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Personnel Assessment Selection Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Personnel Assessment Selection, Industrial Psychology Research, Fairness Bias in Testing, Statistical Data Analysis, Job Analysis, Employee Selection Litigation, Field Sobriety Tests, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, Developing Employee Assessment Selection Systems,

Expert Witness No.1801



1975 Ph.D. in Psychology, Lehigh University

1969 M.A. in Psychology, C. W. Post College

1967 B.A. in Psychology, Stony Brook State University


Licensed as psychologist in two states (Massachusetts and Pennsylvania).


1/94-1977 – present Consultant in Industrial Psychology, Consult to public and private organizations, primarily in the areas of personnel assessment, selection, and layoff; develop tests of ability, aptitude, and work- style; conduct applied research concerning employment in organizational settings. 

1977 – 1993 Director of Test Development and Validation, Massachusetts Department of Personnel Administration, Develop, implement and evaluate employee selection, promotion, and performance evaluation tools and programs conduct applied research concerning civil service employment.  (Part-time position from 1987 to 1993.)

Teaching Experience

1978 – 1994 Northeastern University, School of Engineering, Engineering Management Program Lecturer

1989 – 1994 Lesley College, School of Management Adjunct Faculty

1969 – 1975 Kings College, Psychology Department Asst. Prof. and Acting Department Chair

Expert 1801 Plan, develop and implement programs in support of excellence and fairness in human resource management: develop culturally fair personnel assessment, selection and promotion tests and systems; conduct validation research and statistical analyses; develop diagnostic math tests for use in school settings; conduct program evaluation and redesign; expert witness in employment discrimination and sobriety testing cases; develop employee performance evaluation programs; and publish/deliver reports, papers

Professional Associations

International Public Management Association for Human Resources Assessment Council, American Psychological Association and Society, New England Society of Applied Psychologists, Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, American Statistical Association