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Expert witness testimony for legal and insurance cases related to weather, floods, sunrise/sunset, and sun glare.

Customized weather forecasts; monthly and seasonal outlooks, based upon El Niño, La Niña, and Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

Climatic research; investigations of historical weather events, including storms and floods.

Development of Probable Maximum Precipitation and other design for design of dams, reservoirs, and flood control channels.

Determination of anticipated adverse weather conditions for construction and other field operation projects.

Design and development of state-of-the-art remote-telemetry flood-warning systems.

Management of other scientists in a wide variety of services, including:
Coordinated teams of expert witnesses, for litigation and insurance cases, in forensic discovery involving weather events, floods, earthquakes, landslides, and other related phenomena, plus a variety of air quality issues.

Climatic frequency analysis, HVAC climatic tables, climatic actuarial calculations for insurance, and other studies.

OSHA hazardous materials training and other educational programs.

Research projects and studies in a wide range of meteorological and earth sciences fields.

Professional Experience

(Includes numerous cases serving as an Expert Witness):


A Private Weather & Science Company  (plus predecessor corporations)
Principal Scientist, primary expert witness, and seasonal forecast specialist.

Experience includes many dozen cases as a court-qualified Expert Witnesses, with depositions and trial testimony in many; thousands of other forensic investigations, thousands of weather forecasts, and hundreds of long-range weather outlooks.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, Reservoir Regulation Section, Meteorologist.

Experience, in addition to SPECIALTIES listed above, included:

Development of Probable Maximum Precipitation for dams, spillways, and flood control channels.

Customized forecasting for flood control, water resources, and construction.

Preparation of water control manuals for reservoir operation.


U.S. Air Force and California Air National Guard: 
Air Weather Service, Weather Officer /Chief Forecaster


University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Lecturer, Laboratory Associate, Research Assistant, and Teaching Assistant.


California State University, Northridge, Department of Geography.
Assistant Professor, Meteorology.

Education and Academic Publications

University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Studied under Dr. Jacob Bjerknes, Professor of Meteorology and world-famous pioneering meteorologist of the 20th Century

Post-Doctoral Studies, Meteorology.  Pioneering research publication:  Effects of Equatorial Pacific Ocean temperatures, including El Niño and La Niña, on weather and precipitation in western and southern United States.

1972-1976, Major applications to long-range weather forecasting, including seasonal outlooks.

Ph.D., Meteorology. Dissertation:  Seasonal distribution of precipitation in the western United States and Baja California.  Applications to quantitative precipitation forecasting. 1972

Research publication:  Co-author on Analysis of 1969 flood-producing storms in Southern California.  1969

M.A., Meteorology. Thesis:  Precipitation patterns of California:  storm sizes, correlations, climatic variations. 1965

B.A., Meteorology;  Physics minor.  Won national award for air-sea interaction/storm development paper. 1963

Professional Memberships

active [a], recent [r], and past [p] include:

American Meteorological Society [a].

California Weather Association [a].

The Hydrometeorology Associates [a].

American Water Resources Association [r].

Los Angeles Geographers Association [r].

National Weather Association [p].

Sigma Xi [p].

Air Force Association [p].

National Guard Association of California [p].


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