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M.S. Engineering Systems, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado
B.S. Engineering, Mechanical Specialty, Minor in Economics, Colorado School of Mines, with high scholastic honors


Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado (P.E.)
Board Certified in Forensic Engineering by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR)
Certified by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)


Director of Mechanical Engineering, A Laboratory, LLC, Colorado, September 2011 to Present.

Manager, Mechanical Engineering, A Laboratory, LLC, Colorado, April 2005 to
August 2011.

Engineer, A Laboratory, Inc., Colorado, June 2000 to April 2005.


Expert 3765 performs investigation and reconstruction of high and low-speed motor vehicle accidents involving passenger cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles and commercial vehicles. His experience includes the use of energy and momentum analysis to determine the speed of vehicles involved in accidents, crashworthiness of vehicles, restraint systems, occupant compartment intrusion, driver reaction, time/space relationships and analyses, as well as headlamp filament examination. Expert 3765’s investigations often involve analysis of vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, vehicle safety, human factors and visibility studies. Frequent aspects of these investigations also involve the evaluation of the performance of brakes, tires, seat belts and airbags. He also has working experience with engine, drive train and suspension failure analysis. Expert 3765 has also employed reconstruction techniques to analyze shooting incidents, ski accidents, and industrial accidents.

Product Development

As an engineer with “A” Laboratory and in past employment Expert 3765 has performed extensive product testing, product development and reporting in a variety of consulting, research, and manufacturing settings. While at “A” Laboratory, Expert 3765 has assisted private companies in the development of automotive glazing products, and safety equipment for snow mobiles. In past employment, he has conducted life-cycle testing, including time-to-failure analyses, vibration analyses, stress and strain tests, pressure testing, leak-down testing, and time & frequency domain analyses. While performing research for his graduate thesis, Expert 3765 gained a thorough understanding of data acquisition techniques and the application of data reduction and error analysis techniques to data from mechanical systems. Expert 3765 has also gained general engineering experience in the areas of field surveying, general machining, soldering, brazing, welding, wiring and general manufacturing assembly.

Safety Engineering

Expert 3765 has been involved in extensive investigation and analysis in the area of material handling equipment such as stand-up and sit-down forklifts, racking systems, and warehouses. Expert 3765 has also been involved in liability investigation involving construction equipment such as cranes, aerial lifts, front loaders, motor graders, skid steers and various other pieces of equipment. Frequent aspects of these investigations include maintenance, safety engineering, human factors, and incident reconstruction. Expert 3765 is fluent in the safety engineering aspects of CFR, FMVSS, ANSI, ASME, SAE and other standards applicable in product cases.

Vehicle Engineering

Expert 3765 was a team member of the Colorado School of Mines, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsored, small-scale formula-style race car program for several years. In 1997, Expert 3765 was part of a team that developed an engine test stand. In 1998, Expert 3765 was responsible for the optimization and design of a final belt drive system, and as a team member constructed the chassis, suspension, and drive train. Expert 3765 was the suspension design team leader of the 1999 race car, and has designed independent suspension systems and has used computer technology to produce dimensional analysis of suspension geometry.

Expert Testimony

As a result of his investigations and experience, Expert 3765 has been asked to provide testimony as an expert witness over a dozen times. Expert 3765 has testified for both plaintiffs and defendants and qualified as an expert witness in the areas of mechanical engineering and accident/incident reconstruction.

Professional Affiliations

Expert 3765 is a member of the following technical and professional societies:

NAFE – National Academy of Forensic Engineers
ACTAR – Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Full Accreditation
NSPE – National Society of Professional Engineers
SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers
NAPARS – National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists
ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineer

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