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I have been a Phlebotomist for more than 15 years and I have extensive knowledge in this field I am able to work and have worked in Pediatrics, Special Needs, Geriatrics, Labor & Delivery, Critical Care, Cardiac Unit, Orthopedics and every other department in the hospital. I have worked in Hospice care facilities and HIV/AIDS hospice as well. I am very well versed in the field of Phlebotomy the rules, the ways in which to prep a patient as well a protecting the patient from me. And most importantly handling and properly disposing of specimens or any type of bio hazard materials. As well as know the rules and regulations of OSHA, HIPAA and JCAHO.

I am dedicated to education and assisting in the continuing education of adults and I believe that I am an excellent instructor. I pride myself on making sure all of the students entering my class are trained well and able to work or progress in their respected fields. I have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a good Phlebotomist, Medical Biller and Coder, Medical Office Assistant, EMT-B, as well as a dedicated Instructor. I focus on educating the individual as a person the way they learn. I believe that ALL students deserve a quality education and an instructor that respects them and is passionate about educating them and assisting them in reaching their goals.


• (Studying) B.A. Nursing/Health Education – September2010 Chattanooga State College
•Associates of Arts Degree – May 2003 Olive Harvey College
•EMT-B Licenses – December 2003 Olive Harvey College
•Medical Office Assistant Certification – August 1998 Career Academy
•Medical Biller and Coder Certification – August 1998 Career Academy
•HIV-AIDS Instructor Trainer – June 1997 Loyola University
•Phlebotomist/NPA Licenses – July 1995 Career Academy
•Certified Nurse’s Assistant – August 1992 Westinghouse High School

Professional and Related Experience

•2011-Present – Floyd Medical Center—Phlebotomist
•2009-2011 – Medical and Technical Institute of North Georgia- Phlebotomy Instructor
•2008-2009 – Action Med Personnel- Social Service Technician
•2006-2008 – Olive Harvey College - Phlebotomy Instructor
•1995-2006 – Canary Dortch’s Day Care - Special Needs Tutor (Summer Only)
•1997-Present – American Red Cross—HIV/AIDS Instructor /Trainer (Summer Only)
•1995-2006 – Spectrum Health Services - Phlebotomist
•2005-2006 – Lawrence Hall Youth Services - Residential Consular/Teacher
•2003-2004 – ATI Ambulance Services - Emergency Medical Technician
•2001-2004 – Children’s Developmental Institute - Lead Teacher/Trainer

Professional Philosophy

On being a Professional Phlebotomist…In all professions especially in the Medical field there are ways in which you must handle yourself. For me this is an everyday thing. I love working with people and working as an advocate for those who cannot always speak for themselves. I believe that the most important part of my job is that 5minutes the patient/customer is in my presents. I believe that I have the most important opportunity to allow them to speak to me in regards to how their day is going, how they are feeling, their fears, their concerns as well as their complaints.  Not too many people are in the position I have to gain a person’s trust in that short amount of time and have that person be so comfortable with you that they allow you to do things to them with no objection. I pride myself on being a compassionate, honest, respectful, energetic, fearless Phlebotomist that is not afraid of speaking with someone, or caring for someone that is ill with HIV, Hepatitis A, B or C. I refuse to allow myself to think that someone is better than someone else and should be given better treatment because of their Status, Profession, or their Bank account. I believe that when it comes to illness, and death when it is all said and done you are a person not a number, or the illness I believe you are a Woman, Man, Boy or Girl.  In this profession there are very few margins for error. You have a total of 60seconds to gain persons trust to allow you to do your job.  The most important way to do this is to walk into the patient’s room and look professional, speak in a professional and respectful manner with confidence and let the patient know that you are a profession and know how to do your job properly.


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