Neuropsychology Traumatic Brain Injury Expert Witness

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1989-1993: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The Wright Institute, Graduate School of Clinical Psychology, Berkeley, California (APA)

1989: BA, Psychology College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico


A private company, President
Senior Case Analyst/Litigation Support Specialist/Strategist and Forensic Consultant to Law and Medical Professionals Originator of Nationally (Supreme Court) accredited continuing legal education seminars

A private company, President
A nationally accredited educational institution providing continuing legal education seminars to attorneys involving the complex elements of brain injury litigation.

Professional Technical Services Contract
Provided neuropsychological consultation to facility; Developed neuropsychiatric milieu; conducted forensic neuropsychological/neurodiagnostic assessments with reports; provided formal training to staff on neuropsychological issues. New Mexico Department of Health, Albuquerque, New Mexico

5/94 – 5/95
Post-Doctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology, Forensic Adolescent Treatment Center
Certified by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO); Neuropsychological assessment of adolescents ages 12 through 18; expert witness testimony related to civil commitments and mental competency to stand trial; provided staff training on neurobehavioral sequelae of brain injury.

1/95 -12/95
Neuropsychological Assistant,  HealthCare
Provided neuropsychological evaluations on gerontology unit.

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern, Hospital of Dallas
2,000-hour internship with emphasis on Neuropsychological Testing/Assessment & Reports on children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics; Consult/Liaison for emergency room admissions; Internship consisted of 4 three-month rotations: Child/adolescent locked unit; Adult open and locked units; Neuropsychological Geriatric unit.

8/90 -5/91
Psychology Intern, Memorial Hospital
Responsibilities & training included patient intake, clinical interviews & treatment planning; psychological/neuropsychological assessment; crisis intervention & multi-disciplinary interface.

Psychology Intern, Mental Health Center
Responsibilities & training included patient intake, brief psychotherapy & case management for the severely mentally ill and dual diagnosis patients.

Parent Assistance Center
Responsibilities included parental support and teaching parenting skills to disenfranchised families and single mothers

Owner/President, Residential and Commercial Interior Design Firm,


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1989: Reflection on Memory and the Clinical Process


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