary steel-making and cold mill operations. Directly involved with metallurgical and QC inspection of mill samples using bench microscopes, electron microprobe and SEM equipment.

Graduate studies for MS in Metallurgical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 1978

BSME with minor in Metallurgy, S.U.N.Y., Buffalo, NY 1974

AAS, S.U.N.Y., Farmingdale, NY 1972

Professional Affiliations

Long-term and active member of the following professional organizations: ASMI, AWS, ASNT and the Thermal Spray Society. Currently Serving as Vice-Chairman for the ASM – Atlanta chapter.

Special Skills

Detailed experience with machine shop tools, including tools used for grinding, buffing and polishing of metallic and non-metallic materials, as well as, associated safety requirements.

Computer literate in Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, Lotus and various communication / networking programs.

Programming experience with Allen Bradley, Barber Colman and Honeywell CNC controllers.

Experienced operator of: machine shop equipment, thermal spray equipment and controllers, vacuum brazing furnaces and TIG welding equipment. Wrote process parameters and programs for most of the equipment used in FAA and Aerospace facilities.

Obtained Management Technology Certificate from Pan American (University of Texas) School of Management in 1996.


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