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Model Making Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Model Making, Duplicating Forensic Evidence, Reconstructing Evidence Parts, Triple Size of Evidence Parts, Autocad Drawings, Autocad, Drawings of Layout, Plot Plans, wood, plastic, fiberglass evidence models

Expert Witness No.1676



AA degree, Mesa College San Diego

Auto Cad drafting San Diego Adult Education

Welding- Stick, Tig, & Mig Mesa College San Diego

US Navy machine shop school San Diego


Demonstrative Exhibit Maker
Following blueprints and photographs, reproduced forensic evidence where handling the actual evidence was prohibited. Generated new prints where necessary. From actual measurements and photographs, generated plot plan Autocad drawings to illustrate the changes caused by Emanate domain.

Short Run Manufacturing
Following blueprints, manufactured electronic apparatus housings out of fiberglass. Following blueprints, manufactured specialized shelving for a manufacturer. Designed (Via AutoCAD) and produced electronic apparatus housing out of several types of plastic.

Custom Projects
Following blueprints and under supervision, made custom metal additions to motor vehicles. Following verbal orders and blueprints, made custom signage lettering for museum displays. Designed and built painted wood furniture. Using plans modified and built heirloom toys out of exotic woods.

Shop facilities
Expert 1676 has a wide and extensive variety of hand and power tools. These include, several types of saws, sanders, shaping tools, a metal/wood lathe and paint spraying capability. Expert 1676 also has access to a full machine shop.