Parachute Skydiver Instructor High Performance Skydiving Chutes Canopy Piloting Coach Expert Witness

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Parachute Skydiver Instructor High Performance Skydiving Chutes Canopy Piloting Coach Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Parachute, skydive, instructor, high performance chutes, Licenses/Ratings: Tandem, Tandem IE, AFF, Coach, Pro Exhibition rated

Years in sport: 19
Total jumps: 16500


USPA: Tandem Examiner (USPA & UPT)
Tandem Master (Sigma & Strong)
AFF Instructor
Pro Rated
Coach Rating
Camera Flyer
Class 3 Physical

New Zealand NZPIA: Tandem Master (Sigma & Strong)
AFF Instructor
Class 2 Physical
High Altitude

Job Experience:

Skydive San Diego CA USA
Feb 2011 to Current

Skydive Lake Elsinore CA USA
June 2010 to Feb 2011

Pacific Skydiving Center HI USA
Winter 09 & 2010

Kapowsin Air Sports Wa USA
June 07 to April 2010

NZONE the Ultimate Jump Queenstown NZ
December 07 thru May 09

September 07 thru December 07

Blue Skies Skydiving Adv. Wa USA
March 01 thru September 06


  • Skydive Instructor/Examiner , Canopy Piloting Coach
  • Hobbies: Speed Flying, Paragliding, and CP Competing
  • Licenses/Ratings: Tandem, Tandem IE, AFF, Coach, Pro Exhibition rated
  • Total skydives: 16500
  • Camera: 4000
  • Tandem: 10,000
  • Aff: 3000
  • Base: 50


Main canopy: Petra 66 , Sophia 66, VC 79


  • Javelin Sun Path Products
  • Reserve: PDR 113, 113
  • AAD: Speed Cypress
  • Helmet: Camera, ROK Cookie composites, Cookie G3
  • Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky
  • Altimeter: Alti-2 N3
  • Eyewear: Liquid Eyewear


  • Adrenaline Obsession CP Team, Performance Designs, Sun Path, Alti-2,
  • Cookie Composite, Liquid Sky and Liquid Eyewear

Skydiving Accomplishments / Competition PRO Class

  • 2nd plage ord annual SunPath open 2015
  • 3rd place overall FLCPA 2015 season
  • 3rd place 4th meet FLCPA 2015
  • 3rd place 3rd meet FLCPA 2015
  • 2nd place 1st meet FLCPA 2015
  • 9thplace overall USPA CP nationals 2014
  • Ranked 15thin the world for CP 2013
  • 2013 US CP Team member Russia/Dubai
  • California state speed record 2013
  • 1stplace overall CRCPL swoop series 2013
  • 2ndplace overall meet #3 2013 CRCPL
  • 1stplace overall meet #2 2013 CRCPL
  • 2ndplace overall meet #1 2013 CRCPL
  • 2013 US canopy piloting team member
  • 5thplace overall 2013 USPA CP Nationals
  • 2012 US team member for the World Championships of skydiving
  • 2ndin Overall Accuracy 2012 USPA Nationals
  • 9thOverall USPA CP Nationals
  • 1stOverall in NCCPA swoop series 2012
  • 1stmeet #3 NCCPA 2012
  • 3rdmeet #2 NCCPA 2012
  • 2ndMeet #1 NCCPA /ISM 2012
  • 2011 Dubai Championship and Gulf cup US team member
  • 9th2011 USPA CP Nationals
  • 2ndplace overall 2011 overall ISM swoop series,
  • 2ndplace overall
  • 2010 Perris summer series

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