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Natural gas, explosions, gas leak investigator, regulatory policy enforcement, natural gas distribution, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas company inspector, safety inspections, gas heating systems repair, Explosion Incident investigation & cause analysis, Emergency Response, Leak Survey, Leak Investigatio, Gas Line locating, Directional Boring Incidents, 3rd Party Damage Carbon Monoxide Poisoning “the silent killer”, Service & District Regulator Stations, Compressor Stations, ?HVAC Gas Appliance Repair Inspection, Meter Proptection, Vintage Plastic, Mechanical Coupling Failures, Federal State Regulatory Compliance? Interpretations, Advisory Bulletins Directly Related to the case, Operator Qualifications (OQ) Requirements, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Full Review & Compliance, Best Practice Comparisons & Survey Results, Investigation of Prior Company Citations & Violation Notices, State Regulator Enforcement History, Location of Incident Historical Leak Incident History.
State and or Federal Law Relevance ,NFPA 54, International Fuel Code


NatGas Consulting (2011-Present):
Natural gas expert-consulting services, investigate natural gas explosions & carbon monoxide poisoning cases for clients including evidence identification, witness interviews and historical research. Case research & review, discovery development, providing expert witness testimony based on the evidence and experience as a natural gas expert.

Private Gas Workers Association, Chairman and President (2005-Present):

  • Draft and propose new legislation and direct the association’s legislative agenda; Provide legal and legislative testimony; Serve as a media director and liaison regarding story development and post-incident commentary; Maintain professional relationships with cities and towns and serve as their source of technical information; Maintain professional relationships with members of pipeline safety regulatory agencies; Provide expert witness testimony for legal cases and legislative matters; Maintain regulatory compliance for three U.S. states, and federal statutes with respect to interpretation and investigation; Ensure the enforcement of compliance regulations; Research regulatory history; Pursue complaints and violations with the Dept. of Transportation and “a U.S. territory” and State Regulatory agencies; Represent clients as an intervener in merger, rate cases, regulatory policy decisions, and investigations.
  • Provide public testimony for specific docket proceedings; Participate in discovery proceedings; Provide expertise in field investigations, including: performing leak surveys as an independent 3rd party, investigating leaks at public companies, rechecking known gas leaks that remain un-repaired, inspecting regulatory violations; Responding to and investigating incidents/explosions involving natural gas.

Private Company, Proprietor (1997-2001)

UWUA Local 446G, BUW-UWUA Local 318, Labor Representative (1993-2005):
New England Director of Gas Regulatory and Legislative Matters
Brotherhood of Utility Workers of New England (BUWNE) 1999-2002
President 2003-2005, Regulatory Enforcement and Legislative matters 1999-2005
National Grid Gas Company (Formerly Keyspan/Boston Gas)
Meter Reading (1991-1992)
Perform Field Services (PFR) Tech (1992-2010) District
Regulator Leader (2010-2011):

  • Emergency leak response; Leak investigation; Leak grading; Leak survey; Meter work; Gas service installation; Gas leak underground repairs; Service regulator responsible for repair and replacement; Perform gas fitting installations and repair; District Regulator for inspections, repair and replacement.

Larry Miller Productions, Technical Assistant Director (1989- 1991)

U.S. NAVY, Naval Test Center, Pawtuxet River, MD
Civilian Contractor Classified Duties (1987-1989)

U.S. Marine Corp (1981-1986):
Quality Assurance (QA) Inspector, Flight Operations – Power Plants
•    1.5 years of Aviation School
•    Aircraft “Plane Captain”
•    High Power Engine Test Certified
•    Honorable Discharge


University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, 1993-1995 (Labor Guild)

Boston English High School, Boston, MA, May1981



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