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Policy level Senior Executive and Operating Officer with extensive experience in general management, sales, marketing, direct to consumer advertising, strategic planning and business execution.  Demonstrated record of accomplishment in exceeding business targets and producing impressive business results.  A driving passion for delivering incremental value.  Strong analytical skills with broad experience in developing and leading high performance teams.  A creative, high energy, versatile and action oriented business leader providing broad
perspective, change leadership and desired outcomes.


Private Company LLC, Illinois                                                       
2003 – Current

Private Company LLC, New Jersey
2001 – Current                             

ROCHE PHARMA, INC., Nutley, NJ    1995-2001
Vice President, Business Operations
Vice President, Marketing
Vice President, Southern Business Operations

HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE, Toronto, Canada   
1991 – 1994
Sr. Vice President & General Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Canada

HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE, Basel, Switzerland   
1989 – 1991
Group Director & Global Business Representative

ROCHE LABS, Nutley, NJ   
1984 – 1989
Product Director
Regional Sales Director
Manager, Market Research

Division Sales Manager, FL
Sales Representative, MA, NH, ME


  • Significant general management and operations experience.
  • Recognized Industry leader in field sales and marketing.
  • Proven track-record of leadership inspiring people to over-achieve.
  • Created and built high performance teams and enhanced organizational structure.
  • Consistently identified and developed hidden revenue opportunities into development and commercialized prescription products.
  • Revitalized the most successful co-promotion arrangement in history of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Consistently applauded for achieving revenue and profit targets.
  • Successfully managed small and large pharmaceutical organizations.
  • Significant experience in integration of corporate acquisitions.


Research & Development Company focused on the marketing, licensing and divestiture of patented prescription and over-the-counter healthcare products covering a wide range of therapeutic areas PBN has a number of  patented and patent pending products in various stages of development. Therapeutic areas include skin care, pain management and drug delivery systems. PBN introduced its first product in 2011.

New Jersey

Specializing in developing and consulting on strategies and tactics for prescription, OTC, and healthcare related products. Custom work servicing advertising agencies, biotech, pharmaceutical and health related companies and expert reports for international law firms on behalf of their clients.

Nutley, NJ
Vice President Business Operations

  • Profit and Loss responsibility for Business Operations representing Eastern half of United States with revenues in excess of $1 billion and 55% of corporate revenues.  Managed a $130 million operating budget and refined execution of product strategies and tactics.  Established expectations for hiring, managing, training and personal development of a 900 member field sales organization located within 10 regional business unit offices.  Served as a member of the Business Operating Group, Business Strategic Forum, Strategic Alignment Steering
  • Committee, Business Planning Process Committee and SB / Roche Steering Committee, Transformation 2000 Task Force.
  • Driving force in Sales Force Transformation 2000 Project resulting in record productivity for managers and representatives.
  • Recognized outpatient opportunities for prescribing of Rocephin IV and IM in Michigan, New York and Ohio resulting in three million dollars in incremental revenue and basis for national strategy to be implemented fourth quarter 2001.
  • Achieved record levels in new prescription growth with Xenical (42.5%) and Tamiflu (74.6%) by implementing strategy of high frequency call activity and diverse programs on a limited target audience.
  • Created Business Development Specialist to focus on non-traditional business customers capitalizing on untapped markets.
  • Established enhanced focus on customer service with representative and account managers, resulting in several million dollars in incremental revenue.
  • Developed and promoted three Business Unit Directors to Vice President.
  • Vice President U.S. Marketing
  • Corporate officer with total responsibility for re-building and reenergizing the marketing department, development of market strategies, 5 year revenue plans, and consulting with President and CEO on status of pharmaceutical business.  Responsible for $2.3 billion portfolio of products.  Sales increased 20% annually.
  • Reorganized and staffed Marketing Intelligence, Career Training and Development, Sales Administration, Marketing, Promotion and Communications Department.
  • Created and staffed first New Product Development & Planning, Consumer Marketing Leadership Center, Strategic Product Life Extension Group and Promotional Budget Management Departments.
  • Directed hiring 60 high-grade individuals within 18-month period resulting in a First Class fully resourced Marketing Department totaling 270 full time and 45 full time contract employees in print department.
  • Developed and implemented innovative strategies which delayed generic competition of Ticlid for 18 months representing an incremental $175 million in revenues.
  • Created Marketing Operating Committee that successfully oversaw day-to-day operations of product marketing teams and service departments resulting in greater efficiencies and program synergies.
  • Created and implemented extensive communication program and vision of “Becoming the Most Formidable Marketing Department in the Industry.”
  • Supervised the development of standards for numerous job functions related to budget and brand-lifecycle management.
  • Developed comprehensive five-year revenue plans and strategies for major brands and presented them to Chairman and CEO.
  • Successfully launched Posicor, Tasmar, Versed Syrup, Rocephin AOM, and Xenical (then the third most successful launch in pharmaceutical history).  Oversaw Tamiflu launch plans.
  • Supervised operating budget in excess of $50 million and promotional budgets of over $343 million resulting in a $12 million savings the first year and a $22 million savings in second year.
  • Primary Care revenues grew 20% annually in ’97 and ’98 closing revenue gap of $250 million due to Posicor withdrawal from market and delay in Xenical introduction.
  • Developed strategies and tactics, which slowed generic erosion of products off patent and provided $10.5+ million in incremental revenues.
  • Directed development of Klonopin to Zydis Drug Delivery System – launching 4Q 2001. Estimate first twelve months revenue at $55 million.
  • Vice President - Southern Business Operations
  • One of four senior executives that created and executed a new pharmaceutical business model for U.S. pharmaceutical business.  Successful achievement of aggressive revenue and profit targets.
  • Successfully launched five new products in 12 months and achieved revenue targets of $1.3 billion, a 16% increase.
  • Installed and staffed twenty business unit offices across U.S.
  • Created and implemented job descriptions, performance expectations and standards for entire pharmaceutical business operations group.
  • Convinced senior management to add 56 incremental representatives in seven southern states with net return of $3 to 1. Became model for national expansion.

