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Masters of International Commercial and Trade Law, Summa Cum Laude, by the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies (ITESM), Monterrey, NL, Mexico, 1999.
Diploma in Commercial Law for the NAFTA Region, by the ITESM, 1996.
Law Degree (JD equivalence), by the University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, NL, Mexico, 1986. Honors.

My major area of study has been International Commercial and Trade Law.  In addition to my degrees, I have attended multiple seminars and courses focused on international issues, including foreign policy assessment.  I also hold a Certificate of Equivalency of legal studies issued by the Committee on Bar Admissions of the State of Louisiana.

Summary of Professional skills and/or expertise

Field of expertise

International Commercial and Trade Law, Corporate Transactions
(M&A, Joint Ventures) considerable experience in Public International Law and International Relations.

Credentials or professional training relevant to expertise

International Law Degrees (as described in the Education chapter)
Membership in two Bi-national Panels integrated by government officials from the United States of America and Mexico, responsible for recommending policy in a series of topics ranging form trade between Mexico and the U.S., to national security issues.

International Trade Law Professor at the ITESM Law School, in Monterrey, Mexico.
Mexican Foreign Service.  Studied at the Matias Romero Institute of Diplomatic Studies (Mexican Department of State)

Drafting of the Foreign Trade Zone Bill currently in review by the Mexican Congress.

Member of the worktables in charge of developing the concept of “Strategic Bonded Areas” (Recintos Fiscalizados Estategicos) and the legislative initiatives necessary to operate them.

Drafting of the General Rules governing Strategic Bonded Areas (Foreign Trade Zones), recently published by the Mexican Treasury Department (Customs Service).

Special advisor to the Mexican Senate on international trade issues.
Special advisor to the International Trade Subcommitee of the Mexican House of Representatives.

State representative to the U.S.-Mexico Bi-national Group on Border Issues.
Served on two consecutive terms as Co-Chairman of the Border Issues
Strong International Practice background.

Summary of relevant work experience

From October 2006 to date, founding partner of A firm focused on international legal matters and legislative/governmental advocacy and governmental relations.

From August 1995 to 2006, partner at Juristas Asesores, S.C., a law firm located in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  Our main area of practice is International Law.  My individual practice focuses on foreign trade, foreign investment issues and international corporate law (contracts, mergers and acquisitions, complex litigation).

From August 3, 1998 to October 31, 2003, General Counsel of the Trust for the Development of Northern Nuevo Leon (FIDENOR), with main offices in the State capital Monterrey.  FIDENOR is a State Government Agency responsible for the regional planning and sustainable economic development of Nuevo Leon’s border with the U.S.A., focusing on the creation and implementation of programs intended to attract investment to the region.  My responsibilities included: Legal advisor to the Trust’s Technical Committee, which is the governing body of the agency; project finance planning; procurement and allocation of funds for regional development infrastructure (roads, railroads, electric plants, natural gas exploration and extraction, alternative energy source management, water treatment facilities, etc.)  In addition, as a governmental official I have been appointed to the following positions:

State representative to the Mexico-US Bi-national Group on Border Issues, a policy development commission coordinated by the Mexican and American Departments of State.

Co-chair of the Border Issues Panel of the US-Mexico Border Governors Conference.

In both these groups I have participated in the definition of policy affecting Mexico-U.S. border issues such as:  economic development, customs practices and methods for enhancing trans-border trade, investment, recommendations for the allocation of funds for communications and transportation infrastructure, environmental protection, and national security.

From August 1995 to August 1997, Research Fellow at the Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade, a think-tank of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies, focused on the research of issues affecting trade policy in the Americas.  My main area of research of foreign investment policy and regulation.  One of my main achievements during my tenure was participating as an expert in the first arbitration process pursuant to NAFTA Chapter XI on Investment.

From October 1990 to August 1995, General Counsel of the INLOSA Group, with corporate offices in Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, Mexico (along the Mexico-US border).  INLOSA is a business consortium dedicated mainly to regional development projects and international financing.  My responsibilities included:  Legal advisor to the Board of Directors, corporate planning, international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, finance projects, labor issues, government procurement and general legal advisor to the Group’s companies.

Academic Experience

Professor of Contemporary Legal Systems at the ITESM Law School (course taught in English)
Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution, International Commercial Law Program, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies ITESM.
Professor of Legal Framework for International Business, International Commercial Law Program, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies ITESM.
Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the International Trade Diploma program offered by the Inter American Trade Law Center at ITESM


Available upon request.


Mexican Bar Association
American Bar Association
International Bar Association


Mother Tongue:  Spanish
Other Languages:  English, fluent.  French, full working knowledge.