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Mechanical Hydraulic Specialist Engineer Expert Witness

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Mechanical Engineer, Safety, Forklift, Forklift Operator, Telehandler, Aerial Lift, Bucket Truck, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Telehandler, Trailers, HAZMAT Trailers, Towing, Refuse Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Scaffolding, Heavy Equipment, Hydraulics, Hydraulic Equipment, Standards, Regulations, OSHA, DOT, ANSI, Design, Tanker, Scissor Lift Crushing Operator, Fatal Farm Tractor Transmission Failure, Skid Steer Body Motion Crushing Operator’s Feet, Visibility Issues Of Heavy Equipment Causing Fatal Rollover, Inadequate Forklift Wheel Guard Causing Foot Injury, Inadequate Blender Component Suit Involving Hundreds Of Tests On Blenders, Shaving Razor Patent Suit, Farm Sprayer Tractor Visibility Issues Causing Motorcycle Crash, Fatal Large Glass Sheet Hauling Trailer Structural Failure, Inadequate Bulldozer Safety Systems Allowing Fatal Operator Motion While The Equipment Is Moving, Essential Oil Diffuser Patent Suit, Hand Tool Patent Suit Involving Destructive Strength Testing Of A Hand Tool, Wheel Chock, Mold Design Ip Infringement And Breach Of Contract, Fatal Forklift Impingement, Arm Crushed And Burned When Caught In Packaging Machine, Multiple Patent Suits Surrounding Containers For Hauling Sand


  • Expert is a Mechanical Engineer who has earned the following certifications:
  • Mechanical Professional Engineer (P.E.) licensed in Utah,
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP) from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS) from the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS)
  • Certified Mobile Crane Inspector from the Crane Institute of America, – Expired 4/27/2019
  • Certified Lift Truck Operator Trainer from the Utah Safety Council, 2/13/2012
  • Certified in Lockout/Tagout OSHA compliance from the Utah Safety Council, 3/16/2010


Expert attended college at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and graduated in December of 2007. While at BYU-Idaho, Expert took part in the local chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) serving as the Treasurer. Expert also worked as a computer lab assistant and teacher’s aide, assisting other students in learning engineering concepts and answering their questions about the lesson material. He also received many scholarships, including multiple Mechanical Engineering Department Scholarships.


As part of his bachelor’s degree studies Expert completed a summer internship at B/E Aerospace in Marysville, Washington. B/E Aerospace was an after-market aircraft modification company. Expert worked on a team of engineers who were converting old passenger airplanes into cargo airplanes. His responsibilities on the team included using 3D CAD systems to model key frame structures of the airplane in question and then insert them into their proper positions in the overall model assembly. He also provided support to another engineer on the team in reviewing, converting and updating legacy 2D drawings of the airplane in question.


Skinner Construction
Prior to, and for a short time while working on his bachelor’s degree, Expert worked for Hal Skinner Construction of Rigby, Idaho. Hal Skinner Construction is a concrete contractor specializing in pouring concrete foundations for homes, banks, and potato cellars. Expert worked as a laborer and assistant to the owner. As part of his duties he assisted the owner in laying out footing forms according to the building plan, determining the appropriate aluminum form sizes to use for constructing the walls, inserting anchor bolts into the wet concrete at the designated intervals, and driving the skid loader and other heavy equipment used on the job sites.
Sentient Corporation
While working on his bachelor’s degree, and for a short time after graduation, Expert worked as an engineer-in-training for Sentient Corporation in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Sentient Corporation specialized in small business government contracts involving the analysis, diagnostics, and prognostics of mechanical bearings, such as ball bearings, roller bearings, and the like.

Expert’s work at Sentient Corporation included:
bearing test monitoring
preparing test fixtures for operation
test fixture design
test fixture fabrication
safety shield design and fabrication
equipment selection and purchasing
inspection and documentation of tested bearings and grease using a microscope and camera
writing reports

Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.
Expert has worked as a mechanical engineer for Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc. (AED) in Alpine, Utah since February, 2008. During his time at Alpine Engineering he has earned his Professional Engineering license in the state of Utah, become a Certified Safety Professional, and become a Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist. Expert is also certified as a lift truck operator trainer and a Design Certifying Engineering (DCE) for hazardous material tanker trailers.

As part of AED’s consulting engineering work Expert has worked on many design, analysis, testing, prototyping, and DCE projects. The following are some of the key areas and engineering projects Expert has worked on while employed at AED.

Aerial Lift Trucks
Expert has worked extensively in aerial lift truck design. This work has included designing aerial lifts from the ground up. He has done everything from designing and sizing components, running stress analyses, laying out the hydraulic circuit, specifying hydraulic motors and actuators, creating detailed drawings, and testing and troubleshooting prototype units.

Hazardous Material Tanker Trailers
Expert has also worked extensively with the hazardous material tanker trailer industry as a Design Certifying Engineer (DCE). His work included verifying compliance to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations regarding the repair and modification of hazardous material tanker trailers. He has also performed detailed analyses of full trailer designs to verify the strength of the trailer in various situations.

LNG Tank Testing
Expert has also done work at AED involving the testing of liquid natural gas tanks to verify compliance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards. This included managing and performing the safe operation of drop tests and flame tests.

