Paint Coatings Scientist Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Paint Coatings Scientist Consultant, Paint, Paint Coatings Scientist Consultant Paint Safety, Paint Coatings, Forklift Instructor, OSHA Compliance Physical Chemical, Hazmat Manager, Hazardous Waste Practitioner, Lead Abatement Consultant, Paints Coating, Painting Coating


Juris Doctorate:  Western State University, Fullerton, CA 1982
Masters Business Administration:  University Of California, Riverside, CA 1976
Bachelor’s Of Science:  (Chemistry), University Of California, Riverside, CA 1973

Professional Training

Los Angeles City College:  Coatings Science course (1965)

Los Angeles TTC:  Color matching and Color Harmony (1966)

UC Riverside:  Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (1983)

UC Riverside:  Certified Hazardous Waste Practitioner (1985)

California Highway Patrol: HazMat Transportation (1985)

Cal OSHA:  Certified Forklift Instructor course (1986)

Cal OSHA:  Industrial Hygiene 6-month course (1986)

Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology:  President 1993 & 1996.

Work Experience

1958 – 1963:
Painted buildings, inside and out on a regular maintenance basis as a member of different maintenance crews.

1963-67, 1968-79:
Celanese Coatings/Whittaker Coatings/Reliance Coatings Company: Paint lab technician/Chief Chemist/Lab Manager.

U.S. Navy, Vietnam campaign.

Coatings and adhesives consultant.

Ellis Paint Company Salesperson/Tech Dir/Operations Manager.  Architectural coatings/Industrial coatings/Environmental services.

Coatings and adhesives consultant and expert witness. Resolved disputes before case filed.  Formulated all types of coatings from conception to customer.
A private company:  Sales Manager West Coast, Color Spectrophotometers and supporting software sales, service and training.

A private university in California:  Instructor in Coatings Science. Supervise 8 students on graduate and senior coatings science projects.  Organized 15 seminars on coatings science.