When You Are in a Hurry and Looking for Just the Right Expert Witness to Win Your Case.

Medical Billing Coding Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Errors, Overcharges, Hospital Bills, Medical Bills, Duplicate Charges, Coding

Expert Witness No. 313


Known for detecting errors and overcharges in hospital and medical bills, our team of professionals analyzes your client’s bills and translates the findings into savings and easy to understand terms useable in negotiation with the provider.  Our analysis will consist of letting you know:

•    If the charges are allowable
•    If there are duplicate charges
•    If charges have been “unbundled”
•    If the charges are accurate, and
•    If they are fair and Reasonably priced for the geographic region

Our goal is to provide a service that will help insure your client only pays his or her fair share when it comes to medical bills.  Our analysis is objective.  Our audit will provide a clear picture of what he or she actually owes, not what the hospital claims they owe.


Specialties & Experience:

General Specialties: Medical & hospital bills and coding
Specialty Focus: Medical Bill reviews and analysis
Education: BA, Western Connecticut State University, CPC – American Academy of Professional Codes, MCS-P – Medical Compliance Specialists

Years in Business:  10+
Years in Medical Field:  25+
Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 5 Years:  0 (please note:  most cases settle before we get to this point).  


Additional Information: 

CERTIFICATIONS: American Academy of Professional Coding – CPC; Medical Compliance Specialists – MCS-P. 

 Member of:  Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, AIHC, AAPC, MCS-P and CERT.  

 Trained by Professional Patient Advocate Institute and Seak.