Video Wall Lift Design, Fabrication, and Installation
Expert has designed a unique, hydraulically operated lift for moving an 8 foot by 15 foot LED video wall and speakers from the basement, through the floor, to the main living room of a large residence. This project included designing the lift mechanism, designing the hydraulic system, fabricating the lift, and installing the lift at the residence. Expert personally did the majority of the design work, welding, assembly, and testing of the lift. He also oversaw and helped with the electronic controls design, machining, and installation.

Other Projects

Design Projects
reverse engineering a pick-up truck dump mechanism
designing aerial lift trucks, both modifying current models and designing new models from the ground up
designing automated refuse truck lifting arm mechanisms
reverse engineering a refuse truck body
designing a liftgate spring assist mechanism
design of fiberglass boom molds for making aerial lift truck booms
designing small consumer products such as an emergency radio and a battery powered squirt gun with a back-pack water tank
designing a bicycle type device for propulsion in water
designing multiple iterations of a modular mining equipment simulator room
designing the mechanical components of a sample recovery, amplification and testing apparatus for disease and diagnostic testing
designing multiple iterations of a hanging scaffolding system

Analysis Projects
utilizing finite element analysis (FEA) to analyze several aerial lift models for compliance to applicable ANSI standards
analyzing several spreader bar designs for compliance to ASME Below the Hook (BTH) standards
utilizing FEA to analyze large personnel support structures used for maintenance access to large aircraft
utilizing FEA to analyze the design of a chandelier for strength and code compliance
analyzing the design of propane and diesel heater trailers for compliance to U.S. DOT regulations
utilizing FEA to analyze the design of a rebar and scrap steel hauling trailer

Testing Projects
drop testing liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks from 10 ft and 30 ft to verify compliance with SAE J2343 standards
flame testing liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks to verify compliance with SAE J2343 standards
cycle testing tarping mechanisms, fiberglass booms, and trailer hitches
running a battery of tests on many household blenders of different configurations

Prototyping Projects
3D printing scaled down parts of a large dragon statue
utilizing 3D printed parts to prototype a bicycle type device for propulsion in water
building prototypes and production models of a modular mining equipment simulator room
Design Certifying Engineer Projects
over 30 projects involving the review of repairs and modifications to hazardous material tanker trailers to ensure compliance with U.S. DOT regulations
assisting hazardous material tanker repair facilities in obtaining their ASME R-stamp certification that authorizes them to repair hazmat trailers
reviewing and approving welding procedures used in the repair and modification of hazmat trailers
performing axle load analysis for trucks and trailers to maximize payload by determining optimal mounting position of hazmat tanks and axles
running fill level calculations in order to create fill level calibration charts
performing the LNG tank drop and flame tests noted in the testing section above

3D Scanning Projects
using a Faro brand 3D scanner to get measurements of accident scenes and equipment
utilizing point cloud software to knit 3D scans together and gather accurate measurements for analysis
Expert has been retained as an expert in product liability cases. As part of his work as an expert he has performed inspections and written detailed reports. Expert has also testified in court as a fact witness.

As part of his work at Alpine Engineering, Expert has assisted the owner and president, Mr. Fred P. Smith, with his work as an expert witness. This work involved reviewing documents and helping to prepare reports for product liability and patent lawsuits where Mr. Smith was retained as the technical expert. Expert has also assisted Mr. Smith with many tests and inspections in connection with these lawsuits.

Expert has worked on the following expert witness projects:
rear loader garbage truck container swinging into operator (multiple cases of similar circumstances)
vacuum truck lid explosive decompression killing the operator
hand caught in poorly designed home-use concrete mixer
belly-dump trailer doors crushing the operator’s legs
laundry rack falling off a liftgate and crushing the operator
rolling pallet rack braking system failure
fatal dump truck brake booster repair failure
horizontal boring machine turnover
construction elevator control system failure
refuse truck packer panel track failure
box trailer wall construction patent suit
ventilation hood installation failure
air pressure in a hydraulic cylinder causing fatal damage to repairman
small track-hoe tip over
fatal folding chair seat failure
tilt-bed tow truck operator error
rough-terrain forklift tip over
fatal hydraulic cylinder rupture
scissor lift crushing operator
fatal farm tractor transmission failure
skid steer body motion crushing operator’s feet
visibility issues of heavy equipment causing fatal rollover
inadequate forklift wheel guard causing foot injury
inadequate blender component suit involving hundreds of tests on blenders
shaving razor patent suit
farm sprayer tractor visibility issues causing motorcycle crash
fatal large glass sheet hauling trailer structural failure
inadequate bulldozer safety systems allowing fatal operator motion while the equipment is moving
essential oil diffuser patent suit
hand tool patent suit involving destructive strength testing of a hand tool
wheel chock mold design IP infringement and breach of contract
fatal forklift impingement
arm crushed and burned when caught in packaging machine
multiple patent suits surrounding containers for hauling sand

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While working at Alpine Engineering, but independent of his work there, Expert also became a licensed Outdoor Fireworks Display Operator in the state of Utah. This license allows Expert to be in charge of the setup, safe operation, and clean up of professional fireworks displays. Expert has assisted with over 38 shows, primarily through Vortex Fireworks Productions of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has personally been the “Head Pyro” for over 14 shows.