Medical Wearable Electronic Devices FDA Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Medical Device, Medical Imaging, Patent, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Electronics, Transducer, ASIC, MEMS, FDA, Signal Processing, DFSS, Regulatory, Biometric Security, Tomography, Parallel Computing, Minimally Invasive Surgical Guidance, Ablation, Wearable Medical Devices,


Award winning, Oxford Educated scientist whose areas of expertise include medical imaging, electronics, semi-conductors, medical devices, sensors, MEMS, signal processing and image processing.  Experience in industries/applications including medical devices, imaging, consumer electronics, biometric security, and electrical power delivery. Extensive Intellectual Property experience including patent development, analysis, licensing, and strategy. Serial inventor who holds 22 U.S. Patents with several pending. Diverse industry experience includes multi-nationals such as GE, Medtronic, Fujifilm, Samsung and Siemens as well as several start-ups. Well published. Winner of grants from National Institute of Health and DARPA. Extensive international consulting experience.  IEEE Senior Member since 2004.  Three years’ experience teaching electrical and computer engineering. Holds BA and MA in Physics from Oxford as well as Doctorate from Oxford in Materials Science.


  • Consulting on litigation involving medical devices, wearable electronics patents, and trade secrets.
  • Advising start-ups on patent strategy, product positioning and business strategy
  • System design for a wearable cancer monitoring device
  • Portable point-of-care imaging (research supported in part by a grant to River Sonic Solutions from the National Institutes of Health)
  • Design of beam formation and image reconstruction techniques for medical imaging and surgical guidance
  • Acoustics and transducer design for medical and industrial applications
  • Design of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) signal processing and front- end electronics for pediatric otitis diagnosis


  • Expert Witnessing seminars attended (each course is 14 hours, on-site):
  • How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice
  • How to be an Effective Expert Witness
  • How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition
  • Advanced Testifying Skills for Experts
  • How to Write a Bulletproof Expert Witness Report
  • How to Excel and Succeed as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques

Expert Witness Conferences attended:

  • Forensic Expert Witness Association National Conference, San Francisco, CA, 2016
  • National Expert Witness Conference, Clearwater, FL, 2017


  • Senior Key Expert, Siemens AG, February 2009: Siemens defines the Key Expert position as “a career path for key technology experts analogous to that for our top managerial talents.”
  • Willis R. Whitney Technical Achievement Award, GE Global Research, August 2000: For participating in the development of a Six-Sigma software toolkit, which was widely deployed within GE.
  • Six-Sigma Certified Green Belt, GE Global Research, April 1998: A certified Green Belt at GE has taken classes and completed several projects resulting in cost savings for the company. In my case these involved Design for Six-Sigma (DFSS).
  • Dushman Award, GE Global Research, June 1994: GE’s highest-ranking team award for contributions to the introduction of their first premium ultrasound product, the LOGIQ 700.


  • Member of the Board of Directors, IEEE Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley, January 2017-present. IEEE-CNSV, the Silicon Valley chapter of the IEEE Consultants’ Network, brings together consultants, clients and interested parties to exchange ideas about electrical, electronic and software engineering.
  • Project Manager, Keizai Silicon Valley, May 2013-present. KSV is a non-profit business and professional networking organization. It provides a venue for showcasing specialists with expertise on issues critical to the success of entrepreneurs and companies doing business with Japan and the U.S.
  • Member of Technical Program Committee, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium. This committee is responsible for the technical content of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium.


  • Redistribution layer in an ultrasound diagnostic imaging transducer
  • Switch for aperture control in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Volume mechanical transducer for medical diagnostic ultrasound
  • Aperture synthesis using cMUTs
  • Multi-dimensional CMUT array with integrated beam formation
  • Piezoelectric and CMUT layered ultrasound transducer array
  • Ultrasound imaging transducer array for synthetic aperture
  • Apparatus for two-dimensional transducers used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
  • Method and apparatus for improving the performance of capacitive acoustic transducers using bias polarity control and multiple firings
  • Apparatus for two-dimensional transducer used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
  • Electric circuit for tuning a capacitive electrostatic transducer
  • Microfabricated ultrasonic transducer array for 3-D imaging and method of operating the same
  • Apparatus for two-dimensional transducers used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
  • Microfabricated ultrasonic transducers with bias polarity beam profile control and method of operating the same
  • System and method for statistical design of ultrasound probe and imaging system
  • Method and system for conducting medical imaging transactions
  • Ultrasound imaging system having post-beamformer signal processing using deconvolution algorithm
  • Ultrasound imaging system with dynamic window function generator
  • Focused ultrasound surgery system guided by ultrasound imaging
  • Method for adaptively filtering doppler signals using a complex time domain filter
  • Color flow imaging system utilizing a time domain adaptive wall filter
  • Ultrasound imaging system with dynamic window function



  • IEEE Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley: member from 2012 to Present.
  • IEEE Senior Member: September 1987 to Present. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
  • Associate Member, American Bar Association, July 2016 to Present. Member of Intellectual Property Law section.


Consulting Company (2012 – present)

  • Consultant in the areas of ultrasound, MEMS, electronics, patent strategy and expert witnessing.

CEPHASONICS, INC. (previously Samplify; 2011 – present)

Chief Scientist

  • Responsible for technical direction of a start-up seeking to commoditize front- end and beam formation electronics.
  • Advised CEO on all technical matters, deeply involved in angel and VC fund- raising.
  • Extensive customer interaction: marketed products to imaging and non- traditional customers.


Senior Manager, Engineering, Mountain View, CA: 2005-2011

  •  Delivered 3 ASICs on tight schedule to support new Silicon Ultrasound product line.
  • Managed team of eight engineers to design, test and manufacture all electronics needed for introduction of Silicon Ultrasound transducers.
  • Technology evangelist presenting weekly to customers at Siemens’ Innovation Center.


Manager, Research and Development, San Leandro, CA: 2003-2005

  • Managed group which created electronics for first 2D and 3D images using silicon ultrasound transducer.
  • Co-authored successful grant proposal to DARPA on battlefield ultrasound imaging and surgery.  $7.5 M was awarded to Sensant and its collaborator.

Senior Staff Engineer, San Leandro, CA: 2000-2003

  • Design of new types of imaging systems using capacitive micro-fabricated ultrasound transducers (cMUTs, also known as Silicon Ultrasound.)
  • Co-authored several successful SBIR grant proposals.


Physicist, Corporate R&D, Niskayuna, NY: 1990-2000


Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Urbana, IL: 1987-1990

  •  Research in scanning laser acoustic microscopy to characterize tissue, and applications of neural networks to ultrasonic imaging.
  • Taught courses in circuit theory, medical imaging and acoustics.


D. Phil. (equal to Ph. D.) in Materials Science, Oxford University, UK: 1984-1987.
B.A. and M.A. in Physics with 1st class honors, Oxford University, UK: 1981-1984.