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Engineer Metallurgical, Licensed Professional Engineer, International Certified Senior Corrosion Engineer, Metallurgical Engineering, Failure Investigations, Problem, Resolutions, Welding Design, Nondestructive Testing, Pressure Vessel Specifications, Heat Treatment, Smelting, Mineral Grinding, Separation, Heavy Fuels, Coal, Coke Bunker C No6 Fuel Oil, Corrosion Engineering, Cathodic Protection Concrete Structures, Cathodic Protection Above Ground Storage Tanks, Cathodic Protection Of Underground Storage Tanks, Cathodic Protection Of Water Tanks Support Structures, Contaminated Soils, Treatment, Disposal, Environmental, Radiation Emission Microwave Towers, Non Ionizing Radiation Emission Microwave Heat Sources


B.S. Engineering, McGill University, 1961

M.S. Engineering, Metallurgical, McGill University, 1966

Ph. D Engineering, Metallurgical, University of Missouri – Rolla, 1969

Licensed Professional Engineer (Chemical) – New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama

P.E. Ontario and Quebec, Canada

NACE International Certified Senior Corrosion Engineer

Areas of Specialization

Corrosion Engineering

Cathodic Protection of Concrete Structures

Cathodic Protection of Above- Ground Storage Tanks

Cathodic Protection of Underground Storage Tanks

Cathodic Protection of Water Tanks and Support Structures

Contaminated Soils: Treatment & Disposal


Radiation and Emission from Microwave Towers

Non-Ionizing Radiation Emission from Microwave Heat Sources

Metallurgical Engineering:

Failure Investigations & Problem Resolutions

Welding Design

Nondestructive Testing

Pressure Vessel Specifications.

Heat Treatment


Mineral Grinding & Separation

Heavy fuels: coal, coke and bunker C (#6 Fuel Oil)

Professional Experience:

2001 to Present, Client Liaison
Contacting clients and managing investigative work on their behalf using The M&P Lab personnel.  All the projects handled by Expert 1301 require his extra expertise in metallurgical engineering, corrosion or environmental knowledge.

2001 to Present, Failure Investigations
Various Investigative Companies and Law-Firms
Analyze failed material to determine how the failure occurred.  Provide expertise towards resolution of disputes arising from manufacturing process or product failures/accidents/disposal of wastes.  Torts resulting from metal and non-metal contamination of soil, water and air.

2000 to Present, Owner/President
Independent metallurgical consultant providing private clients failure analysis services, materials testing, radio emission exposure assessments, design, monitoring and certifying corrosion/cathodic protection installations.

1998 to 2000, Plug Power, Inc.
Senior Metallurgical Engineer/Scientist
In service to a developer/manufacturer of residential fuel cells (5-15KW).  Failure investigations related to corrosion and material selection.

1995-1998, Mercury Refining Company, Chief Engineer
Production engineer, smelting of precious metals and retorting of mercury bearing regulators, batteries, medical wastes and mercury-contaminated soil.  Designer of air and water pollution abatement facilities for disposal of heavy metal contaminated fluids and remediation by gravity separation and retorting of soil contaminated with mercury.  In charge of automatic monitoring of mercury contaminated plant air.

1993 to 1995, Ernie Morris, Inc (in service to General Electric, Plastics)
Chief Engineer
Redesign of a major wastewater recycling and disposal facility.  Engineering work related to industrial gases and steam for a major chemical complex.  Part of a team designing heavy metal and phosphate abatement system from wastewater.

1992 to 1993, Petrotec Corporation & Metcalf & Eddy, Anderson Division Manager
Supervised and designed systems for disposal of contaminated soil, oil contaminated wastewater, perforated underground storage tanks and stripping columns for gasoline-contaminated water.

1990 to 1991, Domermuth Environmental Services, Inc., Project Engineer
Commissioned a truck flat-bed mounted rotary kiln and screening plant for in-situ treatment of gasoline-diesel contaminated soils.  Designed and commissioned secondary containment for tank farms.

1978 to 1990, Cities Service Oil and Gas/Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Senior Advisor
Material selection and corrosion investigations for oil field operations.  Performed modeling studies for major reservoirs and oil pipelines.  Manger of high pressure-hydrogen laboratory for conversion of heavy oil and coal into transportation fuels.

1975 to 1978, Union Carbide Corporation, Linde Division, Senior Engineer
Pilot plant design and operations for high temperature/pressure conversion of coal into transportation fuels.  Plot plant operations of and incinerator for domestic and medical wastes.

1969 to 1973, Falconbridge Nickel Mines, Senior Research Engineer
Responsible for disposal of mine-mill tailings, selection or pumps and pipes for handling high acid mineral slurries for recovery of metals and disposal of wastes: tailings and water.

1965 to 1969, University of Missouri, Rolla, Ph.D.
Research on Removal of Mercury, Lead, Zinc from Water
Independent research on removal of heavy metal from water

1961 to 1965, Supreme Precision Castings and International Precision Castings
Foundry Metallurgist
Foundry floor melting and castings supervisor.  Metallurgical failure investigations for company clients.  Nondestructive testing: x-ray, gamma ray, dye-penetrant and magnaflux.

Professional Licensure and Memberships in Professional Societies

Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering 1960-1973.

Engineering Institute of Canada, Chairman, Sudbury Section 1972.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Treasurer, Tulsa Section 1987.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vice Chairman, Tulsa Section 1988.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Chairman, Tulsa Section 1989.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Northeastern New York, Chairman, 1996

Registered Licensed Professional Engineering in New York, Indiana, West Virginia, Vermont, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.  


Scholarship, Dominion Department of Mines, Quebec, 1959.

Scholarship, Grodon Sproule Memorial Scholarship, 1960.

Scholarship, Dominion Department of Mines, Quebec, 1964.

Scholarship, U.S. Department of the Interior 1965 – 1969

Patents, patent pending, Journal Publications, Books, and Other Reports will be furnished upon request

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