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Microwave Product Application Consultant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Microwave, Microwave Heating, Microwave Ovens, Foods, Packaging, Cookware, Industrial Microwave Processing, Patent Infringement, Industrial Fires, Contract Disputes, Felony Murder, Product Liability, Personal Injury


Microwave Expert
Expert witness in over 20 cases
Actively working with microwaves since 1961
Leading consultant on microwave products and application
Developed numerous microwavable products and processes
Consulted for over 150 companies
Teach and lecture internationally on many microwave disciplines

Microwave Background

Actively working with microwaves, microwave ovens and microwave processing since 1961
Personally responsible for numerous successful microwave products and processes
Lecture and teach internationally in all microwave heating areas
Invented and patented many microwave systems, processes and devices
Recognized internationally as a leading microwave consultant and expert

Expert Witness Activities

Represented plaintiffs and defendants
Testified in depositions, trials and arbitrations

Microwave Cases
Microwave oven injuries
Intellectual property
Patent infringement
Industrial fires
Medical malpractice
Class action
Felony murder

Non-Microwave Cases
Trade secret violation

Work Experience

Associates, Inc., New York, NY, 1978-Present
Contract consultants on microwaves and microwave products and systems
Developed industrial microwave systems for foods, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, foundry, and more
Developed microwavable foods, packages, cookware
Developed non-microwave consumer food and non-food products
Product performance testing for microwave foods, packages, cookware
Provided in-house training on different microwave disciplines

Bedrosian and Associates, Inc., Alpine, NJ, 1973-1978
New product and process consultants
Developed non-microwave consumer food and non-food products
Developed several microwave products and processes

DCA Food Industries, Inc., New York, NY, 1959-1963, 1964-1971
Senior Research Scientist & Project Manager
Developed several major microwave processing systems for the baking industry
Research and development on baking technology
Development of food service products

Nucleonics Corporation of America, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, 1963-1964
Vice President of Research
In charge of radioactive chemical laboratory
Prepared radioactive standards
Provided Health Physics services
In charge of radioactivity film badge service


BS: Columbia University – Pharmacy
MS: Purdue University – Physical & Analytical Chemistry
PhD (not completed): New York University – Biophysics

Microwave Consulting Activities

Industrial Microwave Processing
Applications R&D and design of numerous microwave processes
Microwave proofing of dough
Microwave frying of donuts
Microwave baking of bread
Microwave drying for manufacture of airplane components
Microwave preparation of muesli (granola)
Microwave drying of blood oxygenators
Microwave frying of fish and chicken
Microwave processing of extruded materials

Other Microwave Systems
Sterilization of medical and dental instruments
Microwave warming of blood plasma
Microwave/convection cookware system
Conversion of Hematite to Magnetite
Drying of spent catalyst
Designed an analytical laboratory microwave oven

Consumer Microwave Products

Numerous microwavable foods products
“Amazin’ Glaze”: caramel microwave popcorn
“Deli Selections”: microwavable sandwiches
“Highliner Frozen Fish Dinners”
“Lean Cuisine Chicken Pot Pie”

Microwave Packaging
Designed several special microwavable packaging systems
Performance testing many different microwave packages
Determined cause of spontaneous fracture of glass jars in microwave ovens

Microwave cookware
Performance testing of consumer cookware
Performance testing of hospital feeding systems
Developed patented microwave/convection microwave cookware

Microwave ovens
Performance testing of numerous microwave ovens
Designed unique microwave “urntable”

Professional Activities

International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI)
President, currently & 1973-1982
Chairman, 1983-1985
Member – Board of Governors,1970-1985; 1993- 1994; 2009- Present
Fellow of the Institute, elected in 1983
Vice President of Scientific Section, 1993-1994
Technical Program Chairman of 28th Annual Symposium, 1993
Best Paper Award,1982
Associate Editor of the Journal of Microwave Power

Microwave Working Group (MWG)
Vice President, 2001- 2008
Vice Chair, 3rd World Congress on Microwave and RF Applications, 2002, Sydney,  Australia
Chair, 4th World Congress on Microwave and RF Applications, 2004, Austin, Texas
Industrial Program Chair for 1st and 2nd World Congresses

Microwave Technology Association of the UK
Honorary Lifetime Member since1992

Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education
Founding Member
Session chair and invited speaker at several bi-annual conferences

Plastic Microwave Cookware Division the Plastics Association of America
Chairman of Technical Committee

Single Service Institute
Chairman of Technical Committee

ASTM Committee on microwave susceptors
Member of Technical Committee

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
Emeritus Professional Member
Scientific Lecturer on microwave topics,1988-1991
Invited speaker on microwave processing, 1992

Institute of Packing Professionals
Member Consultants Council

Sigma Xi – Honorary Research Society
Emeritus Member

Microwave Conferences And Speaking Engagements

Program Chairman for approximately 20 international microwave conferences
Vice Chairman, 3rd World Congress on Microwave and RF Applications, 2002, Sydney, Australia
Chairman, 4th World Congress on Microwave and RF Applications, 2004, Austin, Texas
Invited Speaker on Microwave Topics at many international conferences, including
-American Chemical Society
-American Ceramics Society
-International Microwave Power Institute
-Technical Association of the Paper and Pulp Industries
-American Pharmaceutical Association
-Packaging Council of Australia
-Australian Microwave Association
-AMPERE Conference, Bayreuth Germany, 2001
Complete list (7 pages) available upon request

Microwave Teaching Activities

Center for Professional Advancement (in USA & the Netherlands)
Course Director and Lecturer for over 20 years
-Industrial Microwave Technology
-Microwave Oven Technology
-Industrial Drying of Heat Sensitive Materials

In-house seminars for
-Merck Pharmaceutical
-Norsk Hydro (Norway)
-Kimberly Clark

Institute of Food Technologists
Scientific Lecturer on microwave topics, 1988-1991

Microwave Seminars for
International Microwave Power Institute
Institute of Food Technologists
American Pharmaceutical Association
American Association of Cereal Chemists
Private in-house seminars for numerous U.S. companies

Microwave and Other Patents

Available Upon Request

Microwave Publications

Available Upon Request

Microwave Awards and Honors

Putnam Award – Top Honors, for Development of the Microwave Donut Proofer
Putnam Award – Honors, for Development of the Microwave Donut Fryer
Fellow of the International Microwave Power Institute
Honorary Lifetime Member of the Microwave Technology Association of the UK
Best Paper Award: International Microwave Power Institute, 1982

Additional Information

References, additional biographical information, and copies of publications and patents are available upon request.

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