Physical Education Gymnastics Expert Witness

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Physical Education, Crisis Team, English Teacher, Counselor, Life Skills, Gymnastics Coach, Physical Education Teacher


  • California State University Long Beach: Pupil Personnel Services Life Credential Specialization in Clinical Psychology, K- adult
  • California State University San Diego/ Long Beach Standard Secondary Life Teaching Credential ( English and Physical Education) BA, January 1971


  • District 8 LAUSD Crisis Team – 22 years on LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) downtown crisis leadership team Continuation Schools: English teacher and Counselor 2006-2015 (at risk students)
    Narbonne High School: September 1997 to June 2006, Counselor, SLC School of Business, Crisis Counselor and regular
    counselor, Perkins counselor (3 yrs)
  • Banning High: September 1976 to June 1997, Crisis and regular counselor – English, physical education, and life skills teacher, – Developed Writing Project that successfully taught high school students to write college level essays – LAUSD Southern Section Crisis Team Counselor – varsity girls’ volleyball coach (3 city finals),& drill team coach – girls’ gymnastic team coach (coached All-around Class 1 Gymnasts, team members took several individual awards in the City Finals and also placed in team finals for LAUSD.
  • LA Harbor Junior College: Collegiate Girls’ Competitive Team Gymnastic Coach,1976-1977
  • Stephen White Junior High School: English and physical education teacher,1975-1976 (gymnastic class instructor)
  • Youth Services Branch LAUSD: June 1969 – June 1985, Area Playground Supervisor in charge of 68 schools, interviewed and supervised personnel. Coordinated city-wide gymnastics and volleyball programs , conducted in-service training for
    volleyball and gymnastic instructors (110 elementary schools). Taught gymnastic spotting techniques and lead-up skills. Coordinated City-Wide competitive gymnastic meets and volleyball tournaments.
    Holy Trinity Catholic School: 1971-1975, teacher: English, Journalism, Reading, physical education (volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics coach). Choreographed yearly gymnastic routines to music for school performances. Also performed routines at two malls and the Hollywood Bowl. Trained personally in gymnastics and dance at dance schools throughout elementary and early high school years.


  • 1965 Girl’s Athletic Assoc. Historian, MVP Volleyball, All Star Team, Honor Society, Yrbook, Newspaper, Class Pres.
  • 1966 Woman of The Year Award, Student Body Vice President, Mary Star High School graducate 1966
  • 1967 Kiwanis Club Leadership Award
  • 1968 Vice-President Newman Club – College
  • 1970 Graduated College with Honors. Passed “Advanced Analysis of Gymnastics” – an intense course in spotting and
    coaching gymnastics for a degree in Physical Education at one of the top Physical Education Programs in the country at California State University Long Beach. Also passed Advanced Analysis of Dance.
  • Passed Advanced Analysis of Volleyball and received a certificate to be hired at any high school as I studied with the only American coach who was allowed to observe the Japanese Olympic coaches’ training sessions. (The Japanese volleyball teams had been undefeated in the Olympics for years, but now the American teams began to rise due to the new rigorous training sessions implemented in our high schools and colleges after Coach Sandefer’s visit to Japan).
  • 1978 Speaker – “Right Start Conference”- USC – Self Esteem Development
  • 1979 Department Chair – Women’s Physical Education Dept. – Banning High School LAUSD
  • 1980 Coach of the Year – LAUSD – Gymnastics
  • 1981 Guest Speaker – LAUSD Project See Workshop – Individual Differences
  • 1982 Guest Speaker – International Gymnastic Clinic – Arizona -Spotting the High School Class 1
  • 1983 Teacher Conference – Guest Speaker – Teacher Stress
  • 1984 Choreographed a routine for pre-opening ceremonies – Olympics in LA 1984
  • 1985 Impact group coordinator, leader, and trainer (15 years) – Banning High School LAUSD
  • 1986 Outstanding District Impact Coordinator Award
  • 1987 Chosen Mentor Teacher by LAUSD District Personnel (15 years)
  • 1989 Mentor Teacher Award LAUSD
  • 1989 Created Master Class Schedule for all 3,000 students at Banning High School LAUSD while VP of counseling was on leave
  • 1990-98 Lectured at faculty and Parent meetings on following topics: (Crisis Intervention, Motivating the At Risk Student, Effective Discipline, Progressive Parenting, Developing Self Esteem, Signs of the suicical adolescent)
  • 1993/2015 Placed on LAUSD Crisis Team, released from home school to assist at another campus whenever a crisis was taking place
  • 1997 Wrote and secured $50,000 grant for violence prevention program at Banning High School LAUSD.
  • 1998 Created “User Friendly Crisis Model” for use by LAUSD crisis team and Marlene Wong PhD.
  • 1999 Guest Speaker at LA TIMES BUILDING on “User Friendly Crisis Model” for LAUSD District Wide Annual Crisis
    Team Training Meeting (All Principals and Crisis Teams from each school throughout the City were trained on the model.)
  • 2000 Hired by The Rand Cooperation to join a committee of psychologists to develop a manual for group counseling to be used in schools across the nation to deal with students suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.
  • 2001/2015 Chosen District 8 Crisis Team Leader in charge of entire Southern Section of LAUSD.
  • 2002 Appeared on CNN as LAUSD representative for “Mental Health Issues in Children and Adolescent Victims of Katrina” (PTSD emphasis)

    2003 Workshop Trainer: Crisis Intervention for At Risk Students – Options Conference

  • 2003 Worked with AQMD and Fire Department Headquarter’s Representative to research possible contaminants to be used in a terrorist attack at LAX, LA HARBOR, or Downtown LA – possibility of LAUSD schools’ involvement.
  • 2004 Developed and presented plan for Terrorism response for LAUSD should an attack occur near LAUSD schools.
  • 2004-2013 Made Master Class Schedules for Principals of Narbonne High School and Gardena High School (3,000 students each)
  • 2005 Conducted all day Crisis Training of my plan for Chino School District Personnel.
  • 2006 Wrote “User Friendly Model for Threat Assessment Plan”- Used now in District to analyze significance of the threat, intention and instability of the threat maker and procedures to follow to secure school safety.
  • 2007 Awarded Most Outstanding Counselor in LAUSD
  • 2007/yearly Trained Crisis Team Staffs, Principals and all schools in Southern Section on “User Friendly Models” for Crisis Response, Threat Assessment and Terrorist Attacks. Made video to be used at all LAUSD schools to train new staff.
  • 2008 Developed “User Friendly Model for Gang Violence on Campus” – Lectured on model for implementation at all schools at District Wide Annual Crisis Team Training Conference .
  • 2009 Awarded Outstanding Educator Award – Angel’s Gate High School 2010 Awarded Outstanding Educator Award – Patton High School
  • 2011 Developed program for LAUSD Continuation Schools to offer more classes so the students could earn their full high school diploma instead of just a GED.
  • 2012 Consultant on national project to decrease suicides in high school age students.

Throughout Career:

Responded to District Wide Crisis Events – approximately 8 a month ( rapes, attempted suicides, gang violence, abuse, weapon possession, school threats, murders, and unstable psychological behavior. On call 24/7. Made many hospital referrals,hospitaI visits, lock downs, evacuations and parent conferences.
Presently: Writing a plan to make schools safer with regard to school shootings.

Writing a book on “Controlling Bullying in Today’s Schools”