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Police Investigation Management Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Police Investigation Management, Supervision, Management, Discipline, Training, Narcotics, Undercover Operations, Tactical Issues, SWAT, Internal Affairs, Inspection, Control, Informants, Homicide, Officer Involved Shootings, Reorganization,

Summary of Qualifications

An unusually diversified range of planning-based, police investigative and management knowledge that encompasses over 36 years of operational and administrative law enforcement.  Management/functional –team development experience with proven ability to analyze, communicate and the flexibility to coordinate a wide variety of elements from conceptualization through operations, coupled with on-going refinement.


The ability to set priorities, organize, coordinate, schedule, and monitor activities so as to maximize resources, increase efficiency, anticipate problems, and accomplish work within deadlines.  Have successfully controlled and coordinated many commands and activities while considering budget and policy procedures.


Conducting research, interviews, and background studies to support proposals and undertakings.  Employing written and verbal communications skills to articulate, amplify and enhance stated goals.  Establishing strong networks and direct ties to information resources, service foundations, commercial corporations, public and private, government and community special interest groups.

Problem Solving

Ability to objectively look at all possible courses of action, identify and assimilate relevant data, and make appropriate and timely decisions.


Ability to influence and motivate others to accomplish organizational objectives by assuming responsibility, delegating tasks, setting a proper example, asserting effective control and using appropriate interpersonal approaches.


36 plus years of diversified experience in key assignments have provided me a sound base from which to apply job-related regulations and procedures according to the demands of the situation.

Job Responsibility

Consistently carry out assignments in a timely and dependable manner while demonstrating support to the organizations and its goals.

Special Accomplishments

While working as a patrol Officer I recovered 48 stolen vehicles in one three-month shift.

As a Narcotics Division Detective, I was the undercover buyer during two extensive programs, which were presented to a local Grand Jury for indictments.

Was the Assistant Director of the Metropolitan Enforcement Team (MET), which was the first Integrated Narcotics Task Force in a local County.

Assisted in the writing of a LEAA Grant for the first “Fencing Detail” in the United States.
1970 assisted in writing the first proposal for a Police Air Support Unit for the local city.

As a Fencing Detail Sergeant personally set up and supervised three undercover reverse sting “Buy Programs”, which resulted in numerous Grand Jury Indictments of burglary suspects.
As a Sergeant assigned to a local Integrated Narcotics Task Force was the only fixed wing pilot/observer of growing marijuana expert in California.  My observations resulted in the seizure of approximately 19000 marijuana plants during one season and resulted in the first property seizure for marijuana cultivation in the United States.

While assigned to the Inspection and Control Unit conducted numerous inspections, audits, and time management studies within a local Police Department, which resulted in significant changes in Departmental Operations.

While assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit conducted an extensive internal investigation into illicit drug use by local police officers, which resulted in discipline for 18 Officers including terminations.

While assigned as the SWAT Commanding Officer developed and implemented the Special Response Team (SRT) concept.  During my tenure participated in 95 SWAT missions, including hostage rescues.

Developed and implemented the Operations Manual for the local Police Department’s SWAT platoon.

Was instrumental in transitioning the local Police Department from revolvers to Semi-automatic weapons as a result of their use during SWAT training, and SRT missions.

Developed a written criteria and City Policy for cooperative investigations with Private Investigators.

Obtained Uniform Raid Jackets, Holsters, improved weapons, mandatory training and surveillance equipment for the pro-active units assigned to the Special Operations Division of the local Police Department.

Wrote and submitted a proposal for a Federal Discretionary Grant through the Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Completed the proposal in 2 days due to the deadline.  The Grant was approved and funded; it ran for three years with a grand total award of  $1,763,039.

This same Grant (Crack Cocaine Abatement) was also submitted to the State OCJP and funded for a three-year period.  The total award was $1,313,000.  Both Grants received compliments from Washington, DC, and Sacramento, California as being models for other Departments.

Planned and acted as Master of Ceremonies for the National BJA Cluster Conference from January 31-February 2, 1990.

Chaired and coordinated a Task Force comprised of Police, Zoning, Building, and Fire Departments and the local City Attorneys Office to address “public nuisances”.  As a result of this group the “Drug Abatement Response Team” was formed in 1987.

Personally proposed the development of an improved uniform narcotic intelligence system within the local county.  Scheduled meetings with all County Law Enforcement Agencies (Local, County, State & Federal) engaged in narcotics enforcement to discuss mutual issues and concerns to prevent potential tragedies or injuries while enhancing efficiency, investigations and prosecutions.  I obtained concurrence from all members for this concept and the result is the current Narcotics Intelligence Network (NIN), which is still being effectively used today.

1988 Participated in a special POST seminar for a pilot project to state officers to utilize a State system vs. a Federal system for wiretaps.  It was entitled “Wiretap Investigation Curriculum Development” for SB1499.  Our current wiretap capabilities evolved from this.

Conducted an investigation into suspected drug activity by members of the local Fire Department, which resulted in discipline and criminal prosecution.  Following the investigation during the training for Fire Department Supervisors on Current Employment Issues the City Manager and the Chief of Police had me address four different sessions to suppress rumors which addressed their declining morale.  The direct approach sessions were successful.

Was an original member of the Employee Advisory Panel to the Chief of Police. Chaired the “Work Issues Panel”.

