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Paragliding Hangliding Aerobatic Flying Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Paragliding, Paraglider, Hangliding, Paragliding Techniques, Hangliding Techniques, Commercial Tandem Paragliding, Paragliding Advanced Pilot, Paragliding Tandem Instructor, Paragliding Surface Tow Technician, Over Water Paragliding, parasail

Expert Witness No. 3102


Education and Training

Training in paragliding with Alan Barnier (Le Carroz, France), Hangliding and Paragliding instructor recognized by the Federation Francaise de Vol Libre, September 1987.

Expert 3102 was first local paragliding pilot in Bariloche, Argentina, and one of the first three Argentinean pilots; opened new take-offs at Cerro Catedral, Cerro Otto, Cerro Lopez, Cerro Meta, Cerro Piltriquitron and Cerro Bayo.

Train each summer in Chamonix area, France, for new paragliding information and flying techniques.

Training in tandem paragliders in France, October 1992.

Maneuvers and Safety clinic with Swiss instructor Benny Shilling in Bariloche, Argentina, November 1993.

First surface towing seminar and competition in La Pampa, Argentina, as tow operator and pilot, December 1994.

Began commercial tandem paragliding (over 1000 flights to the present), July 1995.

Maneuvers and Safety Clinic with Swiss instructor Andy Hediger, July 1997.

Aerobatic Flying Clinic with Argentinean Acro-Pilot Pablo Lopez, Bariloche, Argentina, March 1998.

USHGA Tandem and Advanced instructor training. Several clinics.

USHGA Surface Tow technician training.

Training and Teaching

Assistant on beginner pilot training, Bariloche, Argentina, November 1987 (with an experienced German pilot, Sabine Sohnhutter).

Basic paragliding instruction, Bariloche, Argentina, November 1991, with 50 beginning students in four years.

Organized the first Instructors Seminars, Bariloche, Argentina, also teaching in some of the subjects, September 1994.

Advanced paragliding courses for confirmed pilots, specializing in Thermal and Cross Country flying, with over 300 students to the present, in Argentina, Chile and U.S.A. starting December 1994.

Advanced Maneuvers and Safety Courses over water for confirmed pilots, with over 160 students to the present, in Argentina, Chile and U.S.A., starting February 1995.

First Paragliding Instructors Course in Chile, for the Asociacion Chilena de Vuelo Libre, for 15 instructors, March 1998. 

Began organizing international paragliding trips for pilots, August 2000, with a record of 58 pilots to France in May / June 2008.

Organized PAMPACROSS, the annual Record Flying Camp on pay out towing, Argentina, November 2001 and 2002.

Tandem instructor at Aspen Paragliding, Colorado, 2004.

Instructor at Atlanta Paragliding Enterprises since 2005.

Owner and instructor at Atlanta Paragliding Enterprises since 2006, with over 60 beginner students and 3,000 tows as tow operator and/or instructor.

Licences and Appointments

Federation Francaise de Vol Libre, Annecy, France, Paragliding Pilot License, October 1990.

Federation Aeronautique Internationale license (to compete in F.A.I. competitions representing Argentina), May 1993.

Federacion Argentina de Vuelo Libre, Argentine Paragliding Pilot License, July 1994

USHPA, Paragliding Advanced Pilot (P-4) License, October 2001.

USHPA, Paragliding Tandem Instructor rating, June 2002.

USHPA, Paragliding Surface Tow Technician, May 2005

USHPA, Paragliding Surface Tow Administrator, June 2006

USHPA, Paragliding Advanced Instructor Rating, February 2006

USHPA, Paragliding Instruction Program Administrator, March 2007

USHPA, Paragliding Tandem Administrator, October 2007

Professional Associations

Created the Subcomisión de Parapente of the Federación Argentina de Vuelo Libre,  January, 1994.

Developed the practical and theoretical examinations for the Argentine Paragaliding Pilot License, later recognized by the  Federation Aeronautique Internationale, as useful worldwide, and equivalent to the IPPI Card (International Pilots Proficiency Identification Card), also later adopted by Chile (with some small modifications).

Created all the internal administration rules book for the Federacion Argentina de Vuelo Libre (competition organization requirements, national ranking systems, etc.).

President, Federacion Argentina de Vuelo Libre, 1995-1999, Board Member 1995-2002.

Competitions and National Rankings

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