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Paints, Coatings, Industrial, Marine Coatings, Corrosion, Coating Techniques, Coating Inspection, Design Specification Assessment, Surface Preparation, Coating Application, Coating Process, Failure Analysis, Failure Cause, Fire Origin, Failure Remedies, Specifications Review, Contractor Responsibilities, Residential Paints, Residential Coatings, Surface Preparation, Maintenance, Process Safety, Commercial Coatings,Roofing Material Fires

He has served in nearly every position with respect to paint/coating applications, from painter to crew foreman, to supervisor and then in the position of project estimator, compliance/inspector and finally as the owner of his own coatings company. He has more than thirty years experience in paint/coatings/sealants and corrosion consulting that includes many areas of application within Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Structural projects. He has extensive experience consulting with clients regarding design specifications, specifications assessment, surface preparation, coating applications, coating process, failure analysis, possible causes, origins of failure and remedies. His unique ability to read specification, evaluate coatings and determine appropriate surface preparation, coatings choice and application lead him to the role of inspector.  Through this role of inspector he has achieved the exclusive designation of NACE Level III Coatings Inspector; able to read specifications, determine compliance with technical specification, compliance with Standards, evaluate work performance against project requirements, environments and specialized needs.


NACE International, Certified Level III Coating Inspector


Northern Illinois University, 115 Credit Hours

US Marines, Honorary Discharge

Professional Associations

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

National Association of Corrosion Engineers International

Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC)

Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)

Areas of Expertise

Failure Cause & Origin
Failure Remedies
Specifications Review
Contractor Responsibilities
Technical Specifications
Residential Paints / Coatings
Industrial Coatings
Surface Preparation / Maintenance
Subcontractor Responsibilities
Process/Application Review
Process Safety
Quality Control / Assurance
Commercial Coatings
Structural Coatings

Application Methods

Brush & Roller
HVLP (high-vol. low-pressure) spray pumps
Plural component spray units
Electrostatic spray systems
Guniting systems

Specialty Coatings

Pipeline Coatings
Thick Barrier Linings
Concrete and Cementitious Surfaces
Maintenance and Remediation Coatings

Industrial Training and Education Programs

Sherwin Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings Technical Training

NACE Certification Programs:  Level I,  Level II and Level III

Technical training regarding coating specification
(surface preparation and coatings application)

Coating inspections both in the field and fixed shop environments

Techniques involving Destructive Testing (use of DFT equipment on surfaces, substrate, determining adhesion, impression and Eddy current-type DFT).

Testing for soluble chemical salt contamination (including ferrous and chloride ions)

Coating techniques used in highly specialized applications (pipeline coatings, sheet linings, monolithic linings, architectural and aluminum).

Coating techniques associated with Concrete applications.

Coating techniques associated with specialized environments (fireproofing, antifoulings, high-heat coatings, temporary protective coatings, water treatment, food treatment applications, waste-water treatment, petro-chemical applications, power generation, and floor-coatings).

Coating specifications for new, remediation or maintenance of structural steel.

Competency for inspection techniques, equipment and quality control associated with NACE, SSPC and ISO standards.

Techniques for testing and confirmation of coating failure modes.

Recognize laboratory testing methods used to establish coating performance criteria.


Sr. Consultant
Advanced Protective Coating, Kansas City, MO
Project Manager
Joseph Stowers Painting, Kansas City, KS
Job Foreman

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