Participated in the first training session and evaluation of the “Orcutt Police NunChaku (OPN).  We recommended that our Department acquire them and train our personnel in their use.

1990, was an original member of the Implementation Advisory Group, which was formed to develop and guide the future of  “Problem Oriented Policing” within the local Police Department.

Submitted a report to PS&S proposing the restriction of incoming calls on Pay Telephones.  Later made presentations to Pacific Bell Telephone Company and the California Private Pay Phone Association.

While assigned as the Lieutenant in Charge of the Homicide Section for approximately 2 years I participated in over 240 homicide investigations and several hundred suspicious death investigations.

These two years also set a record for “Officer Involved Shootings”, several of, which were controversial.  Developed an Officer Involved Shooting Team and protocol with the District Attorneys Office, which is in effect today. While assigned as the Captain of the Training Division I started of the process of regionalizing the Training Academy for County Law Enforcement.Developed and implemented the Department’s first “Gun Buy-Back Program”.  The goal was to buy back as many guns as possible with limited funds.  We recovered over 800 weapons.

Following the Rodney King Verdict in April 1992, I commanded the React Teams to quell civil unrest in the local county.  Our firm posture in addressing the many incidents throughout the City was very successful and resulted in minimal arrests, injuries or property damage.

Attended the Mobil Field Force Training with LAPD and became the Department’s Mobil Field Force Command Officer.

Implemented the Retired Senior Volunteers Program with the Eastern Division.  At the time we had the largest force of volunteers (113).  We also put together the first RSVP Training and Policy and Procedures Manual.

Supported and helped to develop the Citizens on Patrol concept with the Eastern Division.  At the time there were four Citizen Patrol Groups, Beat 311, City Heights, College, and Serra Mesa.

Developed a concept of combining Neighborhood Watch with Citizen’s Patrol with the intent of revitalizing and energizing Neighborhood Watch.  The entire Department implemented this.

Helped plan the City Heights Economic and Crime Summit in April 1994.

Chaired the “Gun Violence and Safety Committee”.

Participated in the formation and planning of the new Mid-City Division.

Taught, “Restructuring and Problem Solving” between July and December 1994 during In-Service Training at the local Regional Training Center, at a neighboring community College.

Reorganized the local County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation in 45 days after assuming command as the Chief.  The restructuring plan immediately saved the County thousands of dollars.  The plan became a county model for other departments.

Established a Professional Standards Division, which conducted internal investigations, established security, fleet management, and for the first time a sorely needed background investigations unit.
Was instrumental in establishing Regional Firearms Training Center, which is now a model facility on the West Coast.  Joint ownership is with the area’s County Sheriff’s Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations and the local

County District Attorney’s Office.  The majority of the labor for this project was provided at no cost through use of the military’s JTF6.

Implemented an extradition protocol, which allowed for reimbursement from the various law enforcement agencies to the County. Estimated annual revenue would be around $400,000.

Implemented a plan whereby the DA’s Public Assistant Officers would offset their salaries by conducting background computer checks for the Office of Personnel Management.  Estimated annual revenue generated for the SDDA Office would be approximately $500,000.

After September 11, 2001, I volunteered SDDAI assistance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for surveillance of suspects known to be associated with terrorists.  20 investigators and myself participated in the Joint Terrorism Task Force after the FBI first conducted background investigations on each participant. Each of us received a “Secret Security Clearance”.

Chaired the California District Attorney’s Chief Investigator Association bi-annual meetings.

Opened the California District Attorney’s Investigators “Trial Preparation” Course at Golden West College.

Participated as a committee member in major case /special circumstance review.  Committee members address strategy and evidentiary concerns in major and special circumstance cases regarding the death penalty and make recommendations to the District Attorney.

Was a member of the Legal Training Advisory Committee, which developed and implemented training needs for attorney staff.

Was a member o the Witness Protection and Relocation Protocol committee for SDCDA’s Office and the State Committee, which developed a POST training course for the entire State.

Chaired the Southwest CBAG/HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Financial Review Committee, which awarded grants for various drug enforcement initiatives.


FBINA  (FBI National Academy Association)

CDAIA  (California District Attorney’s Investigators Association)

IALEFI  (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)

FBI LEED (Law Enforcement Executive Development)

SDPOA (The local Police Officers Association)

CNOA   (California Narcotics Officers Association)

CLEPBA (Christian Law Enforcement Prayer Breakfast Association)

IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police)

CHIA (California Homicide Investigators Association)

Community Neighborhood Housing Services

The area’s Urban League

City Heights Law Enforcement Sub-Committee

Wilson Academy Community Advisory Committee

Quiet Birdmen

Antique Aircraft Association

Baja Bush Pilots Association

International Conference of Christian & Jews (Anytown Advisor)

NRA (National Rifle Association)

“Men on a Mission”

International Interns

Wiconi International

USMR/MRCD Historical Museum  (United States Marine Corps/Marine Recruit Depot)Global Missions Fellowship

Personal Interests

Church Fellowship & Activities, Family, Boys School & Sports Activities, Reading, Bicycling
Archery, Flying, Painting & Art, Stained Glass, Hunting/Fishing, Camping/Hiking, Swimming
Karate & Target shooting


BA Degree/Behavioral Science

BA Degree/Criminal Justice

AA Degree/Police Science

Numerous POST and related Law Enforcement Courses and Certificates

Pilots License

Private Investigators License

Professional & Personal References

Available upon request