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Mechanical Engineer Product Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer Product Failure Analysis, Mechanical Engineer Design, Patent Infringement, Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Industrial, Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Highway, Pedestrian Safety, Marine, Construction, Fires, Explosions, Electrocution, Machinery, Energy, Electromechanical Engineer,

Expert Witness No.201

Southern California

Professional Qualifications

Registered Mechanical Engineer – California
Registered Safety Engineer – California
Professional Engineer – Province of Ontario – Canada (1958 – 1983 Active)
Patent Agent, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Member – Society of Professional Engineers
Member – American Council of Engineering Consultants

Consulting Areas

Product Failure Analysis
Mechanical Design
Pedestrian Safety
Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Industrial Accident Reconstruction
Fire Cause Analysis
Safety Studies
Patent Infringement Studies
Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow


M.A.Sc. and B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, 1956 and 1958
Ph.D. Candidate University of Toronto 1958-59
Journeyman Machinist – ORT Trade School Hohne DP Camp 1947


Professional experience since 1956 in design, development, research, and teaching relating to mechanical and electro-mechanical products, energy conversion systems, and the investigation and reconstruction of accidental occurrences.

Forensic Engineering Consultant, 1973 to date
Failure analysis of products, vehicle operating systems, industrial machinery and tools, and other engineered structures and products.  Evaluation and reconstruction of industrial, construction and pedestrian accidents and vehicular collisions, safety studies. 

Design Engineer Mosstype Corporation – 1971-1973
Design and development of production equipment for the flexographic printing industry and of novel manufacturing methods for printing rollers.

Chief Engineer, Sea Networks Ltd. 1970 –1971
Responsible for the mechanical design of seagoing vessels, including hydrodynamic behavior, propulsion machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Technical Supervisor Climatrol Industries, Inc. – 1968-1970
Direction of the development of a novel absorption air-conditioning unit for residential heating/cooling service including the supervision of a group of in-house engineers and development laboratories, and outside consultants and research groups; invented a new family of absorption solutions to meet the thermodynamic criteria for the proposed system.

Program Manager, Gourdine Systems, Inc. – 1966-1968
In charge of research and development program on direct energy conversion by means of electro-gas-dynamics; directed work in fluid flow, high-voltage systems, and other aspects in research and development phases. 

Research Engineer, The Dehavilland Aircraft Co. – 1962-1966
Research on undercarriages for STOL aircraft, development of new design approaches for landing gear systems. On leave of absence, 1963-64, as consultant to Israel Aircraft Industries.

Staff Engineer, Orenda Engines Ltd. – 1959-1962
Design of nuclear reactor systems, economic and safety studies of nuclear reactors, heat transfer studies, design of compact heat exchangers for gas turbine engines. 

Instructor, University Of Toronto – 1956-1959

Development Engineer, Lucas-Rotax Ltd. – 1956 & 1957
Design and development of aircraft fuel system components and controls.


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