Toronto, Canada
Sr. Vice President and General Manager Roche Pharmaceuticals Canada

  • General manager of pharmaceutical business responsible for sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, new business development, medical,professional services, federal and provincial government affairs, pricing, health economics, contracting, revenue growth, business expenses and profit and loss.  Sales increased 82%.
  • Hired new head of marketing and sales and reorganized management team.
  • Created and chaired Marketing Board, a body of five department heads responsible for success of pharmaceutical business.
  • Oversaw development of strategies and tactics resulting in successful launch of Mobiflex, Inhibace and Mannerix.
  • Increased Rocephin sales 25% by hiring health economist and instituting a contracting program for hospitals.
  • Successfully increased overall sales 82%.
  • Integrated Syntex Pharmaceutical into Roche Organization resulting in a new company budget of $225 million and reorganized sales force.

Basel, Switzerland
Group Director & Global Business Representative

  • Responsible for revenue forecasts strategies and tactic of marketed and developmental compounds in cardiovascular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, central nervous system and oral anti-infectives.
  • Responsibility for development worldwide Xenical lifecycle forecast and US market development plans.
  • Convinced global R&D to spend additional $9.5 million in two additional arms of the phase three studies of Xenical resulting in an incremental $50 million.
  • Revitalized the Roche/Glaxo co-promotion arrangement for Zantac and Ceftin. The most successful co -promotion arrangement in pharmaceutical history.

Nutley, NJ
Product Director

  • Developed strategic plans for marketed products and new brands in gastroenterology, cardiology, infectious disease, and CNS.
  • Coordinated clinical development for Roche/Glaxo co-promotion of Zantac and Ceftin.
  • Spearheaded successful physician and pharmacy educational symposia that ran across the country for three years.
  • Responsible for long-term revenue projections and evaluating licensing and acquisition candidates.
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Directed 120 sales representatives with responsibility for 11 products and $215 million annual sales.
  • Controlled an operating budget of $8 million.
  • Manager, Market Research
  • Directed a team of analysts to uncover opportunities, strategies and messages for existing and new prescription brands.

 Nutley, NJ
Division Sales Manager, West Coast Florida

  • Managed twelve sales representative covering gulf coast of Florida.
  • Launched Rocephin (the #1 injectable antibiotic).

Sales Representative,

  • A consistent record of exceeding sales quotas.  Received President’s Achievement Award four times.  Highest company sales award.
  • Responsible for selling pharmaceuticals, educational training materials (ROCOM) and clinical laboratory services. (RCL)
  • Sold clinical laboratory services to physicians and hospitals. Established first clinical laboratory drawing station in New England.


Bachelor of Science, Whittermore School of Business, University of New Hampshire

Post Graduate Courses

  • Executive Business Program
    Insead, European Institute of Business Administration, Fontainebleau Cedex, France
  • Rising To Leadership Challenge
    London Business School, London England
  • Type II Diabetes in the 90’s
    Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Executive Leadership Program
    IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Leading Organizational Change & Renewal
    Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics of CNS Acting Drugs
    University of Rochester Medical School, Rochester, New York
  • Infections and Treatments of the Nineties
    Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
    Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business, Hanover, New Hampshire


Healthcare Marketing Council, International Executive Guild
UNH Whittemore School of Business & Economics, Judge for Paul J. Holloway Business Plan Competition
Chemist Club


University New Hampshire Alumni



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