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Summary: Twenty years of experience with Optical Disc technology including CD-ROM project management, CD-ROM and multimedia applications development, and CD-ROM premastering, mastering, production, networking, hardware testing and disc analysis. Expert witness in various CD, DVD and other optical disc technology cases, including defective products, trade secrets, patents, industry and international standards and industry practices and history.


University of Colorado School of Law, J.D., May 1984.
Chairman, Board of Directors, Legal Aid and Defender Program.

Metropolitan State College, B.A., August, 1981.
Colorado Scholar’s Award, 1980, 1981.

Professional Experience

A Company – Denver, CO, 1994 to present.
Independent consulting on CD-Recordable/Rewritable and DVD-Recordable/Rewritable system design and development, project management and application development, CD and DVD disc and drive testing and analysis. Speaking, writing and training on CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DV+R and DVD+RW technologies. Extensive expert witness work on various CD and DVD related litigation, noted below.

Project Manager for Associated Press on CD, United Press International on CD, Kyoto News on CD (Japanese wire service) and Canadian Press on CD.
Designed hardware and software specifications and production and testing strategy for online internet custom CD Recordable music disc ordering and production system.
CD Recordable drive and disc testing for various clients.
Featured in Time Digital Magazine’s Ask the Experts section, November, 1997

Contributing Editor, Columnist, EMedia Magazine – 1995 to 2004
Researching and writing monthly features, reviews, columns and news stories on CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD and DVD-R and DVD-RW technologies.

Project Manager, Optical Publishing, Inc., Fort Collins, CO, 1992-1994
Responsible for CD-ROM development projects from product conception to delivery.

Supervised programming and technical writing staff and all aspects of product development on the world’s largest CD-ROM database.
Implemented and supervised CD Recordable production and testing for FEDLOG, the U.S. Government parts catalog.
Member of the design team for first IBM mainframe-based CD Recordable product.

Applications Engineer, Meridian Data, Inc. Scotts Valley, CA, 1991-1992
Responsible for the installation, training, support and repair of the first CD Recordable products and for the design and production of CD-ROM prototypes and applications for Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government agencies.

Designed and implemented the first CD-Recordable based document image processing system.
Created the first bootable UNIX discs for secure software installation at remote military sites.
Developed the integrated software framework for Meridian Data’s CD Recordable products.
Designed, produced and implemented Texaco’s CD-ROM-based Material Safety Data Sheets.

Project Manager, Senior Programmer, CD-ROM Resource Group, Denver, CO, 1988 -1991.Responsible for management of all CD-ROM development projects, including data rights acquisition, database design, project planning and scheduling and project staff supervision.

Conceived, designed, and supervised production of the Colorado Revised Statutes on CD-ROM, the first state statute disc in the country.
Programmed the data conversion routines necessary to transfer the data from the state mainframe database to appropriate format for PC indexing and database creation.
Successfully challenged the State of Colorado’s claim to copyright of legislatively produced materials, specifically the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Computer Instructor, Denver Paralegal Institute, Denver, CO, 1987 – 1988. Responsible for training paralegal students in basic and advanced use of computers in the law office.

Senior Programmer, Colorado Legal Systems, Inc. Denver, CO, 1985-1988.
Responsible for design and development of specialized legal practice software programs.

Designed and developed substantive practice software for law offices.
Published the following software programs: Colorado Rules on Disk, Federal Rules on Disk, Colorado Child Support Worksheets, and Colorado Financial Affidavit.
Advised the Colorado Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions on program design and implementation of the electronic version of the Colorado Jury Instructions.

Private Law Practice, Denver, CO 1985-1991
Areas of Practice: torts, contracts, insurance, corporate, and criminal law.

Civil litigation experience includes research, pleadings, motions, discovery, depositions, trial preparation, trial, negotiations and settlement.
Appellate work includes briefs and oral argument to the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court.
Criminal practice experience includes motions and motions hearings, plea negotiations, trial preparation and trial.


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Expert Witness Work

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Optical Disc, Optical Disk, Compact Disk, Digital Versatile Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DV+R, DVD+RW, CD, DVD, DVD Video, VCD, SVCD, CD+G, CD-I, CD Text, Enhanced CD, CD-Recordable, CD-Rewritable, DVD-Recordable, DVD-Rewritable, PhotoCD, Picture CD, Red Book, Yellow Book, Blue Book, White Book, High Sierra, Disc Analysis, Disk Analysis, Duplicator, CD-I, Enhanced CD, CIRC, Subcode,